Chapter 16: Confrontation.

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It had to be said, there was no problem with Zhang Long and Zhao Fang's intentions of baiting a Qi Circulation Realm Cultivator.

It was because a powerful Ghost Level monster could almost run rampant in the Qi Circulation Realm.

An Apprentice Slayer, at the end of the day, was just at the Qi Circulation Realm.

Even if a few came, it would be impossible for them to resist a powerful Ghost Level monster, and it would be more likely for them to be swallowed clean by the monster.

Unfortunately, things were a bit different from what the two expected.

First of all, because the Demon Suppression Division had lost a lot of manpower some time ago, the only person who came was Shen Changqing and not the few Apprentice Slayers they had envisioned.

Furthermore, although Shen Changqing was an Apprentice Slayer, his real strength was not weaker than a Yellow Rank Official Slayer.

In fact, he was even more powerful than some of the Yellow Rank Official Slayers.   

With a Level 15 [Thirteen Cross Practice] plus a Level 8 [Pure Yang Kung Fu], his underlying strength was simply not comparable to a simple Qi Circulation Realm Cultivator.

This was especially true to the former.

It was easy to get started with External Martial Arts, but to practice to a high level, it takes a lot of time.

Almost no one would waste too much time on External Martial Arts.


But relatively, once the External Martial Arts reached a profound level, the power that can be exerted was also unimaginable.

For example, Zhang Long's sneak attack just now.

That slash would have killed a normal Cultivator at the Qi Circulation Realm. 


But Shen Changqing's body did not even receive any damage.

This was the power of the [Thirteen Cross Practice]!


"Although Zhang Long is taken care of, the Ancient Moon Village's monster is still there. I need to get rid of it!"

Shen Changqing took a brief glance at Zhang Long's body, then ignored it and turned back to the original courtyard.

At this moment, the courtyard had not changed much, but the strong coldness was surging from all sides. It was no less than twice as strong as when he first came in.

Shen Changqing understood what was happening, without even thinking about it.

The monster that existed in the courtyard was completely enraged.

Suddenly, there was an icy touch coming from his back.

In a flash, Shen Changqing turned around and slashed with his sword, colliding with a pale palm.

The palm did not seem to exist. It was like an illusion because when it touched the blade, it disappeared without a trace.

The sword, on the other hand, after being touched by the palm, turned ice cold. It was to the point that there was even some frost condensed on the blade of the sword.

Pure Yang True Qi burst out and the frost on the blade receded.

Soon, another round of chilliness surged and a head with disheveled hair suddenly rested on top of Shen Changqing's shoulders. On the side of the head, one can see a green and rotten face.

Shen Changqing immediately felt goosebumps.

Without hesitation, Shen Changqing's body surged with Pure Yang True Qi. He slammed his elbow back and a mournful scream rang in his ears, which caused his mind to be dazed a few times.

The next instant, a pale palm passed through his armpits and grabbed towards his chest.

His clothes ripped and he felt bone-chilling coldness.

His impervious body, that even Zhang Long could not break, had its skin torn apart by the monster.

The pain in his chest made Shen Changqing's anger burst out.

He fiercely sent a palm strike that was covered with the Level 8 Pure Yang True Qi. The pale palm dispersed.

Just as the palm dissipated, there was an even greater chill coming from behind him.

Shen Changqing stepped forward, passed his sword under his armpits and behind his back, piercing something. It was then followed by an ear-piercing scream.

Soon, the courtyard calmed down.

Shen Changqing stood with his sword and his eyes vigilantly watching the surroundings. His perception was heightened at the maximum, not daring to miss any hint of movement.

The wound on his chest also quietly scabbed by itself.

Though, the pain was still there, reminding him of what exactly had just happened.

"It's really difficult to deal with!"

Shen Changqing sighed. It was the first time he had faced a monster head-on, and it was a powerful Ghost Level monster at that.

Although he had already been cramming himself with the knowledge about monsters and demons in the Library for a long time, actually experiencing it was different. What was written in the book was still a bit different from the real thing.

At this moment, Shen Changqing had fully understood the terrifying power that monsters had.

Other than that, just that attack alone, if it were an ordinary Qi Circulation Realm Cultivator, perhaps his heart would have been ripped out by that palm clawing through his chest.

In this kind of confrontation, one mistake could lead to death.

"Whether it's a Ghost Level monster or a Grudge Level monster, they have no specific form. They must be attached to something in order to survive!"

Shen Changqing's mind was thinking of information about monsters, and his eyes began to sweep back and forth in the courtyard.

For low level monsters, they don't have a form of their own.

Since they did not have a material existence, they had a fatal weakness. That is, they must be attached to certain objects.

Those objects were the same as the lifeblood of the monster.

As long as those objects were destroyed, even if you can't kill the monster, you can deal some serious damage to it.

The problem was that there were too many objects that the monster may be attached to. It could be a certain stone on the ground, or it could be some inconspicuous object. Trying to find it in a large courtyard was definitely not easy.

"If I can't find out what the monster is attached to, it can keep sneaking up on me endlessly. I will not be able to fight in the long run because of constant consumption. The probability of losing is high–"

Of course, Shen Changqing was confident that if he retreated, the monster would not be able to intercept him.

At once, he took a step towards the room where he first encountered the attack.


When he reached the door of the room, Shen Changqing suddenly stopped in his tracks, and then changed his direction.

In the courtyard, the coldness was pervasive.

A huge mist covered it, completely blocking out the blazing sun, making the surroundings seem to be plunged into darkness.

But for Shen Changqing, it's not a problem, as he can see in the dark to a certain point.

Even if the environment was dim, it wouldn't impact him too much

After several consecutive changes of direction, there were no longer any movements from the monster. It was completely silent and it seemed to have disappeared.

However, Shen Changqing was very clear that the monster was somewhere silently watching him. With the previous encounter, it understood that he was not easy to deal with, so now it did not dare to easily attack him.

It was waiting… waiting for a suitable opportunity to strike.

Suddenly, Shen Changqing changed direction again and ran wildly towards the big tree in the courtyard.


Cold intent swept through the courtyard, a piercing and mournful scream rang out of thin air, enough to freeze one's soul.

Two pale palms suddenly appeared, grabbing Shen Changqing's face and chest.

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