Chapter 113: The Second Interstellar Military Academy.

A year had passed since Lin Fan returned to Horton. During the year, Horton was undergoing major construction.

First, the former Ochs Empire's warship production base was completely renovated, manufactured and replaced with the humans' warship production line which could pump out 10,000 warships annually.

And this was only about 1/5 of the warship production base. Once all the changes have been completed, the estimated annual production can reach 50,000 warships or so.

The biggest advantage of Horton is the terrifying number of Resource Planet. The asteroid belts are also very large and dense, they are very rich in resources.

According to the preliminary investigation, the amount of resources contained in the 3 asteroid belts of Horton is about 100 times more than the Solar System's asteroid belt.

Together with the 43 huge Resource Planets, Horton's warship manufacturing industry does not need to import resources. On the contrary, they can export a large amount of resources outside whilst still satisfying their own needs.

This is why the Ochs Empire wanted to build its largest warship production base here. The geographical conditions are just too good!

But now, all of this already belongs to the Human Federation. Lin Fan believes that as long as they are given enough time, the Federation can definitely create a mighty military force.

As for the only Natural Life Planet in this Star System, Planet Horton, Lin Fan developed it in the direction of a vacation planet.

After all, this would be the station for the legion. Human beings can not be separated from a Natural Life Planet for too long. A long time in space will cause one to develop depression, anxiety, irritability and other emotions which will gradually amplify over time. It is easy for all kinds of mental illnesses to attack people.

This is why there are clear provisions in the Federation fleet that after serving in space for up to 8 years, it is mandatory to go on leave and go back to Natural Life Planet for at least 6 months.

In fact, this problem also exists in other civilizations. For Level 3 Civilizations that have no Warp Engines for long voyages, they used hibernation devices. Otherwise, who would be able to withstand more than a dozen decades of travel?


Therefore, Lin Fan decided to make Planet Horton into a vacation planet, which provides residence for the legion and also a good environment to take a vacation and decompress.

Lin Fan also attached great importance to the training of officers. Simply lowering the needed rank is not enough. Lin Fan even built a small space city in the orbit of Planet Horton and set up a second Interstellar Military Academy. Its name being the Horton Military Academy.

But this military academy is different from the Interstellar Military Academy. It does not accept students from the general populace but only active duty military personnel.

The purpose is to further cultivate potential talents in the active military, after all, what is taught in the Interstellar Military Academy can only be considered basic.

Another important purpose is to discover some special talents who have taken the wrong path and train them the second time, just like the former Li Cangdou, whose talent in fleet command is actually stronger than mech driving.

If Lin Fan hadn't seen Li Cangdou's fleet command talent and given the former a chance, then Li Cangdou might have been a mech officer for the rest of his life.

Simply put, the Interstellar Military Academy is like a boot camp, while Lin Fan's Horton Military Academy is like an officer training camp.

All the faculty members are all officers from the First Legion who have participated in a lot of actual battles. Even Lin Fan as well as Chris and Emma will occasionally go over to give a few lectures.

Of course, Lin Zhen and Sanders first needed to approve of this plan. Lin Zhen naturally has no objections, but Sanders gave Lin Fan a condition, that is, after the establishment of the academy, they not only train the First Legion, but also receive people from other legions.

This was not a problem for Lin Fan as it is for the betterment of the entire Federation. Lin Fan is not a warlord, he has no intention of only training his own people.

Rather, when Lin Fan first established the academy, he wanted to serve the entire Federation, not just the First Legion.

After all, the Federation had never had a training system specifically tailored for senior officers before, and everyone just relied on their own experience in war.

Now, with the establishment of such an academy, they would have proper guidance. Of course, the academy can not avoid people purely entering the academy for the recognition.

After all, according to the current development, in the future, those who have entered the Horton Military Academy will definitely have an advantage in terms of promotion than those who haven't.

But since Lin Fan already anticipated this when he initially established the academy, how could he let these people have their way?

In the rules specified by Lin Fan, each Legion can recommend officers to come to the Horton Military Academy for further study. But if one only came to gild the lily and grab the promotion opportunity, then if their final graduation test results are not good, in addition to not being able to graduate, the Horton Military Academy will also send a letter to the head of that officer's Legion.

As for what type of letter? It is to dissuade the Legion from giving this person key positions, and this recommendation will be stuck in their service history.

It can be said that if it really comes to this, your military career can be said to be finished. Considering the above, one shouldn't even try going to the Horton Military Academy just for greed as it is definitely not worth the loss.

Some people will say, then wouldn't the curriculum be very hard? What if people can't pass the final test?

Lin Fan's answer was that the army officers all had taken Brain Development Medicine. As long as they are serious about learning, even if they do not excel, passing would not be a problem.

As for wanting better results, it really depends on personal talent.

On one hand, it can provide a large number of senior talents for the military and on the other, it can screen out a large number of useless people. In the long run, this will make the Federation fleet's combat effectiveness continue to improve.

Now the first batch that entered the Horton Military Academy has been studying here for 3 months now. 2785 of which are from the First Legion and 2473 from the Second Legion. Though the number may seem small, these 5000 people are the real deal, they were not ordinary soldiers.

Though in the first batch, there were still a lot of people that were not afraid. From the various instructors' reports in the three months, they have uncovered more than 500 people that only entered the academy to gild the lily. They have no intention of learning and only there for the benefits.

For these people, Lin Fan has nothing to say. According to the rules, if they failed at the end of the two-year assessment, then they can say goodbye for their service history.

By then, let's see who still dares to not take the academy seriously!

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