Chapter 110: Bella Learned How To Make A Baby.

Lin Fan was not interested in the discussion so he took Liang Xue and Emma to the cemetery to pay tribute to the mother of the original owner of this body.

Standing in front of the tombstone, Lin Fan felt a lot of emotions. After all, she was a great mother who sacrificed herself for the birth of her son.

Even if she was not his real mother, Lin Fan would still come to pay his respects every time he returned to Earth, be it rain or shine.

When the three returned to the presidential palace, the discussion had already ended.

Lin Fan was very surprised to see that his old man was personally cooking for Bella!

What the– is this really his father and not someone else possessing his body?


Lin Fan's group of three entered the living room and chatted with Bella. After all, they possibly can't let the Queen sit here alone, can they?

"Queen Bella, did you and my father talk about 'that' matter?"

Lin Fan asked with some curiosity, while Liang Xue and Emma also pricked up their ears.

"Well, your father said that this matter has to be talked about at night, not during the day, why is that?"


Lin Fan just took a sip of water so he almost spat it out, luckily he held it in time.

This old man has hidden himself deep, he really was well-versed in his techniques!

However, Liang Xue and Emma cast a contemptuous glance towards the kitchen!

"Uh, this… It's because the matter of procreating an offspring is relatively private. It can only be handled by men and women at night in their respective rooms. It can not be seen by others!"

Lin Fan could only explain it vaguely, otherwise how else would he do it?

After his explanation, Lin Fan felt the killing intent from both his sides, followed by pain in both sides of his waist.


The flesh on his left and right waist was twisted by 90 degrees!

"I say, these two daughters-in-law, shouldn't you learn from Queen Bella and study about making a baby at night too?!"

When the two women heard what Lin Fan said, their faces immediately flushed red. They then launched another attack on Lin Fan's waist, this time breaking through 90 degrees and pushing straight to the 180 degree mark.

At this time, Lin Zhen walked out with the dishes and saw the painful-happy expression of Lin Fan with a red-faced Liang Xue and Emma on the side, and a puzzled Bella.

What's wrong?

"Lin Fan, what did you do?"

"I didn't do anything, I just asked Queen Bella how the 'thing' went. Who knew that you were going to settle it at night, you really got away, old man!"

"Ahem~, after dinner later, you take Liang Xue and Emma to a hotel and reside there. It's annoying to have you around!"

"OK OK, I understand! I'll leave after dinner, I know what to do!"

Lin Fan immediately gave Lin Zhen an I understand look!


At night.

Lin Zhen and Bella were currently sitting side by side on the bed, their heads slightly bowed. A somewhat awkward atmosphere pervaded the room.

After Lin Fan and the girls left, and the dishes were cleaned, the time for 'learning' has arrived.

However, Lin Zhen didn't know how to start this 'lesson'. After all, even though he had a wife and was not some v¡rg¡n, they only met today for God's sake!

Finally, after some time, Lin Zhen broke the ice.

"So, uhm, let's first start on how it works."

"You get periods every month, right?"

"En." Bella looked up at Lin Zhen and nodded.

"That's because of your unfertilized egg, and to fertilize one, we need the sperm of a man."

"A man has to inseminate the woman by expelling sperm inside their v@gina…"

Seeing the eager look on Bella's face as she learned new things, Lin Zhen gradually got more comfortable explaining.

"Usually, people would use contraceptives like a pill or the man has to pull out his p€nis from the vagina and expel it outside."

"This is common among young lovers who don't want a child yet. Only couples who had planned to settle down would want a child."

 "The child would take around 9 months to develop inside your belly. Upon maturity, you would give birth to your baby through your v@gina–"

Bella was shocked hearing this and immediately asked, "Wait… How big would the baby be? Would it even stretch that wide?"

"It would, but it's going to be painful. Although you can get a cesarean operation to get the baby by cutting incisions in the abdomen and uterus, it is only recommended if it is dangerous to the mother and baby. Natural delivery is still best."

Lin Zhen looked at Bella and was entranced by her charming expression. She looked like a child trying to look serious. Too cute!

At this time, Lin Zhen suddenly raised his right hand and touched Bella's face. Her skin was as smooth as a baby and soft like the clouds.

Lin Zhen closed his eyes as he leaned forward. He still had some things to say but thinking that it's better to 'show' than tell, he YOLO'd. 

Seeing Lin Zheng's action, Bella was startled and didn't know what to do. In the end, she just closed her eyes and let him guide her through this.

She soon felt his lips touch hers and she felt an electric shock course through her body upon contact. She subconsciously put her arms around his neck as she felt her mouth being invaded by his tongue.

The two played cat and mouse as their tongues played catch with one another. Bella felt her body getting warmer and she began to feel fuzzy.

Lin Zhen moved from holding Bella's face to holding her shoulders with both hands as he gently pushed her into the bed. He then stood up and took off his shirt showing his well-maintained body. He was not ripped or anything, just toned. 

