Chapter 7: Internal and External Cultivation.

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When the [Thirteen Cross Practice] was completed, the defense of his body was almost perfect, which included certain physical vitals.

After Level 15, Shen Changqing's defense was even more powerful.

The [Iron Crotch Kung Fu] was similar in that it would strengthen a certain vital point, so there was no need to learn it.

He put the book back and pulled out the next book.

It was still a Beginner Martial Art and it was only a little stronger than the [Iron Crotch Kung Fu], still, there was no need to learn it.

Since his time was limited, he did not dare to arbitrarily waste it.

Shen Changqing galloped around like a horse as he checked each Martial Arts book, putting those he thought not useful or suitable for him back in their place.


After a long time, he took out a Martial Arts book and his eyes stopped on it.

[Pure Yang Kung Fu]!

Turning the first page, he could see its content.

"[Pure Yang Kung Fu] is about both Internal and External Cultivation, the combination of movement and static. Internal Cultivation relates to the internal organs, while External Cultivation relates to the tendons and bones and skin. This Martial Art is biased towards Yang and is suitable for men to Cultivate. Although women could also Cultivate it, they must ensure that the flow of their Yin and Yang is smooth, otherwise there is a risk of death!"

After reading the first page, Shen Changqing understood that this was the Martial Art he was looking for.

Compared with the [Thirteen Cross Practice], [Pure Yang Kung Fu] obviously had a higher limit cap.

Moreover, this Martial Art had both Internal and External Cultivation, which was similar to the [Thirteen Cross Practice].

If he Cultivated the [Pure Yang Kung Fu], he could get twice the result with half the effort.

Thinking of this, Shen Changqing immediately sat down in place and carefully looked through the [Pure Yang Kung Fu].

Perhaps it was because of his success in the [Thirteen Cross Practice], but he found that as he was looking through the Martial Arts book, he noticed his thinking became clearer.

In the past, it took him a long time to memorize the content, but now he can remember it in just three or two glances.

It only took less than two hours for Shen Changqing to memorize the entire contents of the [Pure Yang Kung Fu].

At the same time, he also looked at his panel.


Name: Shen Changqing

Power: Great Qin Demon Suppression Division

Status: Apprentice Slayer

Martial Arts: Thirteen Cross Practice (Level 15, cannot be upgraded), Pure Yang Technique (not yet activated, cannot be upgraded)

Killing Value: 0


Without being familiar with a Martial Art, the information of that Martial Art will not appear on the panel.

Right now, the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] was on the panel, which proved that Shen Changqing had already memorized the [Pure Yang Kung Fu].

"It's almost time!"

The time limit of two hours made it so that he could not stay in the Library for too long.

Fortunately, Shen Changqing had already memorized the [Pure Yang Kung Fu]. He did not need to spend about a month memorizing a Martial Art like he did in the past.

Leaving from the Library, he went straight back to his residence.

Although the Demon Suppression Division was big, because he's just an Apprentice Slayer, there were only a few places that he could really go to.

Also, those few places were almost all within the Slayer Court.

Like the Demon Suppression Prison's Demon Suppression Prison Manual, some sort of token was required to enter the places.


In addition to that, like the Library, it also had time interval restrictions.

Of course, the Slayer Court does not restrict the Slayers. There was not a rule saying that Slayers cannot leave the Demon Suppression Division.


The Demon Suppression Division was in the capital of Great Qin, while his predecessor was not from the capital. He was from another place and he just got picked by the Demon Suppression Division to join.

Similarly, his predecessor only dared to enter the Demon Suppression Division because he was alone.

Since entering the Demon Suppression Division, his predecessor had not left here.


So his predecessor was very unfamiliar with the capital. Inheriting his predecessor's memory, Shen Changqing was likewise unfamiliar with the capital.

He was in a strange place with no acquaintances.

Moreover, Shen Changqing was also too lazy to waste that time.

Rather than go out of the Demon Suppression Division and do something meaningless, it was better to stay and Cultivate.


The Demon Suppression Division also provided great treatment to Apprentice Slayers.   

There was no need to perform too dangerous tasks, Martial Arts were constantly supplied, and the food was also provided according to the needs of the Martial Artist.

Except spending a little time every five days to complete a mission, the rest of the time can be used to Cultivate.

Although Shen Changqing did not know much about this world, he had his reasons to believe that other than the Demon Suppression Division, there were few places that could give such a great Cultivation environment.

There was no possibility of Shen Changqing leaving the Demon Suppression Division just to go somewhere else and waste time.

Inside his room, Shen Changqing was sitting cross-legged on the bed. He recalled the contents of the [Pure Yang Kung Fu].

Due to the lack of Killing Value, Shen Changqing could not take shortcuts.

But despite the fact that he can't use the Killing Value to improve, doesn't mean that he would waste his time.

Instead of waiting, it was better to rely on his own talent to Cultivate. In case there were gains, later when using the Killing Value, he would be able to save points. 



The days of Cultivation always pass quickly.

In the blink of an eye, two months had already passed.

Being a Slayer was worthy of being a highly mobile profession, Shen Changqing saw many new people arrive and fill the Yellow Court he was part of, during the two months.

But no matter how much it was filled, he had never seen the Slayer Court full of people.

