Chapter 24: Abnormal combination.

Earthbound Rats were a headache for ordinary people to deal with. But if the matter is handed over to Beastmasters, even a Trainee Beastmaster like Shi Yu can deal with them with efficiency.


An adult Earthbound Rat's combat power was the same as a wild dog. It's very tough and just like encountering a wild dog, even with weapons in hand, most (ordinary) people would get scared.

But if confronted with Noble Beasts and the Super Vision equipped Shiyi, these Earthbound Rats can only count themselves unlucky!

Earthbound Rats were not very tasty so  they would certainly be eliminated...

Even if it is a bamboo rat, Shiyi may not be willing to eat them.

Because this world's Iron Eaters evolved in a way that they do not love to eat meat. Instead, they love to eat metals.


Maybe there's other creatures that also had iron-like skin like the Iron Eater.

"This is Shi Yu's count. Without his Iron Eater then this Earthbound Rat would've escaped."

Yu Jingjing spoke as the Thorn Beast put down the Earthbound Rat that was twisted and strangled to the point of incapacitation.

She really underestimated the Earthbound Rat's ability to react... Even her Thorn Beast that's a hunter in nature, failed to capture the Earthbound Rat. It seems that their cultivation was still not good enough.

"En." Chen Kai and Zhuang Yue both had no other opinion.

The pay for eliminating an Earthbound Rat was only a dozen yuan a piece. So if even Shi Yu doesn't feel it as a lot, then naturally these students with good family conditions won't bother with less than a change worth of money.

In Shi Yu's opinion, even if he eliminates 100 rats a day, taking into account the energy consumption and nutrition of Shiyi, he would just be able to barely break even with the expenses.

But then again, he was not here to make money, it was to train Super Vision!

"Let's split up next like we discussed in the car." Shi Yu said.

"En." Chen Kai nodded: "Then we'll meet back here at noon."

This way their clearing speed will increase a bit. After all, this farmland and the whole mountain forest was just too big.

After splitting up, if you encounter a single Earthbound Rat, you can find a way to deal with it yourself. But once you encounter a group of Earthbound Rats, then you will have to call everyone and make a plan together. Teamwork will make the work much more efficient.

"How about we compete to see who eliminates the most Earthbound Rats?" Yu Jingjing suggested.

"Ah..." Zhuang Yue looked at her Iron Eater and fell into contemplation. If they were to compete, she would surely be at the bottom.

How come she is getting the feeling that her Iron Eater and Shi Yu's Iron Eater are not the same species...

At this time, Zhuang Yue's Iron Eater had begun to doze off while Shi Yu's Iron Eater was highly spirited and was actively looking around...

With his newfound vision, anything Shiyi's eyes landed on looked clear.

As for his originally bad eyesight, everything looks like a mosaic.

This was what Shiyi was currently feeling.

The four people then separated.

"20 before noon should be a good target...," Shi Yu said to Shiyi who was following him.

"Wu~!" Shiyi showed a serious expression.

No, he wants to catch 200!

Having good eyesight feels very good, so he wants to enjoy this as much as possible.

"I don't care how many you catch..." Shi Yu looked towards the big pit and said, "But you are not allowed to destroy people's crops and plants, you hear?"

"Otherwise, not only will we not make any money, we will also lose money."

"If we don't have any money, we'll have to deduct it from your food expenses."

"Wa~." Shiyi's face fell and was aggrieved. He really wanted to do the jumping Harden slap.

"Remember, today, we are not training Harden. We are mainly here to train your reaction time. With your physique, you should be able to deal with the Earthbound Rats without using skills." Shi Yu sighed.

This guy was leaving marks on the steel plates so how could those fruit trees and crops withstand his strikes?

"Regarding how many you catch, all of the pay will be used to give you extra meals."

Shi Yu used the reward and punishment approach. Sure enough, Shiyi's eyes brightened up.


During the next period of time, Shiyi galloped in the fields with reckless abandon.

The farmer's uncle who was responsible for guarding and patrolling the farmland came later and counted the number of Earthbound Rats they had eliminated.

Earthbound Rats were difficult to deal with as they could just escape with their holes. But with Shiyi's explosive power, he could quickly intercept and clear them.

However, there were also times where Earthbound Rats escaped as they were close to their holes. This made Shiyi so angry that it demanded Shi Yu to teach him a skill that can make him move in the ground.

Regarding this, Shi Yu was speechless.

Weren't you saying before that strength should be earned?

Now, you're asking for skills?

However, copying a ground traversing skill was impossible to get because the Skill Book has a limit on how many skills he can copy. If Shi Yu does copy a skill, it should be a fitting skill.


Moreover, won't his Worm Silk Skill plus a ground traversing skill mean that he's opening in a dungeon construction business?