"I'll take the lead." He said as he smiled.

Lin Zhen's handsome mature look caused Bella's eyes to turn into hearts. She doesn't know if it's because she didn't know any man prior to this or if she fell in 'love' from the tender care he's giving her.

In the brief period they met, she just felt comfortable with him. There's no repulsion or anything. I guess… She really fell in love at first sight.

Lin Zhen approached the bed and moved on top of Bella. He went into her ear and gave them a gentle blow which made her shiver. 

He then stuck out his tongue and traced along her beautiful neckline and collarbone. He showered her with kisses until he reached her bosom.

He tried to open her clothes off but failed because of the dress style. Seeing his disappointed look, Bella couldn't help but chuckle and undid her clothes for him. Now, her top was only left with her bra.

Lin Zheng's eyes were glued to her motherly br€@sts, they were big and supple. He couldn't help himself and gulped down a mouthful of saliva. He shakily reached out and grabbed these bountiful rabbits and was immediately addicted to their softness.

He began to fondle them into all sorts of shapes, his breathing getting heavier. Bella was also not unaffected as the fuzzy feeling got more apparent. She felt butterflies in her stomach.

Lin Zhen lowered his head and licked at one of Bella's br€@sts. He twirled his tongue around it's nip, as if teasing it, before swallowing it whole. Bella moaned, she felt a whole new experience as Lin Zhen was sucking her like a baby.

Of course, Lin Zhen's hands were not idle. One was pinching and kneading Bella's other rabbit while his other caressed her hourglass figure.

There was no extra fat on her body. It can only be described as perfect, like an angel even. Soon, his hands had reached her abdomen and he slowly proceeded to pull the rest of the dress down her long legs. 

Although he had to stop snacking on her br€@sts, he didn't mind it much because it was time for the main course!

He didn't want Bella to give a bl0wj0b or anything similar, at least not yet... She's still new to this after all. He took his pants off and let his raging b0ner loose. He then positioned himself at Bella's v@gina in a missionary position. 

"Please bear with the pain for a bit..." Lin Zhen said as he looked at Bella with gentle eyes.

Bella was startled but nodded nonetheless.

Obtaining her permission, Lin Zhen looked for the entrance by gliding his little brother's head along her slit. Upon locking onto his target, he slowly but surely entered and broke through her defenses. Bella grabbed the sheets as a blood lotus bloomed on the bed.

Knowing that she needed time to adjust, Lin Zhen had to stop after he pushed his way through. Honestly, he didn't really want to stop. From the moment of entering her, he was immediately sent to cloud 9. She was tight but soft. It was simply a heavenly feeling as if he had just taken some drugs. He might get addicted to this! 

Of course, he knew that he shouldn't be selfish and just ignore Bella. That's why he focused on making it less painful for her.

After about 5 minutes, the pain gradually subsided and only a little sting was left. Bella gave the go signal and Lin Zhen started moving his hips.

He started slow, doing long shallow strokes. But he gradually upped the intensity and began thrusting it into her deep. 

At this point, Lin Zhen was breathing heavily. Not because of exhaustion but rather he couldn't take it anymore. He wanted MORE!

Bella, who was slowly getting a hang into it suddenly moaned as she felt her insides being pierced.

 "Wa… wait– No! Ahhhnmmm~ this is too much!!!"

Every time their flesh hit, Bella felt a shock passing through her spine. She bit her lips to not make too much noise. 

However, she made a mistake by doing so as the last bit of sanity left in Lin Zhen flew into outer space. The scene looked so damn er0tic!

"Wha– kyaahhh~!!!" 

He grabbed her plump buttocks and lifted her lower body up. With this position, he could hit her places at a much better angle.



He pistoned her in this position for a good few minutes until he felt her love juices squirt into his abdomen. She was shaking as she achieved her first orgasm.

After he gave her a deep thrust while he pulled her waist into his, he temporarily pulled out and turned Bella over to her knees.

He grabbed his dick and made it kiss her vulva and slit, and pushed it against her smooth pubic area that prolonged her orgasm. When he felt that her shaking started to calm down, he charged through again. Her insides felt much warmer than before.


"Hmnn... yeah!

Lin Zhen felt Bella tighten as he propped up her @ss. Her insides were squeezing his d¡ck with her soft walls. He couldn't help but moan along with her. He said as he started thrusting, "Bella, don't hold it in, let it all out!"

Encouraged by Lin Zhen, Bella didn't try stopping her moans anymore. She even went far and beyond and screamed. At this point, all that was in her mind was pleasure. She was not some Queen but just a normal woman bonding with her lover.

"Oh yes, yes, give it to me Lin Zhen ahhh~ Give it to me DADDY!"

A gecko who just entered the room through the gap of the door was startled by the sudden noise and left hurriedly.

