Chapter 29: The Current Situation.

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In the Capital, the Demon Suppression Division

Compared to the previous days, the atmosphere inside the Demon Suppression Division was even more gloomy. The aura of killing and destruction could be felt all around, even if they were far away.

"The demons and monsters have recently become more and more rampant!"

Zhou Yuanzheng, clad in iron armor, had a stern look on his majestic face. When talking about the demons and monsters, he made no secret of his killing intent.

In the hall, there were three other people present with him.

Each of them carried great power that could deter people.

One of them said: "The demons are always watching Great Qin. Now that His Majesty is old, the demons wanted to test the bottom line of Great Qin."

"Hmph, for more than 300 years, the demons have not been able to conquer Great Qin. Even if His Majesty is old now, I am not a vegetarian and will kill a few of their big shot demons!"

"In the past, killing a few big shot demons was indeed able to deter the demons, but the situation is different now. To kill the big shot demons, the Demon Suppression Division has also paid a great price. A lot of the higher rank Guardians were sacrificed."

"Now, the demons are rebelling all over. Suppressing them all is not easy."

The person, with a slightly pale complexion, wearing a blue and white shirt in the middle, calmly said.


Zhou Yuanzheng spoke in a cold voice: "The Demon Suppression Division has been established for more than 300 years, killing demons and monsters. If they want a war, then Great Qin is not afraid!"

"Great Qin is naturally not afraid to go to war, but the fact that Great Qin's power is getting weaker and weaker cannot be ignored. If we really want to start a full-scale war, killing 800 enemies will cost us 1000 Slayers!"

"In the face of the remaining demons and monsters, how much power would we be left with to resist them by then?"

"How are your injuries now?"

Zhou Yuanzheng's anger subsided a lot and looked at the person in the middle.

Dongfang Zhao!

Right now, among the experts who stayed in the Demon Suppression Division, the strength of the other party was one of the best.

Dongfang Zhao smiled and shook his head slightly: "It's nothing major, I just did not expect that the demons would have such a powerful existence. But that's not enough to make me kick the bucket."

"The evil calamity brought by these hateful demons is only temporary."

"Although His Majesty is old, he is not an arrow that has reached his destination. As long as His Majesty is still here, if those demons come into Great Qin, they would have to seriously weigh whether they can withstand the wrath of His Majesty or not."

Pausing, he looked at the others and continued: "Right now, the demons are just testing the waters. But that doesn't mean that we can just stand by and watch. Send all of the appropriate Slayers and make sure the demons are suppressed!"

"As for the Guardians, stay where you are and wait for orders."

"But whenever a powerful demon strikes, it must be killed at the first opportunity!"

The destructiveness of a powerful demon was much more terrifying than an ordinary demon.

Such an existence could easily slaughter a city and a province.

Every time that kind of demon comes out, it would be accompanied by a terrifying evil calamity, killing millions of people. Even if Great Qin was more powerful, it could not bear such a turbulence.

Once or twice was fine, but more?

Then the Capital of Great Qin will be shaken.

At this time, someone suddenly came in. When the person saw the four people, he bowed and saluted.

"Jiang Fu, Steward of the Yellow Court greets the Guardians!"

"What do you want?" Zhou Yuanzheng's gaze fell on the other party and spoke indifferently.

Jiang Fu was acknowledged. After all, those who could be stewards in the Demon Suppression Division wouldn't have that qualification without sufficient strength.

"According to the latest news, the governor of Lin'an City, Zhao Fang, colluded with the demons and sacrificed thousands of lives of the people of a village, in order to cultivate a Ghost Level monster. He even intended to sacrifice the 100,000 people of Lin'an City, so that the monster could advance to the Fury Level!"


"How dare he?!"

"How dare he!"

The people present were shocked and angered.

Colluding with demons!

Sacrificing the people!

This was a heinous crime that's absolutely not tolerated.


Dongfang Zhao's face was indifferent and he calmly said.

Jiang Zuo, under immense pressure, took out the letter he got from his sleeves and held it out with both hands: "Please read it, Guardian Dongfang!"

The next instant, the letter seemed to be held by an invisible hand, as it flew into the other party.

After opening it and reading it twice, Dongfang Zhao put the letter down, throwing it to the other Guardians.

"You guys take a look at it too!"

After he passed the letter over, he looked at Jiang Fu: "Other than this, is there any other evidence?"

"This is the Clear Spirit Jade Pendant sent back, together with the letter by Apprentice Slayer Shen Changqing, who went to Lin'an City!"

Jiang Zuo then took out the Clear Spirit Jade Pendant.

Dongfang Zhao reached out and waved his hand, the Clear Spirit Jade Pendant fell into his hand.

On the jade pendant were two black lines.

Looking carefully, one could find that the black lines seemed to be flowing.

"The traces on the Clear Spirit Jade Pendant are one deep and one shallow. The deep one should be considered not weak in the Ghost Level, while the shallow one is also not far away in the Ghost Level."

With just a glance, Dongfang Zhao analyzed the Clear Spirit Jade Pendant.

He was a Guardian of the Demon Suppression Division, having killed countless demons and monsters.

He naturally had no problem in determining the strength of demons and monsters.


At this moment, the letter had already been read by the other three Guardians, and the anger on each person's face was obvious.

Dongfang Zhao suddenly squeezed hard and the Clear Spirit Jade Pendant immediately shattered.

The jade pendant shattered and the two black lines lurking inside leaked out like gas.

Immediately after, there was a mysterious power that grasped the two black lines. The black lines twisted and transformed into their source's original appearance.

The difference was that both Zhuang Mingyuan and Blood Soul had dull eyes. They were also illusory, as if they would dissipate at any time.


Regarding this change, the people present were not surprised.

Although the Clear Spirit Jade Pendant was said to record a demon and monster's aura, it was more than a simple record. It could also store a demon's power imprint.

At this moment, Dongfang Zhao released the imprint.

"I ask you, has Lin'an City Governor Zhao Fang defected to the demons?!" Dongfang Zhao sternly questioned. His voice was like a bell, reverberating in the hall, striking the depths of one's soul.

Blood Soul's body froze, it suddenly issued a harsh scream and dissipated into thin air.

Zhuang Mingyuan's dull face struggled violently and his mouth opened: "Yes--"

As soon as he said so, his illusory body also dissipated into thin air.

The faces of the Guardians present had completely darkened.

They had already gotten the answer they wanted from Zhuang Mingyuan's mouth.

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