Simply because the number of dead Slayers counteracted the numbers recruited.


Regarding this situation, Shen Changqing did not pay much attention to it.

Anyway, except for Liu Chang, who was considered somewhat familiar, he had no other acquaintances.

Therefore, the death of those people had nothing to do with himself.

In the eyes of Shen Changqing, only improving his own strength was really what should be done.

Otherwise, he will have to follow the footsteps of others (that ended up dead).


At this time, there was a knock on his courtyard door.

Shen Changqing opened the door and saw Liu Chang standing there.

"Steward Liu!"


Liu Chang was about to nod, when suddenly his face changed. He began to seriously look up and down at Shen Changqing. He had a look of astonishment and suspicion on his face.

"You have broken through the Qi Circulation Realm!?"

"I cultivated the [Pure Yang Kung Fu], and just recently made some gains." Shen Changqing nodded.

When he cultivated the [Pure Yang Kung Fu], he realized that the interoperability between the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] and the [Thirteen Cross Practice] was greater than he had imagined.

With the True Qi of the [Thirteen Cross Practice] paving the way.

It only took Shen Changqing a few days to smoothly transform all of his Thirteen Cross Practice True Qi into Pure Yang True Qi.

But because of how fast he did so, he had been hiding it and did not easily leak it out.

At this time, Shen Changqing calculated the time and felt that it was appropriate to reveal a little. 


That's why Liu Chang managed to perceive his changes.



Liu Chang was shocked when he received the affirmation.

A real breakthrough!

He had long understood that Shen Changqing's talent was very high, and many Apprentice Slayers were not able to compete with him.

However, he had never thought that the other party was able to Cultivate Pure Yang True Qi so quickly.

One must know that the biggest difference between the Body Forging Realm and Qi Circulation Realm lies in True Qi.

Having True Qi In one's body was what distinguished one from an idle and lazy Martial Artist.

"If I remember correctly, you've only been in the Demon Suppression Division for a little over three months, less than four months, right–"

"Replying to Steward Liu, I've been here for three months and five days."

"Three months and five days!"

Liu Chang nodded his head slightly, the shock in his heart was unmeasurable.

To be able to break through the Qi Circulation Realm in about three months, Shen Changqing was undoubtedly a genius, a supreme genius!

After a short period of shock, Liu Chang recovered.

Although the supreme geniuses were shocking, the Demon Suppression Division was not without them. After all, the Demon Suppression Division was a powerful organization of the Great Qin, enlisting many potential figures within the Great Qin.

Among these people, there were some geniuses and even the supreme geniuses.

In their normal days, they were not that impressive. It was only after they came to the Demon Suppression Division that they would gradually blossom.

"You have broken through the Qi Circulation Realm and are qualified to become an Official Slayer, but being an Apprentice Slayer has a one-year buffer period, so you can also choose to continue to stay here."

"With your talent, in the remaining seven months, I believe there you would achieve no small gains."

"Just remember, although the Qi Circulation Realm is not weak, in front of a true expert, it is nothing. You must not be too complacent."

Liu Chang solemnly cautioned.

Normally, when an Apprentice Slayer broke through the Qi Circulation Realm, he would let the other party immediately go on a promotion mission, thus becoming an Official Slayer.


But facing Shen Changqing, he opened an extra back door.

Although there were a few supreme geniuses, there were definitely not many.

Within the current Yellow Court, it was not easy to produce such a character, so Liu Chang does not want the other party to die early.

Hearing this, Shen Changqing showed a grateful look: "Thank you Steward Liu!"

"Go, your mission today is still to patrol the Demon Suppression Prison. Remember that although you are already at the Qi Circulation Realm, you must not trespass into the Demon Suppression Prison's forbidden areas. Patrolling in the second layer is good."

"There are places where there are fierce dangers, and you would be in mortal danger even if you're at the Qi Circulation Realm."

Liu Chang spoke in a deep voice.

What he said was all written in the Demon Suppression Prison Manual.

Liu Chang was worried that Shen Changqing might get complacent and not follow the warnings of the Demon Suppression Prison Manual, then walk into his own demise.


"I understand this matter in my heart, Steward Liu can rest assured."

Shen Changqing cupped his hand.

Seeing this, Liu Chang didn't say more.

He said so much this time that the other party would pay him a great favor.

If the other party really broke the rules, then it's well deserved.   

Historically, there would be some people who took it upon themselves and died in the Demon Suppression Prison. Liu Chang did not want Shen Changqing to end up like that because that would be a great waste.

Of course, if the other side insists on it, then he's free to do so.

Ignoring kind words will lead to misfortune.


After saying goodbye to Liu Chang, Shen Changqing quickly went to the Demon Suppression Prison.

Due to his frequent visits, the guards of the Demon Suppression Prison were now quite familiar with him.

According to the usual practice.

After checking the manual, they let him enter.

Shen Changqing politely cupped his hand, and then disappeared into the first layer of the Demon Suppression Prison.

Entering the second layer.

A familiar coldness attacked him.

When the coldness was approaching him, a hot aura rose from his dantian that soon flowed through to his limbs, dispersing the coldness.

From the beginning to the end, Shen Changqing's footsteps did not pause, and he went straight towards the first cell.

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