Chapter 108: Asking Lin Fan To Teach About Childbirth.

Just now, Bella felt that there was something strange in the way Lin Fan looked at her, but she couldn't say what exactly was strange.

"Queen Bella, do you want to try to have a child yourself?"

Lin Fan, who had been watching from the sidelines from the beginning of the discussion until now, spoke.

Ed was overwhelmed by Lin Fan's sudden words. In fact, he had also noticed the strange look Lin Fan was giving to Bella.

This kid can't be eyeing the Queen of angels, right? You already stole my dear Emma and got together with Liang Xingchen's daughter, now you want to extend your hand to the Queen? Hey hey, don't you go too far Lin Fan!

However, without waiting for Ed to think too much, Bella replied which threw him off.

"Sir Lin Fan, are you talking about natural reproduction without relying on biotechnology?"

Bella even sounded a little excited as she said this.

"Yes, Queen Bella, natural procreation of offspring requires a man and a woman to cooperate together in order to do so. Since you are the Queen of the Io Federation and my father is the President of the Human Federation, you might consider having offspring with my father? I think this will be a big event that will go down in history!"

Lin Fan said with a serious face, while Ed on the side listened in awe.

Turns out that this kid had the same plan as him all along! Seeing Bella's interest, Ed's mouth corners twitched.

Ed had thought of various ways to convince Bella, but Lin Fan just straight up said it to her! And she was actually intrigued? Are angels so casual?

Obviously, Ed hadn't seen through things as directly as Lin Fan did, but that didn't stop him from continuing to act in accordance with Lin Fan's words.

"That's right, Queen Bella, you and President Lin are of equal status. If you can get together and give birth to an heir, it will be a symbol of friendship between our two civilizations!"

At this time, not to mention Bella, even the chiefs of the twelve angel tribes were also quite impressed.

The Queen and the President of the Human Federation giving birth to an offspring is absolutely beneficial to the Io Federation. It can bring the relationship between the two sides infinitely closer and from then on, the Io Federation no longer need to worry about their survival.

Bella looked at the chiefs, who gave her a slight nod of approval.

"Okay, I agree!"

It's done! Lin Fan couldn't help but quietly give a thumbs up to Ed and the two looked at each other with devious expressions, as if they were villains in a TV show!

"Queen Bella, can you leave the Io Federation? After all, having an offspring with President Lin requires the two of you to be together!"

"Well, that's not a big problem, this year is already the last year of my term, and a new Queen has already been chosen, so I won't have any problems even if I leave now!"

"That would be great, you can follow our fleet to our capital called Earth, it will only take less than 2 months to arrive!"

"Alright, then I will take a team of diplomats with me! But Sir Lin Fan, can I ask you for a favor?"

After Bella responded to Ed, she looked at Lin Fan and asked.

"Your Majesty, please speak, I will do it as long as it is within my capabilities!"

"It's like this, I don't know how producing offspring naturally works, so can I ask Your Excellency Lin Fan to teach me a little later?"


Lin Fan was dumbfounded as he listened to Bella's request.

Holy sh¡t, is this something I can teach? Don't joke about this type of stuff!

"Ahem, Queen Bella, the matter about men and women having offspring together is rather private. Among us humans, this is a very sacred matter and only the parties involved can discuss it with each other. Onlookers cannot intervene!"

"Is that so? Well then, let me ask President Lin personally for advice when I arrive at your Federation!"

The two sides then talked about trade and equipment procurement. The Human Federation can currently provide 20,000 sets of Energy Shield devices and Warp Engines to the Io Federation every year. As for the price, Ed asked to settle it in the currency of the Human Federation.

First things first is that the Io Federation does not have any currency, so they need to sell various materials to the Federation in exchange for some.

The price that the Federation buys it for will depend on the Federation like 10 yuan for a ton of steel! Of course, Ed is not so merciless as to scam them like that.

However, although he's not merciless, he's shrewd enough to only buy the resources at one tenth of the original price while the equipment they sell to the Io Federation is almost ten times the cost price.

In other words, if the Io Federation wants to buy a set of Energy Shield devices, the resources they need to spend is more than 100 times the actual value.

That said, it's not all bad and cruel. Take the Ochs Empire buying 5,000 warships from the Babawi Empire. The Ochs Empire needed to empty hundreds of years worth of accumulated wealth which is millions of times more than what the Federation is asking the Io Federation for.

Even if it's compared to the time when they sold Kabat Empire Energy Shield devices that was 10,000 times higher than the original price, the ten times price that the Io Federation is paying is like cabbage price.

Queen Bella was even hoping to buy more than 20,000 sets per year as it is still less in her opinion. After all, the Io Federation has millions of warships, most of them on the frontline.


Speaking of having the Io Federation's warships on the frontline, this is the reason why the Ochs Empire dared to only use a Border Fleet with 500,000. The Io Federation could not mobilize more fleets to attack the Ochs Federation as they had been deployed somewhere else.

In the regard of Queen Bella wanting to buy more than 20,000 sets, Ed can only make the excuse that the current Human Federation fleet was having a big change and they needed to expand so they could only sell 20,000 sets.


As for the war on the frontline of the Io Federation, Ed and Lin Fan were not overly concerned, and Bella did not ask for help.

After all, they were able to maintain the frontline all along. And that they can purchase 20,000 sets of Energy Shields and Warp Engines every year, what's there to worry about? With due time they can crush their opponents. 


But Ed also specifically instructed Bella to not be overly high-profile and that the Warp Engine shouldn't be used unless it's the last resort to not expose it.  As for Energy Shields, it does not matter.

With this point, Bella expressed her understanding. She was also very clear about what will be the result if the matter regarding the Warp Engine reaches the ears of the Babawi Empire.

Since the humans don't want to expose it right now, it means that they were not fully prepared to face the Babawi Empire yet!

After talking for most of the day, it was finally decided that Queen Bella would handle the turnover within ten days, and then take a delegation of angels with her to the capital of the Federation, Earth!

The President, who is busy on Earth at the moment, doesn't know that his best friend, as well as his son, has lured a wife back to him.

And this wife is an existence that can make all the men full of envy and jealousy towards him!

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