Chapter 9: Once You Enter The Demon Suppression Division, Your Life And Death Are Not Up To You!

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After leaving the Demon Suppression Prison, Shen Changqing did not return to his residence. Instead, he went towards the Library.

The time interval of the regular mission and the time interval to enter the Library was exactly the same.

So each time he leaves the Demon Suppression Prison, Shen Changqing would immediately go to the Library.


In two months' time, he not only memorized the [Pure Yang Kung Fu], but also spent a lot of effort studying the information about demons and monsters.

As a Slayer, if you do not have even a little knowledge of demons and monsters, then you'll be guaranteed death in your future mission.


Two hours passed in a flash.

After Shen Changqing left the Library, he returned to his residence and stayed there for five days.

During this period, other than eating food, he did not leave. He concentrated on studying the Martial Arts he got from the Library.

Soon, Liu Chang knocked on his door again.

There was no change in his mission and it was still patrolling the Demon Suppression Prison.

After Shen Changqing finished his mission, he went to the Library and read the Martial Art books he needed to memorize, then he went back to his home.

Time passed quickly.

In the blink of an eye, ten months have passed since Shen Changqing had entered the Demon Suppression Division.

Ten months.

Among all of the Apprentice Slayers, he was considered a true veteran.

At this point in time, most of the Apprentice Slayers had already started their missions and were either promoted to Official Slayers, or died in the mission, disappearing without a trace.

In the Demon Suppression Division, the Slayer Courts were divided into four different courts: Heaven, Earth, Red Black and Yellow.

For the other three Slayer Courts, Shen Changqing didn't know much about them, but for the Slayer Court that he was in, he found that many faces he knew had disappeared.

Although he did not have many interactions with those people, since his strength had increased, all of those people who he had met even once, Shen Changqing would have some impression of them.

As for those who disappeared, there was only one possibility, and that was death.

Regarding this, Shen Changqing was calm and didn't feel much.

The death of others does not concern him. What was really noteworthy was his own progress.

It was worth mentioning that, not counting the month wasted by his predecessor, Shen Changqing's attainments in Martial Arts in the remaining months were great.

When he looked at the pane now, it was very different from when he first started.


Name: Shen Changqing

Power: Great Qin Demon Suppression Division

Status: Apprentice Slayer

Martial Arts: Thirteen Cross Practice (Level 15, cannot be upgraded), Pure Yang Kung Fu (Level 6, cannot be upgraded), Seven Killings Blade Technique (Level 2), Iron Sand Palm (Level 1)

Killing Value: 0


The [Pure Yang Kung Fu] had nine levels and Shen Changqing spent eight to nine months to reach Level 6.

Regarding this achievement, he did not rely on Killing Value, but his own hard work.

Even Shen Changqing himself did not expect to have that rapid progress while Cultivating the [Pure Yang Kung Fu].

Even though he did not think that his talent was poor, he also did not believe that he was this talented. 

In eight to nine months, he had reached Level 6 of the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] from scratch.

Such a progress can only be described as genius.

In Shen Changqing's mind, this breakthrough was most likely due to the [Thirteen Cross Practice].

That's because Level 15 of the [Thirteen Cross Practice] would generate True Qi in his dantian each day. This True Qi would then be transformed by the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] and eventually turned into a higher level of Pure Yang True Qi.

In this way, the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] had a powerful supplement that could constantly boost its amount of Pure Yang True Qi.

Hence, he was able to reach Level 6 of the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] in just a few months.

The Qi Circulation Realm was based on the standard of True Qi, but all Cultivators with True Qi were considered experts of the Qi Circulation Realm.

However, even though they were in the same realm, True Qi had varying strengths and weaknesses.

Take the Level 6 of the [Pure Yang Kung Fu]. Based on Shen Changqing's estimation, his strength should be stronger than some Official Slayers.


Of course, without a real fight, he did not dare to be 100% certain.

Though there shouldn't be any big problem in beating all of the Apprentice Slayers.

In addition to the [Pure Yang Kung Fu], Shen Changqing also took the opportunity to practice an additional sword technique, as well as a palm technique.

After all, if you have True Qi in your body, you need to have a corresponding means of attack, otherwise you can't bring out much of your strength.

The [Seven Killing Blade Techniques]! can be regarded as a relatively powerful sword technique in the first floor of the library.

It was about killing to stop killing and was appropriate for Slayers.

As for the [Iron Sand Palm], Shen Changqing just randomly picked it.

He had no other reason other than the name looks familiar.

After learning these two Martial Arts, he found a problem. That was, they were not followed by the words 'cannot be upgraded.' It was likely that there was no way to use Killing Value to upgrade them.

For this, Shen Changqing needed time to verify.

After all, he had no Killing Value, so he was not 100% sure.

"It has already been ten months. In another two months, I will be forced to perform a mission!"

"With two months left, I have to break through to Level 7 of the [Pure Yang Kung Fu]. Once I succeed in doing so, my strength will increase a lot–"

Shen Changqing looked at the panel and thought in his heart.

