Chapter 4: Demon Remnant.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

At the end of the second layer was a cell.

But unlike the other cells, this cell held not a monster, but an arm.

An arm covered with green and black armor-like scales, looking nothing like a human arm.

The arm was pierced by chains and suppressed in the deepest part of the cell.

Standing in front of the cell, Shen Changqing's face was gloomy.

In his view, he could clearly see the arm was penetrated by the chains. Its flesh was still pulsating, as if it was a living thing on its own.

At the same time, he recalled the information about it.


Name: Unknown

Rank: Ghost Level

Description: A demon's arm.


The introduction was as simple as it could be, compared to the imprisoned monsters.

However, although it had the simplest description, it was not because the demon arm was weak. On the contrary, it was because the demon arm was terrifyingly powerful.

The first time he saw the demon arm, Shen Changqing was shocked by it.

He could hardly imagine what kind of existence this was from.

A completely cut off arm that not only did not die, but it even required the Demon Suppression Division to keep it imprisoned.

Standing in front of the cell for a long time, Shen Changqing paid constant attention to the changes in the panel.

But to his disappointment, from the beginning to the end, the Killing Value on the panel was not growing at all.


"Could it be that for every area, I can only get Killing Value once?"

Shen Changqing frowned. The last time he got Killing Value, it was also in the last cell on the second layer.

But this time around, he did not get even half of the Killing Value.

Shen Changqing guessed.

‘In each cell, perhaps, I can only get Killing Value once.’

Thinking of this, he turned his gaze towards a dark passage behind the cell.

That was the place that led to the third layer.

Normally speaking, when an Apprentice Slayer patrolled the Demon Suppression Prison, he only needed to patrol the second layer.

The reason was very simple.

There was a powerful coldness in the second layer. An Apprentice Slayer who had just arrived in the Division and had no achievements in Martial Arts, would only be able to walk on the second layer, but that would be the limit.

As for the third layer and the areas beyond, those were for veteran Apprentice Slayers. They would go down when they were doing their patrol duties.

That was to say, at the end of the patrol on the second layer, Shen Changqing was considered to have completed his patrol mission and could return.


"Although I have completed my mission, my purpose of obtaining Killing Value from the Demon Suppression Prison is not yet achieved."

"Right now, only with Killing Value can I quickly improve my strength."

"If I don't have Killing Value, with my just talent, it would be hard to stand out in the Demon Suppression Division–"

Shen Changqing's gaze was firm.

Only by standing out in the Demon Suppression Division, would he be qualified to go to higher peaks.

Only by going higher, would one be able to get higher treatment in the Demon Suppression Division, and one's strength would improve faster.

There were so many tasks ahead and without sufficient strength, how can he be sure that he'll survive them?

"Chaos is all over the land. This world simply does not have the so-called pure/peaceful land. The only way to get a piece of heaven (e.g. comfort and security) is through one's own strength!"

He came to the Demon Suppression Prison with two objectives.

One was to get Killing Value, the other was to figure out how Killing Value works.

Completing the mission of the Demon Suppression Division was only secondary.

Even if he had no mission from the Demon Suppression Division, Shen Changqing would've still had to find a way to make a trip to the Demon Suppression Prison.

After all, it was better to get Killing Value in the Demon Suppression Prison and accumulate strength before going on other missions, than to go on other missions without any preparation at all.

In the Demon Suppression Division, there was no mission that was absolutely safe.

Just because patrolling the Demon Suppression Prison and other similar missions have a low chance of danger, that doesn't mean that other missions weren't dangerous. In fact, there's a high risk of death.


With all of that considered, he must go to the third layer.


No Killing Value means he won't be able to increase his strength fast enough to survive.


After making his decision, Shen Changqing resolutely took a step forward and walked towards the third layer.


Just after entering the third layer, there was a monstrous cold intent that surged towards Shen Changqing.

That cold intent made Shen Changqing freeze. Then a miserable wail sounded in his ears, which soon turned into a sob.

He felt as if he was in the bottomless hell, surrounded by countless evil spirits.

All of the visions presented made him stand still in place.

But a few seconds later, the energy within his body dispersed the coldness.

When the coldness dissipated, the sounds and the visions disappeared together.

Soon, the third layer appeared in Shen Changqing's eyes.


He couldn't help but take a long breath. Although his face remained calm, the shock in his eyes had still not completely faded.

Although he had long guessed that the third layer was bound to be very different from the second layer, he never thought that the difference between the two would be so big.

If it wasn't for him upgrading his [Thirteen Cross Practice] to Level 3, then the moment he entered the third layer, he would have been completely caught inside the illusions.

