Chapter 109: Plotted Against By 2.

Ten days later, the new Queen ascended the throne.

Speaking of this new Queen, Lin Fan was actually quite familiar with her as she was the Military Commander of the Third Legion of the Io Federation, Alfie.

The reason why the Third Legion returned from the frontline to the capital of the Io Federation was for Alfie to become the new Queen, and also to elect a new Military Commander of the Third Legion before going back to the frontline.

Though this plan to return to the frontline was scrapped because of the arrival of humans!

In the coming period of time, the Third Legion will stay in the Io Federation to receive modifications, and be equipped with Energy Shields and Warp Engines.


Anyway, it will take nearly 30 years to return to the frontline, so why not spend 15 years upgrading the Legion? 


After that 15 years, the Io Federation will be fully equipped with Energy Shields and Warp Engines which will give them confidence in the war with the Sierra Empire.

Imagine, when the new Third Legion arrives at the frontline, sweeping through the Sierra Empire would no longer be a difficult task!

As for this Sierra Empire, Lin Fan checked them with the Orion's Arm Branch Power Distribution Map from the System, they were a relatively powerful Level 3 Civilization.

They have 95 Star Systems and a territory spanning more than 100 light-years, almost equivalent to the Kabat Empire, the Ochs Empire and the Io Federation combined!

If it weren't for the easy-to-guard Star Path, the Io Federation would have been wiped out by the other side already!

When the ceremony of Alfie becoming the new Queen was over, Bella brought 300-strong angels on the mission with Lin Fan's fleet.

When the Warp Engine started and the whole fleet warped, Bella got to see the fantastic scenery during warping.

Through the portholes, one could see the warship as if it was moving through a colorful tunnel, it was extraordinarily beautiful!

The entire journey from the capital of the Io Federation to Earth took more than 40 days, but this amount of time was not worth mentioning to the angels who were used to journeys that could take years or even decades.

48 days later, the void not far from Earth rippled violently, and the next moment, a fleet appeared.

The Earth Federation, which had already been informed of the arrival of the Io Federation, prepared 300 ceremonial ships, or rather a fleet that was set up in an emergency. They were newly built warships that were decorated within these 2 months.

Under the escort of the ceremonial fleet, the Uranus entered Earth's orbit and released several shuttle ships to the surface.

On one of the shuttle ships was Queen Bella and Ed, Lin Fan, Liang Xue and Emma.

It had been a few years since he had returned to Earth, so it was only natural for Lin Fan to bring Liang Xue and Emma home with him.

The Federation also arranged for a ground ceremony team to greet them after landing on the ground. Though, after seeing the angel's ceremonial team, Lin Fan felt that the humans' were still a bit inferior.

But this is harmless, Bella will not think that the Human Federation is weak just because their ceremonial team was not as gorgeous as the Io Federation. Moreover, being a queen, she was not so superficial.


Soon, the group entered the Presidential Palace with Lin Zhen greeting them in front.


The current Lin Zhen, because of the use of Gene Enhancement Medicine, returned to his early 30s. He was emanating the charm of a mature man which has a terrifying effect on the ladies.

Not to mention Bella, who was a Queen who has lived for thousands of years without ever seeing a man. She instantly fell into the pit.

Is this President Lin who will copulate with me? Why do I feel my heart beating so fast? This feeling is so strange!

As to why Bella was not attracted to Ed, well Ed was older than Lin Zhen by more than ten years. Even using the Gene Enhancement Medicine, he still looked around 50 years old.

The first time Lin Zhen saw Bella, he was also stunned by her beauty. He did not think that there was such a perfect woman in the world. She was like a work of art and one can not find any defects in her.

But when he found that Bella looked at himself with some strange gaze, he was confused and looked at Ed.

To his surprise, Ed, for some reason, pretended not to see it, confusing Lin Zhen even more.

"Welcome to Earth, Her Majesty Queen Bella, I am Lin Zhen, President of the Human Federation!"

"It is a pleasure to meet you, His Excellency President Lin Zhen, may I ask when we can copulate and have our offspring?"

Queen Bella's initiative made the jaws of the people around Lin Zhen fall to the ground.

And the most confused person was President Lin Zhen himself.

Lin Fan and Ed were on the other side of the room, trying hard to hold back their laughter.


When Lin Zhen caught sight of these two, he immediately understood that it must be these 2 people that had instigated this.

But what exactly did they say to Bella? Why is she saying that they would have an offspring?


Looking at Lin Zhen's dumbfounded look, Ed knew that it was time for him to speak, otherwise it would really be embarrassing.

"President, it's like this, for the sake of the great friendship between our two civilizations, Lin Fan has proposed to the Queen of Angels that the President and Queen Bella to get married and give birth to an heir, a creation that will be recorded in the history books of both civilizations! Queen Bella has also agreed!!"

Hearing what Ed said, Lin Fan did not feel good.

What Ed said was simply too despicable! He directly sold Lin Fan and made it seem as if it had nothing to do with him.

Lin Zhen, on the other hand, looked at Lin Fan with a dumbfounded expression, did you just push your father into a pit? 


"Father, Uncle Ed told Queen Bella that your union with her will be a testimony to the great friendship between our two civilizations! Therefore Queen Bella has agreed to this marriage!"

After saying that, Lin Fan then glanced at Ed, the subtext being, don't try escaping from this.

Lin Zhen understood that he was being plotted against by these two together!

But as a man, in terms of Bella's face or figure, he can't say that he does not like Bella as that would just be hypocrisy!

Besides, Lin Zhen's wife has passed away for more than 20 years already. Over the years, Lin Zhen has already prepared to die alone because he has never met a woman who made his heart stir.

However, Bella in front of him at this moment, moved him.

"Ahem~, Queen Bella this way please, let's talk about business first, we'll talk about other things afterwards!"


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