Chapter 100: Cleaning The Board.

In the orbit of Ochs, tens of millions of mechs began their operation.

Their mission was to suppress the enemy ground troops that had not been cleared yet, after which it was time for the warplanes to move out.

Ochs resisted fiercely, and while most of their heavy weapons were destroyed, the remaining defenders with light weapons continued to fight to the death.

However, this was of little use, as it did not cause any fatal damage to the mechs.

After the residual resistance was eliminated, a killing spree began across the planet.

Just as the entire planet was dyed red with blood, the Presidential Palace received Lin Fan's battle report!

Lin Zhen, Ed, Sanders, and the board members were all gathered in the conference room.

"The reason for this emergency meeting is because the battle report has come in from the front lines, and this battle, led by Lin Fan, has ended perfectly! The battle report has been sent to all of you, so let's all read it shall we?!"

After Lin Zhen finished speaking, the board members were all a bit excited. After all, that's 15 Star Systems, and the best developed in the Ochs Empire at that!

Together with their 4 Star Systems, the Federation's territory would instantly become an interstellar civilization spanning 19 Star Systems.

With such a foundation, as long as there is at least a decade for the Federation to develop and make up for the shortcomings in the number of their warships, they can definitely become the ruling civilization in the surrounding area.

The excited board members immediately opened the battle report sent by Lin Zhen with their wristbands and began readng it carefully.

A few minutes later, six of the nine board members frowned.

At the end of the battle report, they read that Lin Fan's plan of the complete annihilation of the Ochs, which made several of the board members' faces turn unpleasant.

"President, Vice Admiral Lin Fan has crossed the line!"

"That's right, how can he do something like exterminating a whole race?"

"He didn't even ask our opinion and just went straight ahead with such a plan, this is overstepping his authority! I suggest that Vice Admiral Lin Fan be recalled and sent to a court-martial!"



The six board members spoke one opinion after the other, showing their morals to the fullest.


Just as Ed was about to speak, a loud bang came from the conference room as Marshal Sanders slammed his hand on the table.

"Have you said enough?"

Sanders glared angrily, sweeping his eyes at the board members as he let out a loud bellow.

"This is the interstellar era, do you still think this still the same in Earth? The universe is a primitive jungle, and only the fiercest animals will survive to the end! Put away your hypocritical complexes. Hate to break it to you but if you continue to act like this, you will bury humanity sooner or later!"

Master Sanders spat out. What he disliked most was these board members who had a serious righteousness complex, all they did was drag the Federation's feet when it really mattered!

As for Lin Fan's plan to exterminate the Ochs, Sanders agreed. After all, group of people who will never surrender or submit, if you don't destroy them, why keep them?

If they did keep them, would the Federation feed them too? Leaving the Ochs is no different from planting a time bomb inside the Federation!

"Everyone, in fact, the Federation does not need to do this for every civilization, the Ochs Civilization is special. You should have already seen the report, there was not a single one of them who surrendered, even if they are captured as captives, they definitely will not submit so what then?"

After Sanders finished, Ed immediately followed.

"But Vice President, if this is done, the influence it brings will not be good!"

"Influence? All of you just know influence! Lin Fan was right, if we discussed with you guys, you will only take into account your own reputation and influence! You will not take into account whether this will bring consequences to the future generations!! This is not benevolence, it is selfishness, understand? Selfishness!!!"

Ed fiercely pointed at the board members.

"Well, the interstellar era does not need hypocrisy, so those who can not adapt can give up their seats for those who can. We will now start voting, those who agree with the decision of Vice Admiral Lin Fan, please raise your hands!"

Lin Zhen, who had not spoken till now, stood up and raised his right hand.

In the conference room, there were 12 people who can vote, namely Lin Zhen, Ed, Sanders and nine other board members, of which President Lin Zhen counted as 2 votes.

As Lin Zhen said his piece, Ed and Sanders also raised their right hands without hesitation. Ten seconds or so later, the three board members who had not spoken against Lin Fan before, also raised their hands one after another.

At this point, Lin Zhen's faction had received seven votes, more than half, but he did not declare the end yet, but and continued to look at the six board members.

Ed understood that Lin Zhen was trying to give them one last chance, and it was up to them whether they could seize it or not.

Just now, Lin Zhen has made it very clear. Those who can not adapt to the interstellar era will give their seat for those who can!

If these people still did not understand the President's meaning, or did understand but didn't want to agree, then they are not suitable to continue to stay in their current position.

After a minute had passed, one of the (6) board members raised his hand, followed by 3 other board members who also raised their hands one after another after the next 2 minutes. Now, only 2 board members remained. They were with defiant faces as they remained rooted in their position!


They have already been given an opportunity, and time given was a whole three minutes, so Lin Zhen will naturally not continue to spoil them.

"Good, I now declare that the actions handled by Vice Admiral Lin Fan is passed with 11 out of 13 votes in in favor of it!"

"At the same time, I announce that as of today, Jelang Kuttner and Io Lucio are dismissed from their posts!"

After Lin Zhen finished, the board members' faces greatly changed. Although the President did threaten them, they did not expect him to really follow through!


The four board members (among the six) who raised their hands were secretly glad that they did not remain stubborn!

Jelang Kuttner and Io Lucio's faces looked blue as they looked at Lin Zhen angrily.

"I'm not convinced, I'll tell the public about today's incident and let the people of the Federation give me justice!"

Io roared angrily at Lin Zhen, he had even thought of a plan to hold a press conference when he got out of the conference room, to explain to the people of the entire Federation what was happening on Ochs!

He didn't believe that with his passionate speech, the people of the Federation would still support Lin Zhen!

However, he forgot one thing, any information in this conference room was not allowed to be passed out, otherwise it was directly treated as treason.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Of course, what scared?"

"Well, since you are bent on doing it, then don't blame me for not showing mercy!"

The next moment, a team of guards opened the door and walked in.

"President, what happened?"

"Immediately detain Io Lucio on treason charges and await processing!"


The guards did not have any change in their expressions, and directly went forward to detain Io.

"Lin Zhen, what right do you have to arrest me?"

"Right? Have you forgotten that everything discussed in this room is a top secret of the Federation, and those who leak secrets are treated as treason?! I've given you a chance, but you're still determined to do it! Then I will have to deal with you according to the law! Take him away!"

It was only then that Io realized what he had done wrong!

In an instant, as if he had lost all his strength, he was carried out by the guards!

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