Chapter 101: Io Federation.

Naturally, Lin Fan was not aware of what happened inside the Presidential Palace. At this moment, he was actually troubled by another matter.

[Ding, congratulations to the Host for completing the Ultimate Assessment Task for the Novice State (Second Stage): Overthrowing the Ochs Empire]!

[Ding, releasing the Ultimate Assessment Task for the Novice State (Final Stage): Help the Federation become the Orion's Arm overlord. Time Limit: 100 years! (After completion of the task, the system will be upgraded to the official version!)]

"System, how come the Ochs Empire is overthrown?"

[Ding, the Imperial Family has died, so although the civilization is still there, the Empire can be considered as destroyed hence completing the task]!

"So that's how iis... But isn't the final stage of your task a bit harsh?!"

[Ding, the Host must understand that the Orion's Arm is only a poor countryside even from just the perspective in the galaxy, let alone the entire universe! This is just a novice village for the Host]!

"Fine, I'll do it! But a hundred year time limit... it seems that I have to plan properly."

In fact, one hundred years is not long for the current humans, not to mention Lin Fan whose lifespan was 500 years due to the System, even the ordinary person of the Federation have 200 to 300 years of lifespan with the popularity of Gene Enhancement Medicine.


Moreover, Lin Fan, also heard from Bai Zixuan that they are studying the enhanced version of the Gene Enhancement Medicine. Its effects will be significantly increased!

But the popularity of Gene Enhancement Medicine also created a problem for the Federation, that is, fewer people get married...

After all, if we have 200 to 300 hundred years of life, not many people will be so anxious to get married at the age of 20, even more than 30 years old right now is too early for marriage.  

The Federation's mantra was...

While you're still young, work hard!

With this, how can the Federation not get a headache?

The Federation now has 19 Star Systems and was in great need of population. One can just imagine what Lin Zhen was feeling.

Inside the bridge of the Uranus, just as Lin Fan was talking to the System in his head, Liang Xue's voice came from the side.

"Commander, Zhang Zhiwei reported that some people were captured in the Imperial Palace of the Ochs Empire, but they don't know what to do with them!"

"What is Zhang Zhiwei up to? I remember that my orders were given very clearly!"

Lin Fan was a bit annoyed, Zhang Zhiwei was the current commander of the 2nd Mech Corps in the 1st Sub-fleet and was highly regarded by Lin Fan.

That's why this time it made Lin Fan a little unhappy, his orders were so clear, why is he still hesitating? Could it be that he has misjudged the person?

"Commander, what he captured is not the Ochs, but... This one is a bit special, you'd better take a look at it yourself!"

Liang Xue said and then opened the virtual projection. Within the Ochs Planet, the place where Zhang Zhiwei was, was immediately projected out.

After Liang Xue's adjustment, the image was enlarged. Looking at the more than ten figures surrounded by several mechs and hundreds of commandos, Lin Fan froze.

Lin Fan finally knew why Zhang Zhiwei had come specifically to ask himself how to handle the matter.

The projection showed a dozen girls. The key is that these girls aren't much different from humans, well, provided you ignore the wings on their backs.

What the– angels? Lin Fan was curious, why were there angels in the Imperial Palace of the Ochs Empire?

You can also clearly see from the projection that these angels were shackled to their feet, signifying that they were enslaved.

Wait… The Ochs look just like the demons in human legends, and then now a race shaped like angels was found, and this race was enslaved by the Ochs Empire!

Demons enslaving angels... Lin Fan felt the development was really interesting!

"Inform Zhang Zhiwei to bring these girls to the ship, and also inform all ground troops to pay attention when eliminating the Ochs. If they find some angelic people, save them all together!"

"Yes, Commander!"

However this does not mean that Lin Fan's heart was overflowing with kindness. On one hand, he was very interested in these angels.

After all, the probability of meeting a race in this vast universe that looked exactly like humans was about the same as the probability of the Big Bang happening tomorrow.

On the other hand, this race looked too much like angels, and the dozen they found looked not a bit inferior in both looks and figure to human actresses.

If they destroy these beautiful flowers, if the people of the Federation get wind of this, they will probably riot. This was unlike the case of the demons.

Soon, an order spread among the ground troops, causing everyone to be confused.

Save the angels? The commander is not joking, right? There are only demons here...


Though, a moment later, the images of Zhang Zhiwei rescuing the dozen angels was passed down, which caused everyone to be shocked.

Damn, there are really angels!

This face, this body...


With a beautiful sight as a benchmark, the ground forces became even more disgusted with the demon Ochs.

Around ten minutes later, the twelve angels were sent to the Uranus through a warplane.

After going through isolation checks and confirming that there were no problems, Lin Fan received them in a conference room. 


When the twelve angels saw Lin Fan as well as Liang Xue in the conference room, they froze.

After all, just now on the Ochs Planet, Zhang Zhiwei was inside a mech and the commandos were wearing a combat suit with helmets, so they hadn't seen the humans' appearance before.

The twelve angels looked at Lin Fan and Liang Xue in bewilderment. They felt a bit overwhelmed.

"Can you tell us where you are from?"

"We are warriors from the Io Federation who were captured by the Ochs during the war!"

"Hmm, the Ioo Federation?"

Lin Fan was not unfamiliar with this name. Until now, the Ochs Empire still had a border legion guarding the border with the Io Federation.

According to the intelligence, the Io Federation was slightly weaker than the Ochs Empire, but what Lin Fan didn't expect was that the Io Federation was this angel-like race.

Is it really true that angels and demons were always opposed to each other no matter where they went?

"This lord, may I ask where you are from? Why do you look so similar to us? Except for the fact that you have no wings and no breast, it's almost impossible to tell the difference."

One of the angels boldly asked Lin Fan.


Lin Fan was a bit confused, it sounded so strange… What does she mean by except than no breast?

Wait, does it mean that the angel race does not have males?

Lin Fan suddenly realized something and immediately recalled that they also introduced themselves as Io Federation's warriors.

In that case, is this an all-female civilization? A civilization full of high quality ladies?

If that's the case, that would be very interesting indeed!

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