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Chapter 36: Training.

After investigating Shi Yu's identity and background, the Bureau of Strategic Investigation and Support for National Land and Relics, also known as the 11th Bureau, had currently put Shi Yu in a laissez-faire policy.

Although Shi Yu's talent is good and his background is clean, Shi Yu's qualifications are too low.

Even the one who had the smallest seniority in the 11th Bureau, Lu Qingyi, has a doctorate in one of the nine best Universities in East Huang. Compared to this, Shi Yu was lacking.

Making Shi Yu investigate the truth of the history of Icefield City is considered to be an assessment process for him.

During this process, the organization would be able to see Shi Yu's performance  and Talent of listening to the voice of history.

Currently, Lu Qingyi is most concerned about the growth of Shi Yu. After all, she was the one who discovered Shi Yu. Once Shi Yu becomes a full member, he would be her assistant and no one can steal him from her.

"I hope you can pass the career exam in six months."

Lu Qingyi silently said in her heart after leaving Shi Yu's home.

As someone with an eye for talent, she naturally would not want Shi Yu to wait for next year's career exam.

That was the standard for ordinary Beastmasters like Chen Kai.

She had provided a huge start-up capital and helped Shi Yu obtain a learning opportunity at the Stone Bamboo Martial School. Her purpose was to allow Shi Yu to take this year's career exam that will be held in six months. 


After becoming a professional Beastmaster, only then can Shi Yu be considered to have stepped into the door of the world of Beastmasters. However, each step of the way must be taken gradually. 


At this time, in the courtyard, looking at the back of the disappearing Lu Qingyi, Shi Yu unconsciously sighed.

The rich woman is gone again, so he can only rely on his own efforts.

Shi Yu took out the black 11th Bureau ID and looked at his handsome picture with a sigh of relief.

The 11th Bureau is probably equivalent to an ultimate power organization. Their status in the country is very high.

In his previous world, the archaeological industry may not be anything, but here, many relics are related to various guardian totems, mythical creatures, etc. containing a large number of secrets.

It can be said that deciphering the relics is the most critical pathway in understanding everything for Beastmasters.

As the most elite group of people in the archaeological world, it was not unusual for the 11th Bureau to have Legend Rank Beastmasters as bodyguards.


Shi Yu sighed. Although he was unlucky that he's involved with archaeology again, entering such a high-level organization was not bad for the current Shi Yu.

Sure enough after changing the world, you are still so good.

"This thing allow me to enter the vast majority of ruins?"

"And I can apply for a bodyguard from the Beastmaster Association when I explore one?"

Shi Yu suddenly felt that this document was a little hot. Although it was convenient, it was equivalent to Pandora's Box. Once he uses it, there's a chance that he's going to die again.

"Let's keep it away for now."

After putting away the documents, since it was noon soon, Shi Yu had to go and prepare food.


Shiyi in the courtyard suddenly roared which scared the Green Cotton Worm.

"Aii you scared me." Shi Yu also got scared.

However, because of the spiritual connection he has with Shiyi, he knew what was going on.

Shiyi's Growth Level has increased again, reaching Level 6 Awakening!

Today is July 25, 177. He contracted Shiyi on July 4, 177, only 20 days have passed but Shiyi has already raised by 3 levels...

This speed would put Beastmasters into tears.

Even if Shiyi was able to consume more food and train more, this growth rate is still unreasonable.

The fact that Shiyi can grow so fast is mainly related to the Skill Book.

Skill proficiency will drive the growth of the beast itself. This is the reason for the rapid growth rate of Shiyi.

It can also be understood in this way... Shi Yu's strength and energy get consumed each teaching session. That energy would be passed on to the beast and acts as a form of nutrition needed for the growth of beasts.

"You are almost a meter tall."

Shi Yu looked at the happy Shiyi and estimated.   

"Wu?" Shiyi nodded with uncertainty.

His current size is bigger than when he was still in the Iron Bamboo Breeding Center. Though, it's normal as he's currently in his most rapid growth stage.

"Congratulations, let's eat first." Shi Yu smiled.

He quickly prepared food for Shiyi and the Green Cotton Worm. He picked up his phone to detect the stats of his two beasts.


[Name]: Iron Eater

[Growth Level]: Level 6 Awakening



[Name]: Green Cotton Worm

[Growth Level]: Level 4 Awakening


Although they are only Level 6 and Level 4, they can not be seen as the same as normal beasts. After all, their skill proficiency far exceeds that of beasts of the same level.

Shi Yu is curious to see what kind of results he can get with these two little guys in the field assessment organized by the Beastmaster Association.


That afternoon, Shi Yu went to the Pingcheng District's Beastmaster Association again, and this time he came openly.

