Chapter 103: Sisters Reunited.

In the orbit of Planet Io was a beautiful white fortress. It has a beautiful streamlined body that does not look mechanical at all.

This was the headquarters of the Io Federation's Interstellar Fleet. Currently, the war alarm, which has not been sounded for hundreds of years, was resounding in every corner of the fortress.

In the dock was a huge white warship. It was the flagship of Io Federation's Third Legion, and the war alarm was also sounding inside it at this moment.

"What's the situation?"

A heroic female angel shouted immediately after entering the bridge. She was the Io Federation's Third Legion's Military Commander Alfie, having 300,000 warships under her command.

"Commander Alfie, Catherine, the Commander of the Guard Fleet, reports that a fleet that does not exist in our database has entered the capital circle with unknown intentions! The number is 20,000 warships, they are requesting our support!"

"A fleet that doesn't match in the database? That means it's an unknown fleet, is the legion ready?"

"Yes ma'am, it's ready to attack!"

"Tell the legion to attack immediately. Also, tell Commander Catherine not to rashly engage and wait for us, after all, she only has 1000 guard warships."


Against 20,000 warships, sending out the entire legion of 300,000 warships might be unwise in some people's eyes, but Alfie didn't think so.

This was an unknown fleet from an unknown civilization, no one knew what its combat power would be. The best way to deal with an unknown enemy was to attack with full force without reservation, and she didn't want to take chances.


One by one, a huge number of legion warships sailed out and began to assemble in a formation not far from the fortress.

30 million kilometers away, in the main ship of the Guard Fleet.

"Commander Catherine, Commander Alfie is leading the Third Legion to attack, she wants us not to engage rashly and wait for the Third Legion to arrive."

"I understand, we only have 1000 guard warships after all. I won't mess around with my sisters' lives! Have you finished analyzing the data of the opponent's warships?"

"It's already done. The other side has a total of 20,000 warships, 18,000 of which are judged to be Battlecruisers! The remaining 2,000 warships should be large Carriers!"

"What?! Are you sure that all 20,000 warships are either Battlecruisers or Carriers?"

"Yes, Commander Catherine, it has already been reconfirmed!"

Catherine was dumbfounded. 18,000 Battlecruisers and 2,000 Carriers, what kind of divine configuration is this?

Even in their Third Legion, among the 300,000 warships, there were only 50,000 Battlecruisers. The other side does not have the cooperation of Frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers, is that even viable?

"Has the other side replied?"

"Not yet, Commander Catherine!"

"Continue to send it!"


At the same moment, 8 million kilometers away, inside the Uranus.

Liang Xue was playing the warning message sent by the Io Federation.

"This is the Io Federation's Capital Circle Guard Fleet, unknown fleet ahead stop immediately and inform us of your identity as well as the purpose of your visit, otherwise we will take forceful measures!"

Listening to this warning message, Lin Fan smiled faintly and waved to the side.

He was beckoning to one of the first twelve angels rescued, an angel named Angela. She was well-behaved, and was also the same angel who asked Lin Fan why he didn't have breasts...

Both Lin Fan and Liang Xue liked Angela a lot, and even took care of her like a sister along the way.

"Angela, I'm going to send a communication request to the fleet on the other side. When we get through, will you come forward and explain?"


Angela was very excited, this was the Io Star System, her homeland! She didn't think that she would ever be able to return here.

"Take a few deep breaths and don't get too excited!"


Contrary to his words, she only got even more excited, Lin Fan smiled bitterly.

"Liang Xue, send a communication request to the other side!"



"Commander Catherine, there's a communication request from the unknown fleet ahead, should we accept?"

"Connect it!"

After the communication was connected, a man and a woman appeared on the screen. Catherine froze instantly when she saw the person on the screen, but it soon turned into excitement!

"Angela, is that you?"

The other angels inside the bridge also looked at Catherine I  astonishment. Who was Angela? Of course they knew who she was. She was Commander Catherine's sister that went missing 50 years ago in the battle of Lilles and was suspected to be captured!

"Sis, it's really you, I always thought I would never see you again in this life, wu~..."

After Angela saw Catherine, she could no longer contain her emotions and wept.

On the side, Liang Xue walked over and gently embraced Angela as she constantly comforted.

Although the reunion of sisters made Catherine very excited, she was equally vigilant in sizing up Lin Fan as well as Liang Xue that was within frame of the screen.

These two have the same appearance as their own race, but there are some differences, that is, they have no wings on their back.

Who the hell were these people?

How could Angela be with them?


"This Commander, since Angela is unable to speak at the moment, let me explain in her stead."

Lin Fan looked at the wary Catherine and smiled.

"We are from the Human Federation, and some time ago the Ochs Empire invaded our territory, so we fought back against them! After capturing their capital circle, we found a large number of enslaved angelic race. This time, we were ordered by the upper echelons to send your people back! Therefore, we are not your enemies, no need to be overly nervous!"

"What?! You… did you just say thay you guys took down the capital circle of the Ochs Empire?"

Catherine asked with a shocked expression.

This was the Ochs Empire they're talking about. They were even stronger than the Io Federation and was a hegemon in the surrounding Star Systems.

And yet, what did she just hear? The person in front of her said that they had already conquered the capital circle of the Ochs Empire? Doesn't that mean that even if the Ochs Empire was not destroyed, they were definitely crippled!

Is this a joke?

"How can Your Excellency prove his words?"

Catherine still retained her guard over what Lin Fan said and asked.

Just as Lin Fan was about to reply, an unexpected person on the side beat him to it.

"Sister Catherine, I forbid you to doubt brother Lin Fan, he is the benefactor who saved Angela from hell!"


Catherine looked at Angela speechless, not knowing how to respond.


On the other hand, Lin Fan smiled. This girl… It seems that Liang Xue and him didn't take care of her for nothing on this journey!

"Commander Catherine, how do you think we appeared here? If we were malicious, do you think that the 300,000 warships that are coming from behind you stop us from attacking your 1000 warships?"

After Lin Fan's words sounded, Catherine froze. What did he mean by that? How did they appear here?

Indeed, how did she forget this most important thing! How in the world did they suddenly appear in the capital circle?

After thinking for a few seconds, two words suddenly appeared in Catherine's mind, and she suddenly turned pale.

Warp Engine!

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