Chapter 30: All 9 Generations Should Be Punished!

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"The Governor of Lin'an City, how dare he really collude with the demons, damn it!"

"From the letter, Zhao Fang has already committed su¡c¡de in fear of paying for his sins."

"Hmph, collusion with the demons cannot be paid by just su¡c¡de. What would happen if such people were not properly punished? How many people in the world would betray the human race by then?"

Zhou Yuanzheng sneered. In his eyes, Zhao Fang's death was just the beginning.

"Colluding with the demons, betraying the human race, trying to sacrifice Lin'an City to feed the monster… He committed several crimes, his family's 9 generations should be put to death!"

As he spoke, his line of sight fell on Dongfang Zhao.

In response, Dongfang Zhao slowly spoke: "From the Clear Spirit Jade Pendant, Lin'an City Governor Zhao Fang had indeed colluded with the demons. However, exterminating his family needs to be approved by His Majesty first."

"When we enter the court tomorrow, I will report this matter."

"Speaking of which, an Apprentice Slayer can kill a powerful Ghost Level monster? His strength is good. Are you familiar with this person?"

The question was naturally directed to the motionless Jiang Fu.

Hearing the inquiry Jiang Fu cupped his hand and replied: "Reporting to Guardian Dongfang, Shen Changqing had joined the Demon Suppression Division a year ago. He became an Apprentice Slayer and according to the records left by Liu Chang, the last Steward of the Yellow Court, Shen Changqing had been promoted to the Qi Circulation Realm within three months."


"In terms of talent, Shen Changqing is more powerful than the vast majority of Apprentice Slayers."

"Oh, it only took three months to enter the Qi Circulation Realm, I didn't expect him to be such a talented person!" Dongfang Zhao raised his eyebrows slightly: "Qi Circulation Realm is usually achieved at around eight or nine months. So he should have broken through the middle stage of the Qi Circulation Realm, and even the late stage is also a possibility."

"In that context, it is considered normal for him to be able to kill a powerful Ghost Level monster."

A supreme genius.

Their speed of cultivation was naturally not comparable to others.

The possibility of entering the Qi Circulation Realm in three months and the middle to late stages in a year was not small.


Of course, breaking through from the Qi Circulation Realm, to the veins to the Innate Realm was not so easy.

To break this barrier, the time spent wouldn't be comparable to when one goes from the Body Forging Realm to the Qi Circulation Realm.


Zhou Yuanzheng thought of something and looked at Jiang Fu: "Some days ago, news came from the Heavenly Inspection Guard, that there was Demon's Essence Blood that would appear in the area of Lin'an City in Guangyuan Province, so is this Shen Changqing also the one to guard Lin'an City now?"


Jiang Fu nodded his head and replied truthfully.

Zhou Yuanzheng understood.

There were too many things happening every day in the Demon Suppression Division, and the Heavenly Inspection Guards, from all over the world, would continuously pass on all of the information they had collected.

For many things, he had some ears, but regarding not too important ones, he would not purposely try to remember.

Take the appearance of the Demon's Essence Blood in Lin'an City, for example.

That level of Demon's Essence Blood was not a big deal for the Demon Suppression Division. After someone made arrangements for it, Zhou Yuanzheng put this matter behind him.

It was only now that this matter had spread into the collusion of demons, that he remembered it again.

"If a supreme genius dies in Lin'an City, it would be a considerable loss. For the others, the Demon's Essence Blood is not a small temptation."

"He has yet to break through the Innate Realm. Even with the Demon Suppression in his name, he may not be able to hold down the fort."

A Guardian shook his head, with the intention of transferring Shen Changqing back.

Dongfang Zhao's face was indifferent: "Only a grown genius is a real genius. Right now, the Demon Suppression Division's power is mostly held back by the demons everywhere. Although he is only an Apprentice Slayer, his strength is not weak."

"The average Yellow Rank Official Slayer may not be able to necessarily defeat him."

"So it is good to let him stay there. If he can return safely, then he is worth training. Jiang Fu, what do you suggest?"

"This subordinate will listen to the arrangements of the Guardians!"

Jiang Fu was taken aback, hastily bowed his head and replied respectfully.

He was just a small steward. When was he qualified to influence the thoughts of the Guardians?


Dongfang Zhao continued: "In the end, he had just entered the Demon Suppression Division not long ago and was not even considered a Yellow Rank Official Slayer. This mission is a bit tricky, the Demon Suppression Division can't just show nothing."

After saying that, he looked at Zhou Yuanzheng and others.

"Guardians, what do you think? How should we approach this?"

"Since we are determined to let him guard Lin'an City, then we should give him the treatment that a Yellow Rank Official Slayer should have. Give him some Martial Arts books from the second floor of the Library."

Zhou Yuanzheng replied without much thinking. 

Although the remaining two did not speak, their meaning was similar.

Dongfang Zhao nodded and looked at Jiang Fu: "From today, Shen Changqing will be a Yellow Rank Official Slayer. In addition to having access to one of the Martial Arts books in the second floor of the Library, he'll be given a bottle of Clear Meridian Pills along with some other things, to be sent to Lin'an City."

"This subordinate obeys the Guardians' order!"

Jiang Fu bowed and said.

"Tomorrow, I will go to the palace to report to His Majesty and deal with the affairs of Lin'an City. But I think that the new governor will not be appointed so soon, so until then, let Shen Changqing temporarily take over the post of governor of Lin'an City. He is not required to make any political achievements, as long as the stability of the city is maintained."

"If things are still not resolved in Lin'an City by then, the Demon Suppression Division will free some hands and send people over to help."


Coming back from the Yongfu Pawnshop, Shen Changqing went back to the inn.


According to his original plan, he would go around, collecting info about the Demon's Essence Blood and confirm some things. Then, he would hit the road back to the Capital and head to the Demon Suppression Division.

As for the other things in Lin'an City, that had nothing to do with him.

But what Shen Changqing never expected was that the Demon Suppression Division wanted him to stay.

"If I had known, I wouldn't have gone to the Heavenly Inspection Guard!"

Shen Changqing sighed helplessly, but he also understood that it was not because he went to the Heavenly Inspection Guards that he had to guard Lin'an City.

In fact, after the letter was sent out from the Demon Suppression Division and landed in the hands of the Heavenly Inspection Guard, the Heavenly Inspection Guard had all of the means to deliver the letter to him.

The difference between the two was just the time.

Even if he had left Lin'an City by now, the letter would still have been delivered and he would have needed to turn back.

Soon, two days passed quickly.

In these two days, Shen Changqing strolled around Lin'an City. The news about Zhao Fang's collusion with the demons had already spread like wildfire.

After all, although what happened that night was not seen by the eyes of many, the word of mouth was to not be underestimated.


In addition, Zhao Fang's, the Governor's death, was impossible to conceal. 


So by now, the people of Lin'an City almost all knew that Zhao Fang had colluded with the demons.


For a while, Zhao Fang and the Zhao Family were scorned by millions.

Of course, for Shen Changqing, it did not make too much of an impact on him.

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