His purpose was, of course, to sign up for the field assessment organized by the Pingcheng's District Beastmaster Association.

"This is outrageous, why are there so many people?!"

However, after arriving, Shi Yu's scalp immediately tingled.

The number of people was outrageous, it seemed that... all of them were here to sign up for the field assessment.

The appearance of a Secret Space in Pingcheng District is no longer a secret. And as to what a Secret Space represents, the vast majority of Beastmasters are clear about it.

It represents opportunities and wealth!

When the Beastmaster Association announced that all the proceeds of the Secret Space belong to the individual who obtained it, those who are from the lower class went into a frenzy.

This is a chance to change their fate!

"It seems that the field assessment will brush down a group of Beastmasters with no potential, and then send those with one into the ruin for training."

"In this way, after a period of time, another group of Trainee Beastmasters would be qualified to challenge the career exam."

In a sense, just the news of the appearance of the ruin completely mobilized the enthusiasm of the Trainee Beastmasters in Pingcheng District. There were not this many people who signed up for the field assessment in the past.

Not long after, it was finally Shi Yu's turn. The field assessment have three training locations. As for specific locations, it will be assigned according to the situation of the Beastmaster.

The tree locations must correspond to its difficulty, from easy to difficult. Shi Yu estimated that with his level, he would certainly not be placed in the hardest location. 


"Hello, your assessment location is the Sky Rogue Mountain. The assessment will go on for a total of three days starting from July 28 which is three days later and will end on the 30th. Please take note of the dates."

"On the morning of the 28th, you should already be at the base of Sky Rogue Mountain before 9:00am. If you are late, it would be considered forfeiting the assessment. The application fee will not be refunded."


The lady at the front desk said sweetly, "Please proceed to the lobby to check the details."

"Thanks." Shi Yu turned and left.

The registration fee was 10,000 yuan which was actually not expensive and was considered cabbage price.

One should know that for each training location, the Beastmaster Association assigns a Senior Beastmaster who has ruled out dangerous factors in advance. Other than that, there is also a security team responsible for the safety of the trainees.

For the sake of the (knowledge-)richness of the training, the Beastmaster Association also transferred a large number of local beasts into the locations for the Trainee Beastmasters to widen their horizons.

In addition, regarding the rare resources in the training locations, the trainees are free to obtain them. After they come out, they only need to share a certain percentage with the Beastmaster Association while the rest is theirs.

So as long as the Trainee is not dumb and has some ability, the registration fee can basically be cancelled off from the earnings.


Though, Shi Yu's goal this time was to not earn, but for combat.

Subsequently, Shi Yu went to the registration hall to see the details of the assessment.

In fact, there is nothing special that needs any special attention. It's just to remind the trainees to independently bring their necessities.

After some checks, Shi Yu returned home.

There are three days before the field assessment and Shi Yu intends to go about his days normally. There is no need to desperately train or anything as that might instead negatively affect their state in the actual assessment.

Shi Yu's purpose is only to exercise Shiyi's combat ability so as to not get Shiyi's combat ability disconnected from his growth level. Also, if there's a chance, Shi Yu would copy some rare skills instead of killing.

If he wants to kill, he wouldn't be so anxious to sign up for this field assessment. With the 1000w, he'd rather just steadily develop for half a year before the career exam.


Three days have passed in the blink of an eye.

These three days, Shi Yu spent them normally just as he said.

Shiyi and the Green Cotton Worm did their usual training routine.

The only thing worth mentioning is that during this period, Shi Yu used the Skill Book three more times.

He taught Worm Silk twice and Harden once.

Shiyi was now on his way in reaching perfected level Harden, having a total of 2 rounds of teaching.

The Green Cotton Worm, on the other hand, was taught twice more but it still did not reach perfected level.

Shi Yu did some math.

A beast without any foundation in a skill and ignoring the amount of their own training, if taught once by the Skill Book once they'll reach beginner level. Twice is proficient level and four times is mastered level.

So how many times would he have to teach to reach the perfected level?

Eight times or sixteen times?

This question is too difficult to gauge without actually experiencing it... Shi Yu gave up the struggle and he'll just verify it later when he actually achieves it.

This morning, Shi Yu got up very early. He was feeling rich and got a taxi instead of walking.

When he arrived at the street under the Sky Rogue Mountain Mountain's assessment location, he found a large number of Beastmasters gathered at the entrance. Their ages are around 20 years old.

"Shi Yu!"

When Shi Yu arrived, he heard someone call him. He looked around and immediately saw a guy with dark eyes as if he was an Iron Eater.  

"You're really here." Chen Kai said, "I knew you wouldn't miss this kind of thing."

Shi Yu: "......"

First off, what's with your eyes? Did you use supplements as if they're jellybeans?!

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