Chapter 107: Ignorant Lin Zhen.

Ed was worthy of being a professional as in less than a moment, he took care of Bella, and the situation was finally no longer awkward.

After everyone was seated, Ed spoke first.

"Queen Bella, I have come with goodwill to establish diplomatic relations with the Io Federation, I wonder what Queen Bella's thoughts are?"

"Sir Ed, I am deeply honored, however I still wish to ask if your side has any additional conditions?"

Bella always thought that the other side should have some conditions, otherwise this diplomatic relation would be too difficult to explain. Even with the basis that they are genetically similar, it is still strange for them to not have any requests or conditions.

In any case, it was better to ask first.

"Queen Bella, we do not have harsh conditions, on the contrary we can provide your federation with many things, such as Energy Shield devices, and even Warp Engines!"

"What?! Sir Ed, are you serious?"

This time not only Bella was shocked, but also the twelve tribal chiefs present.

If it was just the Energy Shield devices, they can somewhat understand, after all, the Babawi Empire was also doing the business. Of course, it was a nerfed version.

But the Warp Engine part was scary. Even the Babawi Empire that has been dominating the Orion's Arm Branch for tens of thousands of years absolutely forbade selling such technology.

That was because once other civilizations have this, they wouldn't need to pass through the Star Path and just directly go to their destination. Even directly entering the Capital Circle of the Babawi Empire, is possible. It was very powerful and dangerous.

Therefore, generally speaking, it is impossible for a Level 4 Civilization to sell Warp Engines to a Level 3 Civilization.

"Of course, the Warp Engines that we will be selling will be equipped with tracking devices that can locate the position of these Warp Engines at any time. With this point, I think Queen Bella should understand."

"En, I understand this point."

Since Ed laid the catch on the table, Bella reassured, after all, this is how it should be. A pie wouldn't be falling into you without something in exchange!

As for Ed, he only gave out a not-so-important information and to make Bella at ease.

This was just the means they had in 'public', as for the hidden ones, Ed was not going to say it.

"Queen Bella, may I ask an off-topic question?"

"Of course you can, what does Sir Ed want to know?"

"Well, it's not really a big deal, it's just that all the way here, I seem to have not seen any male angels, is the angel race only composed of females?"

When Ed asked this, the Queen and the twelve tribal chiefs' faces changed.


Bella lowered her head slightly, as if she was thinking about how to answer.

"Sir Ed, this relates to a top secret within the Angel Clan and would be quite inconvenient to say. I can only tell you that the current Angel Clan only has female angels!"

"Understood, since it is a secret then I will not ask more!"

"Thank you for your understanding!"

"It's okay, let's discuss the following about the future of the trade between our two sides, the free will to love and other aspects!"

Lin Fan, whose eyes were dropping to one side sparkled with interest. So he finally got to the point.

That's right, customs trade and interracial marriage was the main topic along with major purpose of establishing diplomatic relations.

Lin Zhen's initial idea was to include the angel race as a member of the human federation.

But seeing the population gap between the two sides was too large, he let Ed first establish diplomatic relations. The main goal was to achieve interracial marriage between the two sides, this is a very critical step. It was also important if they want to completely integrate with the angel race and lay the foundation for the future.

Ed was even thinking if Queen Bella and Lin Zhen could pair up and take the lead in this interracial marriage which will guarantee to have a superb effect to the population.

The more Ed thought about it, the more he realized that this plan was feasible. He couldn't help but smile and turn his head to look at Lin Fan. You kid dare to steal my little darling Emma, so this time, it's you and your old man's turn.


"Sir Ed, I understand the matter regarding trade but what do you mean by free will to love?"

"Well, simply put, if a male and a female have mutual love, live together, and together they give birth to the next generation, then it can be understood as that they are lifelong partners! The so-called free will to love is in this process, as long as the man and woman have this will, then no one has the right to interfere!"

Although Bella knew that there were once male angels in their race, she also knew that there was once a holy war between the male and female angels.

However, she really did not know anything about men and women being together can birth the next generation. After all, male angels ceased to exist before she was born, and there was no record of this aspect in the ancient records.

Currently, the angels are using technological means to continue to produce offsprings. To put it more bluntly, the angels today are using biotechnology to produce their children rather than natural birth.

Hence, Bella was very interested in this so-called free will to love and not using biotechnology and being able to give birth to the next generation. If this is feasible, it can solve the big problem of the survival of the angels.

Early on, the scientists of the angels have come to the conclusion that if they keep using biotechnology to continue their lineage, after hundreds of generations, the genes of the angels will have some irreversible errors which will inevitably lead to the destruction of the entire race.


In this regard, the scientists believe that the key lies in the male angels who no longer exist, after all, the use of biotechnology to perpetuate offspring began only after the disappearance of male angels.

At this time, hearing the words of Ed, Bella's eyes shone bright. Maybe humans can help them solve their extinction problem?

"Sir Ed, we agree on these conditions!"

"Uh… Alright!"

Ed was a little dumbfounded for a moment. She just agreed like this? He prepared a belly full of words that he hadn't even used yet!

Logically, should the angels not be worried about the human's scheming to assimilate the angels?

Unfortunately, Ed didn't know about the extinction crisis faced by the angels, otherwise he would have understood why Bella agreed straight away, and why she was a bit excited.

However, Lin Fan on the side could see it somewhat from the expressions of Bella and other angels.

These angels had a hint of urgency, even amidst the excitement in their expressions… Could it be that the natural birth of offspring was important to them?

From the previous conversation, Lin Fan could analyze that the angels once had male angels, but they disappeared for a long time now. 


This whole thing was interesting. It was very likely that once upon a time, male and female angels could naturally reproduce, but since the male angels no longer exist, they have to resort to some kind of biotechnology to reproduce?

And this biotechnology has flaws, that's why the angels must find a way to return to natural reproduction as soon as possible because of the problems brought by the biotechnology.


If all this speculation is correct, then can he make something happen?

Lin Fan sized up Bella, and couldn't help but sigh at her perfect figure and face.


He nodded in satisfaction. Hmm, she's a good match for my old man!

In the president's office on Earth, Lin Zhen was still ignorant of the fact that both Ed and even his own son Lin Fan were pushing him to tie the knot! 

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