There were nine levels in the [Pure Yang Kung Fu]. Each of which was divided into every three levels, corresponding to the three stages of the Qi Circulation Realm.

He was currently at Level 6, which was considered being stuck at the Peak Middle Stage of Qi Circulation Realm.

As long as he breaks through Level 7 of the [Pure Yang Kung Fu], then his stage will naturally break through to the Late Stage of the Qi Circulation Realm.   

Suddenly, Shen Changqing's ears twitched slightly.

He looked sideways to the closed courtyard door, his brow unconsciously frowned.

At this moment, there was a knock on the courtyard door.

Shen Changqing opened the door and saw an unfamiliar face.

"You are?"

"I am Jiang Fu, the new Steward of the Yellow Court."

"Jiang Fu?"

Shen Changqing frowned, "I remember that the Steward of the Yellow Court is Steward Liu Chang."

"Liu Chang had already died at the hands of the monsters during a mission, so the Demon Suppression Division appointed me as the new Steward. You are Shen Changqing, right?"

Jiang Fu's face was calm, only his eyes that looked at Shen Changqing had some unsearchable changes.

True Qi!

He was indeed qualified to become a Steward of a Court, his realm was naturally extraordinary.

With a single glance, he could see through Shen Changqing.

When he took over the Steward position, Jiang Fu had gotten the information of the Yellow Court and he was clear that Shen Changqing was among the Apprentice Slayers.


His seniority was relatively old, ten months.

His talent to successfully promote to the Qi Circulation Realm was also considered to be reasonable.

Aware of Jiang Zuo's gaze, Shen Changqing simply nodded: "I am Shen Changqing. Steward Jiang is here to issue a mission, I wonder what kind of mission I should carry out this time?"

"Your mission is to patrol the Demon Suppression Prison."

Jiang Zuo took out the Demon Suppression Prison Manual and handed it to Shen Changqing.


Shen Changqing didn't say much, put the Demon Suppression Prison Manual away, and walked straight towards the Demon Suppression Prison.

Looking at his departing back, Jiang Fu's eyes changed for a moment.

After taking over the Yellow Court, among all of the information he got, there was info about individual Apprentice Slayers and what missions they had performed.

Among them, Shen Changqing's file was very special.

Except for the first month and some extra tasks performed, all of his missions were carried out in the Demon Suppression Prison.

Jiang Fu was not a stupid and can see from the file that Liu Chang took care of Shen Changqing.

The Demon Suppression Division rarely talked about favors.

He also investigated and found that Liu Chang and Shen Changqing were not relatives.

Since the other party deliberately took care of Shen Changqing, it was worth taking a deeper look into.

"An Apprentice Slayer without any background, to be able to get Liu Chang's attention, he must have some advantage and the biggest one is probably talent!"

"Ten months to advance to the Qi Circulation Realm, this type of talent can only be considered good, but not enough for the ranks of geniuses."

"Of course, he may also be hiding his strength and perhaps he was promoted much earlier. After all, in the Demon Suppression Division, one or two outstandingly gifted characters is not impossible to appear."

Jiang Fu inwardly thought.

He does not know much about Shen Changqing. He can see some clues only from the file left by Liu Chang.


Therefore, when issuing the mission, Jiang Zuo did not deliberately make things difficult for Shen Changqing.

After all, Liu Chang had given the other party a favor, so why wouldn't he be happy to continue to do so and possibly benefit from it?

Anyway, the mission of the Apprentice Slayers would not have much impact on how it was laid out. Why offend an unknown factor for some trivial matter?


Jiang Zuo didn't know what came to his mind, steered away from the topic, and left. 


On the other end of the spectrum, Shen Changqing did not even look back as he walked towards the Demon Suppression Prison.

He could feel Jiang Fu's gaze, but he did not turn back.

His originally calm face suddenly became a little gloomy.

Liu Chang was dead!

This was completely out of Shen Changqing's expectation.

In his opinion, Liu Chang's strength was much stronger than his own.

Even in the case of his [Pure Yang Kung Fu] reaching Level 6, when facing Liu Chang, he couldn't see through him.

This means that Liu Chang's strength had reached a very high level.

But even someone as strong as Liu Chang died on a mission.

After receiving the news, the pressure on Shen Changqing rose a lot.


Originally, because of the improvement of his Cultivation, he could not help but have some complacent thoughts. However, at this time, it suddenly disappeared all together.

In the past, many Slayers had disappeared, and the news of the death of Slayers was a common occurrence.

But Shen Changqing was not familiar with these Slayers, so his heart did not have too much feeling.

It was only until the death of Liu Chang, that his heart surged with different emotions.

No matter what, Liu Chang was the person he was most familiar with since arriving in this strange world, and Liu Chang was the one who he communicated with the most. 


Strictly speaking, he even owed Liu Chang a lot of favors.

Now that he died, Shen Changqing had an indescribable feeling.

Standing at the entrance of the Demon Suppression Prison, he suddenly let out a long breath. His heart welled up.


"Once you enter the Demon Suppression Division, your life and death are not up to you!"

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