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Chapter 111: Returning To Horton.

Lunar Headquarters.

In Marshal Sanders' office, Lin Fan and three others were standing in front of Sanders with a solemn expression.

"Commander of the First Fleet, Vice Admiral Lin Fan, has performed with distinction and merit in the war on the Ochs Empire, and is hereby awarded the rank of Admiral!"

After Sanders read the promotion order, his heart welled up with some emotion.

A 25-year-old Admiral, this was undoubtedly record breaking. He could be considered the youngest Admiral in the history of the Federation.

In Sanders' eyes, Lin Fan's future achievements would definitely far surpass Liang Xingchen's.

With the new shoulder medal in hand, Sanders came to Lin Fan and personally put it for him.

"Congratulations, Admiral Lin Fan!"

"Many thanks to the Marshal!"

"No need to thank me, it's due to your own strength, keep up the good work!"


Next, Liang Xue, Emma and Chris were also given their new ranks. They were commanders, so their ranks were given by Sanders himself.

Chris became a Vice Admiral, Liang Xue became a Rear Admiral, and Emma became a Captain* (still called Captain in the navy but it's a higher rank, she is a Brigadier now if we go by army terms).

The Captain rank is part of the reserved commanders just that for Lin Fan, he simply skipped this level and became a Rear Admiral. 


But that was a special case, so Emma had to go through this unlike Lin Fan. 


Sanders looked at the four people and nodded in satisfaction. He then picked up another appointment from his desk.

"Due to the reformation of the fleet, a Legion has been created. Admiral Lin Fan is hereby appointed as the Commander of the First Legion of the Federation Fleet, with 12 standard fleets; totaling 240,000 warships. Their headquarters shall be established in Horton!"

"At the same time, Horton will become a military town. Everything in the Star System will be handled by the Commander of the First Legion, Admiral Lin Fan!"

"Finally, regarding the establishment of the Legion, the former First and Third Fleets will be under the First Legion, of which the First Fleet will remain under the personal command of Admiral Lin Fan as the Guard Fleet of the Legion Commander. The Second Fleet will be commanded by Vice Admiral Chris Rhodes. The remaining ten fleets will be formed within ten years. The choice for their commanders will be submitted by the First Legion, and reviewed and approved by the Lunar Headquarters."

"These are the latest arrangements, are there any questions?"


"Very well, the Third Fleet is already in Horton, you will leave tomorrow to meet with them. You can then start the construction of the Legion."

"Yes, Marshal!"

"Lin Fan, wait a moment, I still have something to tell you!"

Just as four people were about to exit the office, Sanders suddenly said.

Liang Xue's group of three looked at each other before retreating. They understood that Marshal Sanders had something important to explain to Lin Fan alone.

"Lin Fan, you have a heavy mission on your side. The Federation needs a channel to the outside world, understand?"

"Understood, don't worry Marshal, give me five years, I will take down the Kabat Empire!"

Lin Fan naturally understood what Sanders meant, the current Federation map had 2 external paths, one of which was blocked by the Io Federation, and the other was blocked by the Kabat Empire.

If the Federation wants to continue to develop, it must open one of the channels, otherwise, even if they have the Warp Engine, crossing a civilization to establish a new territory is difficult. After all, it would not be connected to the (Star System) cluster.

The Io Federation's path is certainly a no go. They already established diplomatic relations, not to mention that the former were the key to the future of the human population.

Therefore, the only option available is the Kabat Empire. For Lin Fan, three years to establish 5 fleets and then 2 years to destroy the Kabat Empire is enough time.

"Good. Before you are ready, the Federation will also maintain the deal with them. On one hand, it is to drain their resources and on the other, it is to leave enough hidden cards for you!"


Ten minutes later, Lin Fan left Sanders' office and rejoined the group, and departed back to Earth.

"I'm sorry, Chris, I originally wanted to let you spend more time with your wife and daughter on Earth, but now it seems that I can't, we have to leave for Horton tomorrow!"

On the shuttle ship returning to Earth, Lin Fan said to Chris.

"Don't worry Commander, Alice can move to live in Horton as a military family/relative!"

"This is not a problem, but if you and Alice are going to Horton, what about your daughter? After all, Horton is a military town, there is no school there."

Chris' daughter, Ava, is still young. She could not be taken together with them to Horton which is a military town. There would be no school for Ava to study.

"This is no problem, Ava has received a letter of admission to the Interstellar Military Academy. After she graduates, I'm asking the Commander to help bring her to our Legion!"


Chris said with some embarrassment, after all, this is definitely considered using the back door.

It's not that Chris wants to take any special care of his daughter, but he just wants his family to be together.

"Okay, there's no problem! I will give a word to Dean Li Fulai, don't worry!"

"Thank you, Commander!"


More than twenty days later, Lin Fan arrived at Horton with the First Fleet.

As previously introduced, Horton was once the military-industrial town of the Ochs Empire. It has 1 Living Planet and 42 Resource Planets. It also had three huge asteroid belts, each of which was dozens of times the size of the Solar System's asteroid belt, meaning the resources were even richer.

The Ochs Empire has established a huge warship manufacturing base on Horton, consisting of countless warship production lines. Now, these bases are being transformed by a large number of industrial robots, and the transformation is expected to be completed in half a year's time.

In addition to the warships manufacturing bases, the Federation also established a huge space research city in Horton, located on the edge of the warship manufacturing bases. The main person in charge is Lin Fan's old acquaintance, the Federation's chief scientist Bai Zixuan.

Nowadays, Bai Zixuan no longer looks old after using the Gene Enhancement Medicine and Brain Development Medicine.

He looks 40 years old. Compared to before, not only is his physique much better, his lifespan also increased by at least 200 years. It can be said that he was as vigorous in his prime. There was even some gossip that recently Bai Zixuan had the second coming of spring. He was in love with a certain female scientist.

For this matter, Lin Fan is absolutely supportive. After all, Bai Zixuan dedicated his life to science, he had no wife nor children. This was certainly a good development!

Horton is currently in an era of construction. In every planet and space, there is construction being made!

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