Time passed quickly...

By noon, Shi Yu and Shiyi eliminated 22 Earthbound Rats with an average of one Earthbound Rat every 5 minutes.


Unfortunately, they did not encounter a group, otherwise the number could've been more.

At this time, due to Shiyi's high energy, he was still looking for Earthbound Rats all over the field.

If a rat does not rest, then I would also not!

The other three came back hungry and dizzy, leaving only Shi Yu and Shiyi that's still working hard.

"Holy sh_t, you guys are still going?" Chen Kai asked incredulously.

After the three people gathered over to Shi Yu's side, they looked at Shiyi who was galloping through the field actively beyond comparison. Their mindset was affected by a billion levels.

It's been more than two hours, why is this Iron Eater's energy still so full?

Especially Zhuang Yue, she was wearing an odd expression. After all, her Iron Eater didn't even move for long before it started going to cloud 9...

"Well, this is also a kind of training. My Iron Eater likes to train besides eating." Shi Yu said after some silence.

"This is nothing compared to the volume of his previous training..."

The three people: ????

"Weren't you in bad shape in the morning, how come you are refreshed right now." Chen Kai looked at Shi Yu blankly.

The Iron Eater is a Noble Beast so it's reasonable that it's not tired, but how are you still this spirited?

The sun has been blazing at them for so long!


Shi Yu then casually pulled out a Bright God Capsule and said: "This capsule is quite useful."

At this moment, the three people's mentality was again affected by a billion levels.

When normal people get tired, they subconsciously want to rest but Shi Yu here was eating tonics to restore his strength???


This was just absurd!

"I now understand why I lost..."

Chen Kai subconsciously thought of the image of city students staying up late, getting high on drugs, while studying.

He's not afraid of people much more talented than him, but he's afraid of people much more desperate than him!

Damn it! It's my complete loss!!

"Shen Yu, how many have you eliminated?"

Zhuang Yue looked at Shiyi in the distance and her own Iron Eater. The scenes were completely different. 


"What about you guys?" Shi Yu asked back.

"I got 6." Yu Jingjing said.

"7." Chen Kai said.

Zhuang Yue: "Iron Eaters are too stupid so just 2."


At this time, Shiyi happened to come back and heard her words. He was able to understand some keywords and was not happy.

Do not lump all Iron Eaters in one pile...

The physique between each Iron Eater cannot be generalized!

Following Shiyi back was the patrolling farmer uncle who was responsible for cleaning up the battlefield for Shi Yu and the others.

He said, "Don't say that, this little Iron Eater is the most efficient Noble Beast I've ever seen. It caught 22 Earthbound Rats in two hours, it's awesome!"

He has only seen some eagle-type Noble Beasts with this kind of efficiency. As for an Iron Eater, he did not even dare to imagine.


The remaining worldview of the three people were subverted.

22? They were confused.

Zhuang Yue was escpecially dumbfounded. Eleven times more than her? Is this a joke?

"Let's eat our lunch and rest first." Shi Yu said.

There was no need to dwell and compare on such things.

Recharging themselves was much more important!

The staff of the village committee brought them a boxed lunch. They would still need to go back to work after eating. 

The four were here to train, not to take a countryside picnic, so adequate rest was enough and not a full lunch break was needed.

Subsequently, the four people each took a boxed lunch for themselves, as well as some cold mineral water.

Zhuang Yue's Iron Eater, Chen Kai's Ice Armored Beast, Yu Jingjing's Thorn Beast were also summoned back to let them rest in the Beast Space, only Shiyi... was still outside.

After wolfing down a few mouthfuls of bamboo shoot rations carried in Shi Yu's backpack, Shiyi ran off to the side to train on his own again in order not to lose too much time.

He felt that his burst speed was still too slow, otherwise he would not have let so many Earthbound Rats escape.

One escaping was the same as losing his bamboo ah~...

In a grieving mood, Shiyi began to sprint back and forth around the field.

This behavior made Chen Kai and others confused.

Looking at the self-disciplined and diligent Shiyi, Zhuang Yue, Chen Kai and Yu Jingjing could not comprehend what was going on.

Although they had water, they still had difficulty in swallowing their food.

They looked at Shi Yu who thought this was normal.

"Doesn't... your Iron Eater needs to rest??" Zhuang Yue asked out her doubts.

This does not make sense, Iron Eaters are not supposed to be like this!!!

When she picked her Iron Eater in the breeding center, how come she didn't find such a lively Iron Eater?!

"Then why do you guys think he can have mastered level Harden?" Shi Yu was calm throughout.

The three people were dumbfounded, this was so reasonable.

No one between a Beastmaster who carries supplements with him and an Iron Eater who does not sleep at noon and instead starts sprinting is NORMAL!!!

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