Hearing Bella's thirst, Lin Zhen wanted to cry from the joy he felt. He really made the right decision in telling her that and was more than happy to quench her longing.

He was like an enraged bull that was constantly charging at his enemy. Soon, he felt that he was at his limit and was ready to discharge.

"Bella, I'm going to cum." 



Yesshh~ I also feel another one coming!"

"So give it to me, fill me with your sp€rm!!"

With a thrust, the two climaxed together, toes curling, backs arching. If one were to see Bella's face right now, no one would think she was a Queen. She was glistening in sweat and her current expression was blank. Her tongue was out and drool was dripping down the sides of her mouth.

Lin Zhen pulled out and admired Bella's beauty. He was really glad he had his youth back. He felt like he could go on like this for the entire night. 

Lin Zhen could still go on for another round, evident by his lively member, but he knew that he had to let Bella rest for a bit. He spooned her and sent gentle caresses down her smooth back while whispering sweet nothings into her ears.

Meanwhile, in a hotel somewhere in the city, another study session was happening. However, that is a story for another time...


Early in the morning of the next day, Lin Fan walked out of the hotel with Liang Xue and Emma with refreshed faces, but the two women's pretty faces were red.

After arriving at the presidential palace, Lin Fan saw Queen Bella, whose face was also red. At this moment, Queen Bella exuded a more terrifying charm than yesterday.

It was a killer charm that can even tantalize women!


Seeing this, Lin Fan has understood that Bella has learned how to make a baby last night. He will have to have an angel mother in the future.

"Brat, what are you looking at!"

"Old man, it was just the first night and you already started? It seems that my future position in the family is worrying!"

(T/N: To explain to those confused. Lin Fan said so because he'll get a sibling/s that will attract the attention of both parents)

"If you're done, hurry up and get out of here brat! Don't forget, you have to report to Sanders today!"

Lin Zhen said to Lin Fan with a gloomy face.

Liang Xue and Emma, on the other hand, covered their mouths and snickered on the side, they had long been used to the way this father and son duo spoke.

Although it may seem like they don't treat each other well, but in reality, both of them are very concerned about each other. In a way, this is considered a special way of communication between them.

"Why are you being mean to Lin Fan!"

At this time, Bella on Lin Zhen's side gave him a critical hit!


Lin Zhen could talk to Lin Fan like that, but to Bella? He wouldn't dare. It was only the first night but he was already under her.

Lin Fan didn't continue to tease Lin Zhen, and after saying goodbye to Bella, he dragged Liang Xue and Emma away.

Before reporting to the Interstellar Lunar Headquarters, the three of them went to Chris's house first. Their purpose was to take Chris with them.

After staying at Chris' house for a while, and saying goodbye to Alice and Ava, the four of them left for Lunar Headquarters.

"Chris, if I'm right, you will take over the Third Fleet this time, so you should be prepared."

"Yes, Commander!"

Inside the shuttle ship, Lin Fan said to Chris with a smile.

"But Commander, if I take over the Third Fleet, won't that mean I have to leave the First Fleet?"


"What? You can't bear to leave?"

"It's not that I can't bear to leave, it's just that my new life was given by the Commander (Lin Fan) so I hope to always fight under the Commander (Lin Fan)!"

Chris said sincerely to Lin Fan. This was not Chris being polite nor a bootlicker but rather his heartfelt feelings.

If Lin Fan did not take him in and gave him a second chance, Chris might still be the Uncle who stayed at home. He would not have a chance to return to the military in this life, let alone be in charge of a fleet.

"Don't worry Chris, you'll still be under my command for a while!"

Lin Fan looked at Chris and smiled mysteriously!

Chris was not stupid and immediately realized that this probably meant that Lin Fan was also going to be promoted.

At present, there were a total of 3 forces that bordered the Federation.

The first one is the remnant army of the Ochs Empire. Though this Fleet is basically the same as a stray dog. It had no aim nor command, and even more, no more source of supplies. They don't have many days left.

The second is the Io Federation. The Human Federation is currently in its honeymoon period with them. When the Ochs Empire remnants in the Io Federation side are eliminated, the Io Federation will be directly bordering with the Human Federation.

The third is the Kabat Empire, which, like the Io Federation, will also be directly bordering the Human Federation once the remnants of the Ochs Empire on its side are wiped out.

Therefore, the Human Federation's current army no longer meets the needs of this new era. Rectification and expansion is inevitable.

Lin Fan will probably be promoted to a higher position, while the fleet will undergo a higher level of reform similar to the legion system of the Ochs Empire or the Io Federation.

Actually, Chris was 8 to 9 out of 10 times correct with his guess!

A few minutes later, the four arrived at Lunar Headquarters.

In Sanders' office.

"Marshal Sanders, Lin Fan (Chris Rhodes, Liang Xue, Emma Campbell) reporting for duty!"

"Here you are, I won't waste any more time, let's proceed in today's business immediately!"


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