Chapter 17: A Familiar Feeling.

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Although the monster was powerful, a low level monster did not have a high IQ.

Shen Changqing walked around the courtyard, in an attempt to find which object the monster was possessing.


The previous encounter already made the monster scared.

Without absolute certainty, or as a last resort, it will never make a move.

Likewise, if it does come out, it means that it feels threatened.

Originally, Shen Changqing just walked around the courtyard. He was not 100% sure where the object was.


Even after inspecting in all of the directions, the monster had not made any move.

But now, only the tree in the courtyard was left.

The branches and leaves should be lush and bright green.

It was currently not autumn, so it was impossible for its leaves to be withered.

The leaves withering only led to one explanation.

That was, there were external factors that can lead to this situation.

Monsters were close to yin and the cold.

For any living creature, it was a deadly toxin.

It would also explain why the tree, which should be vibrant, would fall into such disarray.

Of course, Shen Changqing was not 100% sure. He only had some guesses in his mind.


At this time, the monster striking him at this time confirmed this conjecture.

Level 8 [Pure Yang Kung Fu]!

Level 15 [Thirteen Cross Practice]!

Shen Changqing gathered his power and reached an unprecedented peak. With a swift movement like that of a thunderbolt, he struck the incoming palms.

His palm was red!

Just like red-hot iron!

[Iron Sand Palm]!


The two pale palms immediately dissipated like smoke, while sharp and piercing screams were echoing in the courtyard.

It was obvious that Shen Changqing's strike had caused the monster to suffer damage.

Just when the monster retreated, Shen Changqing stepped forward like an arrow. He drew his sword and fiercely slashed towards the tree.


With a matchless force, the sword hit the trunk of the tree.

However, the trunk of the tree was too thick and Shen Changqing did not have the ability to chop it all down.

He withdrew his sword and saw that black blood was gurgling out of the wound on the tree, like a spring. A fishy smell assaulted his face, and a harsh scream rang out.

Immediately after–

Shen Changqing saw the roots of the tree suddenly rising and stabbed towards him, like sharp arrows.


Its speed was so fast that there was the sound of the air breaking.

Faced with such an attack, Shen Changqing did not have the intention to flee at all. Instead, he clutched the sword and slashed towards the trunk of the tree.



The roots struck Shen Changqing's body and despite his Level 15 [Thirteen Cross Practice], he did not avoid getting an injury.

His skin was pierced and blood began to pour out of the wound.

At the same time, his sword further slashed the prior wound in the trunk, inflicting more damage 

The tree trunk, which was about to break, finally reached its limit after enduring such a do or die attack.


The tree completely broke into two, and its branches and leaves fell to the ground, along with the thick trunk, causing a small thud.

At the same time the trunk snapped, a harsh scream rang out.

The source of the sound was no longer coming from around the courtyard, but from the wound of the tree. A huge amount of black blood was also gushing out from it.

A vague and illusory shadow floated up from the wound, wanting to escape into the distance.

Shen Changqing naturally would not let the monster escape.

He took a step and his sword, covered with Pure Yang True Qi, slashed towards the illusory shadow.


Like the sound of a rag being torn, the shadow completely dissipated after letting out a final scream.

When the monster disappeared, a cold aura climbed along Shen Changqing's sword then into his hands.

It was a familiar feeling.

A feeling that brought a smile to Shen Changqing's face.


Name: Shen Changqing

Power: Great Qin Demon Suppression Division

Status: Apprentice Slayer 

Martial Arts: Thirteen Cross Practice (Level 15, can be upgraded), Pure Yang Kung Fu (Level 8, can be upgraded), Seven Killings Blade Technique (Level 2), Iron Sand Palm (Level 2)

Killing Value: 15


"Sure enough, the only way to get more Killing Value is to find it myself!"

Looking at the 15 points of Killing Value on the panel, a smile appeared on Shen Changqing's face.

He had wandered around the Demon Suppression Prison for so long, but the Killing Value he had gotten was not more than twenty points.

Now, he had just killed a Ghost Level monster, but he had already gotten 15 points.

This shows that if he kills a monster with his own hands, the Killing Value obtained would be more.

Regarding the amount of Killing Value in the Demon Suppression Prison, Shen Changqing suspected that it was because a large amount of Killing Value had already dissipated upon the death of the monster or demon. Only a little remained in the demons' remnant.

As for the exact source of the Killing Value and what exactly it was, he couldn't be 100% sure.

"Maybe it's the equivalent to the energy contained in the body of the monster (or demon)!"

If the Killing Value was compared to the energy in the monster's body, then it would explain why killing the monster with his own hands would get him more Killing Value than when he was in the Demon Suppression Prison.

15 points of Killing Value! 


In Shen Changqing's opinion, it could improve his strength by quite a bit.

At this moment, the injuries on his body were no longer bleeding. The Level 15 [Thirteen Cross Practice] gave him a powerful self-healing ability.

Looking at the two upgradable Martial arts on the panel, Shen Changqing fell into contemplation.

15 points of Killing Value seemed a lot, but maximizing its usage was a problem.

"Level 15 [Thirteen Cross Practice] played a significant role in killing the monster this time, otherwise I would have fallen into Zhang Long's hands."

"But the [Thirteen Cross Practice] can only be described as a Martial Art meant for taking a beating."

"Although its defensive ability is amazing, in front of a powerful monster, it can only play a small role."

"On the contrary, the restraint brought by the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] towards the monster is not small–"

Shen Changqing recalled the battle just now. In the face of the attack of the monster, even the Level 15 [Thirteen Cross Practice]'s defense was broken in the end.

On the other hand, what forced the monster to not dare to easily attack him was because of the Pure Yang True Qi.

"The strongest offense is the strongest defense!"

"In that case, it would be better to upgrade the [Pure Yang Kung Fu]."

Making his decision, Shen Changqing turned his attention back to the panel.

His thoughts moved and his Killing Value went down by 5 points, while the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] went from Level 8 to Level 9. 


Level 9 [Pure Yang Kung Fu]!

A stream of aura that was nearly twice as powerful as before violently rose from his dantian, and in an instant, it had swept through his entire body–


Powerful True Qi surged inside him, like a rushing river!

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