Chapter 118: Miracle Starfield.

A month had passed since Lin Feng's brother's birth. At this time, Li Cangdou had already arrived at Lilles with his fleet.

"Li Cangdou reporting to Military Commander Liang!"

In Liang Xingchen's office, Li Cangdou stood straight in front of Liang Xingchen as he saluted!

"I remember you. 6 years ago in the mech competition, you were the second placer, right? Now, you've become a fleet commander!"

"Yes, it's thanks to Military Commander Lin's training!"

"Well, that kid's eye for talent has always been very good. Commander Chris and Emma in your legion are quite capable and I hope you are the same. You must know that your Military Commander has put his face on the line to give you this opportunity!"

"Yes, I will live up to Military Commander Lin's expectations!"

Li Cangdou was very moved in his heart as he listened to Liang Xingchen's words.

He did not know before that this opportunity was begged for by Lin Fan by giving up his face. With this, Li Cangdou secretly made up his mind that this time, he would definitely not make Lin Fan lose face.

"Alright, you come with me, you're just in time the combat meeting!"


Under Liang Xingchen's leadership, the two quickly arrived in a conference room, in which Jiang Hai and another person were already waiting inside. They were the Second and Third Fleet Commanders of the Second Legion.

Speaking of which, Li Cangdou did not know of this Third Fleet Commander. Even if Lin Fan was here, he would not know this person either.

She was transferred from the Lunar Headquarters. She was a female commander with a domineering aura and a cold face. She had the rank of Rear Admiral and was once the commander of the Solar System's Guard Fleet.

That's right, it was the same fleet that was made up of more than 20,000 warships after the First and Fourth Fleets were changed.

Three years ago, Sophia Duncan took over the command of the post.

The Duncan surname… No one in the military who doesn't know this. Sophia Duncan is Marshal Sanders Duncan's granddaughter. However, she was not some pretty face that would break upon being tripped. No, she was the strong queen type of character. In the Solar System's Guard Fleet, she even has the title 'Tyrant Queen'!

A few months ago, just as the Second Fleet was preparing to establish the Third Fleet, Marshal Sanders recommended her to Liang Xingchen.

However, since Quarte's incident was still fresh in his mind, Liang Xingchen could only promise Sanders that he would conduct a test on Sophia and not appoint her immediately. Only after passing his test would she be allowed to become the commander of the Third Fleet!

As for how the test went, no one knew. What everyone does know was that the next day, Liang Xingchen officially announced Sophia Duncan as the commander of the Third Fleet.

"Commander Li Cangdou, sit down!"

After Liang Xingchen sat down, he pointed to an empty seat and said to Li Cangdou.

"Yes, Military Commander Liang!"

"Alright, let me introduce you to Jiang Hai. You probably already know him. As for her, she is the commander of the Third Fleet of the Second Legion, Sophia Duncan. Sophia, this is Commander (rank) Li Cangdou of the First Legion. Don't look at him simply as a mere Commander (rank), according to Military Commander Lin Fan, his command ability is enough to serve as a fleet commander, all that is missing is the rank!"

Hearing Liang Xingchen's words, Sophia looked curiously at the youth in front of her who was younger than herself. Although Sophia's appearance looked as if she was only 27-28 years old, her real age was actually 38 years old.

In the current Federation, because of the popularity of Gene Enhancement Medicines, it is difficult to determine a person's true age from his or her appearance.

As for why Sophia can be sure that Li Cangdou is much younger than herself, it is because he only looks like he has just turned 20 years old.

Regarding what Liang Xingchen said, Sophia did not doubt it. After all, the former was never the type of person who talks nonsense. Since he said so, then this Commander (rank) in front of her must have some skill.

"Little brother looks very familiar!"

"I don't think we've seen each other before!"

"No, I should have seen you before, otherwise I would never feel that you're familiar!"

Sophia had absolute confidence in herself and said forcefully.

"Sophia, you should have seen him in the mech competition 6 years ago. After all, he took second place back then when he was just a cadet of the Interstellar Military Academy."

Liang Xingchen said with a smile. He knew that Sophia was very stubborn, if she was given no answer, she would never rest.

"I remember now, I did see you when I was watching the mech competition! How about it, little brother, want to come in my fleet?"


"Alright stop it Sophia, let's start the combat meeting. Turn on the virtual conference system and connect to the IoF!"

"Yes, Military Commander!"

Jiang Hai on the side immediately began to operate it, and soon after, there were two more virtual figures on the seats on the side.

They were two heroic female angels!


"This is the Io Federation's Third and Fifth Fleet, Elena and Joanna. This time they are the main characters, we are just supporting them! Elena, tell us your battle plan!"


Elena was originally Alfie's adjutant, now she is currently the new commander of the Io Federation's Third Fleet.

This is the first time she will command a battle independently and was also considered a test for her by Alfie, so Elena is extraordinarily serious.

"First, let's talk about the current situation!"

"Our Io Federation has a legion stationed in Sierra and Joanna's Fifth Fleet have 300,000 warships. The Third Fleet is currently located in the Capital Circle with 20,000 warships that have completed their upgrades; equipped with Energy Shields and Warp Engines!"

"As for the Ochs Empire's Border Legion, they are stationed in Ceres. Their commander is the War God Viles who holds the name of Ceres Demon. He is a rather difficult opponent."

"Here's more about the terrain of the Ceres Corridor. There are 3 nodes in the Ceres Corridor, which are Sierra, Ceres, and Corfe."

Elena opened a star map of the Ceres Corridor. She pointed to this 3-node corridor and explained.

However, Sophia keenly noticed that Li Cangdou was looking at the star map and frowning.

"Little brother, is there something wrong?"

Sophia's character made her not caring about things like face so she just rudely interrupted Elena and asked Li Cangdou.

"There is indeed a problem, and it's big. May I ask Commander Elena, can you explain these places behind Ceres, Sierra, and Corfe? From the star map, it looks like these places are very close to each other?"

Elena was not sure what the reason was for Li Cangdou asking this, but Alfie had specifically explained that she had to respect humans, so she quickly and obediently answered.

"This area is called Miracle Starfield in our Io Federation!"

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