Chapter 102: Preparing To Establish Diplomatic Relations.

The Io Federation, which Lin Fan had seen on the power distribution map of the Orion's Arm Branch that he obtained from the System, had a territory spanning 28 Star Systems.

Sitting on such a large territory, their population would naturally not be small, probably reaching hundreds of billions.

However, you're telling me that despite such a large population, all of them are female and no male?

Can 'angels' and humans 'produce' the generation together?

Lin Fan was taken aback by this idea. It shouldn't be, after all, they were two different species!

But on second thought, how about investigating this matter and see if they really can? Even if it doesn't work, there is no loss, right?

And so, Lin Fan asked Liang Xue to find a random reason to take the angels to the infirmary for a physical examination.

In less than an hour, the preliminary test result was delivered to Lin Fan. Looking at the report, Lin Fan's face became more and more strange.

The results actually proved his a random thought.

First of all, they are genetically similar to humans and the percentage was as high as 99.9%. If the angels did not have wings, then they can be considered of the same race as humans!

Secondly, the angels also reproduced through sêx. Though Lin Fan does not know why the angels did not know the existence of males.

Finally, the angels and humans can reproduce without any obstacles at all.

Lin Fan was surprised! In fact, he was completely astonished!

The most crucial thing was that the report also specifically mentioned that the lifespan of angels should be very long, and may even reach the point of more than ten thousand years.

Although the dozen angels looked no less than 20 years old, the test found that even the youngest one among them should be at least 1000 years old.

Regarding this finding, Lin Fan immediately sent a report to the Federation.


Earth, at the Presidential Palace, inside the President's office.

"You're saying that there are currently hundreds of billions of female angels whose appearances and figures are at the same level as the humans' brightest stars? And more importantly, they can reproduce with humans?!"

"Cough~, yes! That's indeed what Lin Fan's report said!"

Lin Zhen and Ed were sitting face to face. They stared at each other with wide eyes, and both wore shocked expressions.

"Ed, what do you think of this?"

"I think that further research is needed. We must first confirm that there really is no problem, after all this is not a trivial matter! Also, Lin Fan's report said that the Io Federation is weaker than the Ochs Empire. I think that we should let Lin Fan go over and start building friendship with them in the name of sending the captured angels home, then let's see what happens!"

After considering it for a while, Ed spoke out his thoughts.

After hearing what Ed said, Lin Zhen agreed.

Indeed, there was no need to be in such a hurry, after all, the human population was currently just over 10 billion, so it won't do to be in too much of a hurry.

It would be good to let Lin Fan go to their place first and get to know the situation, even, establish a little bit of diplomatic relations so that when the time is right, they could consider including them into the Federation's affiliated Civilizations or directly make them a member of the Federation.

"Okay, then let's do that! But it's not quite appropriate for Lin Fan to go by himself, so Ed, you work hard!"

"I knew it! Alright, I'll depart for Planet Ochs today!"



A month later, a big-time visitor was welcomed inside the Uranus, the Vice President of the Federation, Ed Campbell.

"Uncle Ed, you're leading the team this time?"

Lin Fan had earlier received an order from the presidential administration to lead the First Fleet to the Io Federation with the rescued angels and the special envoy from the presidential administration. Just that, he didn't expect that the special envoy to be the Vice President.

"Well, yes, after all, the other side's territory is even bigger than ours. If we just send someone, it would be like humiliating the other side!"


Indeed, as Ed said, the Io Federation is a Level 3 Civilization, and although humans were at the early stages of a Level 4 Civilization in terms of technology, they were still a Level 3 Civilization in general.

In the meeting of two Level 3 Civilizations and the establishment of diplomatic relations, sending someone without much status in the government was certainly not appropriate.

Therefore, it was understandable that Ed would personally lead this operation. The Federation attaches great importance to this, after all, this is the first time that the Federation was going to establish diplomatic relations with a foreign race.

"By the way, you haven't bullied Emma lately, have you?"

After finishing business-related matters, Ed, an overprotective dad, stared at Lin Fan with a stern gaze.

"I wouldn't dare, Uncle Ed!"

"Well, it's good if you don't dare! If I find out that you're bullying Emma, see if I don't fix you kid!"


Lin Fan suddenly felt a big headache, he was really not good at dealing with an overprotective father-in-law like Ed. To say the least, it was better to deal with Liang Xingchen.

Wisely, Lin Fan immediately steered away from the topic.

"Uncle Ed, do you want to go and meet the angels? After sweeping the whole of Ochs, we rescued a total of 382 angels."

"Let's talk about that on the way. Can we leave first?"


"Yes, the First Fleet is ready! According to the coordinates provided by the angels, the capital circle of the Io Federation is 62 light years away from us, and it will take nearly 40 days for the journey."



39 days later, Io Star System.

This was the capital circle of the Io Federation, with 2 suns, it was a Double Star System.

Here, not all the planets revolve around the sun like that of the solar system, and instead the planets are divided into two orbits and revolve around their sun respectively.

It was a very peculiar sight, as if two Star Systems were intertwined with one another.

A capital circle Guard Fleet of 1000 warships was making its rounds as usual.

Speaking of the Io Federation's warships, their appearance was the opposite of the Ochs Empire's.

The warship style of the Ochs Empire was rough and hideous.

The Io Federation's warship style was elegant and noble. It exuded a sense of beauty. It was all painted white so if it's placed in the dark void, it would be eye-catching.

On the bridge of the main warship of the Guard Fleet, a female angel in her 20s was sitting in the commander's seat with a gloomy face!

"Commander Catherine, are you missing your sister again?"

"Sigh~ It's been 50 years but there's still no news!"

"Wee woo~! Unidentified fleet spotted, unidentified fleet spotted!"

At this moment, a mechanical alarm sounded inside the bridge.

Catherine's face changed and she immediately started giving orders to the bridge crew.

"Immediately report the size and location of the opponent! Also compare its appearance within the database!"

"Yes... The opponent's fleet is 10 million kilometers away from us, with 20,000 warships, we are comparing the data... Reporting to the Commander, there is no match for the unknown warship in the database!"

"Immediately send a warning message and request support from the Third Corps that is stationed at the headquarters!"


Soon, a warning message was received by the Uranus.

"This is the Io Federation's Capital Circle Guard Fleet, unknown fleet ahead stop immediately and inform us of your identity as well as the purpose of your visit, otherwise we will take forceful measures!"

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