Chapter 22: I'll Wait for Him Here.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

If he can't fight…

Then he'll escape!

Compared to his life, all of the other things were insignificant.

Zhuang Mingyuan also did not expect that a small Apprentice Slayer would be an Innate Realm Cultivator.

This matter was completely out of his expectation.

Even so, Zhuang Mingyuan was wondering if the Demon Suppression Division had long sensed that something was wrong in Lin'an City and deliberately sent over a Red Black Official Slayer disguised as an Apprentice Slayer to lower their wariness.

"It's impossible!"

"In that battle, all of the branches in the Demon Suppression Divisions around the world had suffered heavy losses, how could they have the spare capacity to send a Red Black Official Slayer to a small place like Lin'an City–"

Although at the very beginning, he expressed some doubt as to whether the Demon Suppression Division still had any strength to spare.

But actually, in Zhuang Mingyuan's mind, he thought that it was impossible for the Demon Suppression Division to free up its hands at the moment.

This was why he sent out the fake message to lure a few Apprentice Slayers.

After all, the Apprentice Slayers who would come to complete the assessment task were generally at Early Qi Circulation Realm. Although not weak, they were definitely not strong. They were just enough for Blood Soul to devour and use as nourishment for its promotion.

In the Cultivation World, other than the Demon Suppression Division, there were a large number of Qi Circulation Realm Cultivators. However, for the average sect, to train a few Qi Circulation Realm Cultivators was not an easy task.

Besides, these types of Cultivators avoided demons and monsters. They simply would not dare to easily approach any matter regarding the topic.

Even if the news of there being a monster in Lin'an City spread, those Cultivators were unlikely to come over to remove the monster.

Hence, Blood Soul's promotion hope fell on the Demon Suppression Division, who actively sought demons and monsters.



The Demon Suppression Division sending only one Apprentice Slayer was indeed a bit out of Zhuang Mingyuan's expectations.

But this also proved that the Demon Suppression Division was indeed lacking strong people right now.

In this way, even if an Apprentice Slayer was not enough to promote Blood Soul, he could still let Blood Soul devour more living beings without fear that the Demon Suppression Division would immediately send strong people over to suppress it.

But although Zhuang Mingyuan had considered a thousand possibilities, he missed one thing.

That was Shen Changqing's strength.

He could never have imagined that an Apprentice Slayer would be so strong.

At this moment, Zhuang Mingyuan didn't need to think to understand that Blood Soul, in the Ancient Moon Village, had already died in the other party's hands.

An Innate Realm Cultivator...

It was not someone a Ghost Level monster can deal with. To kill an Innate Realm Cultivator, it would need to be at least a Grudge Level monster.

Zhuang Mingyuan fled decisively, but Shen Changqing noticed his movements early. The instant the former fled, Shen Changqing immediately gave chase.

Shen Changqing did not Cultivate any movement technique. After all, a person's energy was limited. In this year, he had Cultivated the [Pure Yang Kung Fu]. He had also needed to find time for the [Seven Killings Blade Technique] and the [Iron Sand Palm]. 


However, even if he did not have any movement technique, with Shen Changqing's current strength, his speed was as fast as a ghost.

The two people soon disappeared from the government office and the area turned silent.

The officials, holding torches, had complex expressions on their faces as they looked at Zhao Fang standing there with an ashen look on his face. 

Arrest the traitor!

However, Zhao Fang was still an official who they had served and had memories with for many years...

They also cannot let him just escape.

They would not dare to do so.

In case Shen Changqing came back and saw that Zhao Fang was gone, the officials would not be able to bear the consequences.

While they hesitated, Zhao Fang looked at them and calmly waved his hand: "You guys go back. Don't worry, this official will be here waiting for Lord Shen to come back."

"Zhao–" Someone opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but for a moment, he did not know how to address Zhao Fang.


Zhao Fang waved his hand and turned around to walk towards the inner hall.

At that moment, Zhao Fang looked like he had aged by dozens of years.

Looking at Zhao Fang's vicissitudes and despondent back, the officials had complicated expressions, but they didn't say anything else.

"Let's go!"

"Let's all go back–"

Soon, the originally lively government office suddenly became calm.

But the commotion just now had already attracted the attention of the surrounding people. It was only because of the existence of the curfew. After nightfall, not many people dared to go out without permission.

Meanwhile, on the other end.

Zhuang Mingyuan and Shen Changqing were chasing one another, as they ran towards the outside of the city.

In terms of speed, Zhuang Mingyuan was very fast.

But Shen Changqing, as an Innate Realm Cultivator, was not slow. Except for the distance at the beginning, the distance between the two was getting closer and closer.

Just when the two were less than one foot apart.

Shen Changqing struck out a palm strike. The palm strike was hot, making the surrounding temperature rise sharply.

Sensing the threat behind him, Zhuang Mingyuan didn't even think about it. He turned back and also struck out with his palm.


The two palms collided in the air. Zhuang Mingyuan's strength was much weaker and he hit the ground.

Immediately after, Shen Changqing's sword went for Zhuang Mingyuan's head.

"Don't kill me, I can tell you a secret–" Zhuang Mingyuan let out a terrified cry. The cold light was getting closer and closer, before finally settling on the top of his neck.

He felt an icy coldness on his neck.

Although Zhuang Mingyuan was indifferent to the lives of others, he cherished his own life very much.

Or rather.

Most of the people, who had defected to the demons, were extremely life conscious.

If not for life, they would not have defected in the first place.

Shen Changqing's sword rested on the other side's shoulder, close to the neck: "Say it then, what is the secret? If this Lord found that you cheated me, then what you'll face won't be as simple as death."

"I think you should have heard of it, its name is Demon Suppression Prison."

"A demon like you, once imprisoned in the Demon Suppression Prison, I think you will end up even worse than death."

Demon Suppression Prison!

Hearing these three words, Zhuang Mingyuan's face suddenly turned pale.

How could he not have heard of the Demon Suppression Prison?

That was a heavily guarded place in the Devil Suppression Division, who knows how many powerful demons were imprisoned there, and ultimately were not able to get out.

Legend has it that the Demon Suppression Prison was where demons and monsters were kept, while constantly suffering. It was worse than death. 

However, although Zhuang Mingyuan was frightened, he was not stupid. He forced himself to pretend to be calm.

"It's fine to tell you, but you must swear on the reputation of the Demon Suppression Division, that after learning the secret, you must let me go intact and absolutely not harm my life!"

"You're bargaining with me?"

"How dare you, I'm just fighting for a chance to survive!"

Looking at Zhuang Mingyuan's look, as if he would rather die than say anything if he didn't swear, Shen Changqing raised his eyebrows slightly.

"Fine, then I swear on the name of the Demon Suppression Division that as long as the secret you speak of is valuable, then I can let you live intact!"

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