By that time, unless his luck was good and he was discovered by another person, there was a high probability that he'd be trapped in place. The coldness would slowly consume him, until his life was sucked out.

At this time, Shen Changqing's vigilance went up by several degrees.

"I was naive for thinking that as long as I do not step into those restricted areas without permission, there will not be any problems. But now, it seems that even if I do not step into those areas, my life is still at risk."

"Unless one's strength reaches a certain level, one wouldn't be qualified to walk freely in the Demon Suppression Prison."

During the first time he came to the Demon Suppression Prison, Shen Changqing had the impulse to enter the third layer.

But at that time, he had just gotten Killing Value and urgently needed to study it, so he dismissed this impulse.

Looking back, if at that time, he did go to the third layer, he would've undoubtedly died.

Composing himself, Shen Changqing walked towards the nearest cell.

He did not take out the Demon Suppression Prison Manual because the Demon Suppression Prison Manual given by Liu Chang was incomplete and it only recorded the information up till the second layer.

As for the layers beyond that, there was no record at all.

Moreover, Shen Changqing's mission was just to patrol the second layer and Liu Chang also did not think that he would enter the third layer without permission.

The third layer's cells were the same size as the second layer's cells.

Standing in front of the cell door, Shen Changqing saw a piece of pulsing flesh.

The flesh was a little different from the normal color because in addition to red, there were green lines all over it, as if there was something carved on it.

The flesh beats regularly, as if it were a living being.

"The second layer's final cell imprisoned a demon's arm, so the flesh in front, if I'm not wrong, should be the flesh of a demon!"

Shen Changqing's face was gloomy.

Regarding what exactly a demon was, he was not very clear.

That's because an Apprentice Slayer was not qualified to contact too advanced things.

At this moment, a familiar cold aura from inside the cell began to pour into his body.

Feeling the cold aura coming, Shen Changqing not only did not show any alarm, he even looked a little happy.

He immediately sank into his mind and looked at the panel.


Name: Shen Changqing

Power: Great Qin Demon Suppression Division

Status: Apprentice Slayer

Martial Arts: Thirteen Cross Practice (Level 3, can be upgraded)

Killing Value: 3


"Last time I got the Killing Value on the demon arm, this time, I got it from a piece of demon flesh–"

Shen Changqing looked at the increased Killing Value and was in deep thought.

In the Demon Suppression Prison, there were monsters and demons alike.

But even with so many monsters, he was not able to get his desired Killing Value.

It was only when this demon's residual flesh did he get it.


From this, Shen Changqing could not help but guess whether Killing Value could only be obtained from the demons and not monsters.

"I have to verify it!"

Shen Changqing made up his mind, then looked at his Killing Value. With a thought, he started the next round of upgrades.

He did not save the idea of not using the Killing Value.

First of all, as long as he doesn't run around, the Demon Suppression Prison was a safe place.

So he should use this time to boost his strength as much as possible. 

Even more, with the increase in strength, he might be able to enter the fourth layer and take a look there.

Although he was able to resist the impact in the third layer, Shen Changqing understood that his energy was constantly being depleted.

It won't be long before he will not be able to withstand it and unable to stay any longer.

So no matter from which perspective one looks at, improving his strength was necessary.

As soon as he thought of this idea, he upgraded his [Thirteen Cross Practice].

With his experience from the previous times, Shen Changqing gradually became accustomed to the pain that was incidental to the improvement of his Martial Arts.

Soon, one Killing Value got consumed and his [Thirteen Cross Practice] was upgraded to Level 4.

After a short rest, Shen Changqing once again started the next round of upgrades.


Almost two quarters of an hour later, Shen Changqing's body, which was frozen still, trembled violently, and a powerful energy rose from him, but it quickly disappeared.


Name: Shen Changqing

Power: Great Qin Demon Suppression Division

Status: Apprentice Slayer

Martial Arts: Thirteen Cross Practice (Level 6, cannot be upgraded)

Killing Value: 0


"Level 6!"

Looking at the panel, a smile surfaced on Shen Changqing's face.

The [Thirteen Cross Practice] was considered to be a beginner Martial Arts of an Apprentice Slayer. Its main purpose was to build the foundation and improve one's physique.

He also chose this Martial Art because of the old man's guidance when he entered the Demon Suppression Division.

It can be said that among all of the Apprentice Slayers, there were quite a few who specialize in the [Thirteen Cross Practice]. 

Since the [Thirteen Cross Practice] was qualified to be one of the beginner Martial Arts for Apprentice Slayers, although its upper limit was not high, it was better than other Martial Arts.

After upgrading to Level 6, Shen Changqing felt that the coldness of the third layer had weakened a lot.

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