Chapter 99: The Fall Of An Emperor.

In space, the last 700 warships of the Royal Fleet of the Ochs Empire were making a decisive charge towards the location of the Uranus.

At this moment, the atmosphere on the Uranus was extraordinarily strange.

Liang Xingchen and Jiang Hai were looking at Lin Fan in surprise, how come they didn't realize that this kid was so sinister before?

"Two commanders, which one do you think is better?"

"Uh, do whatever you like!"

"Okay then, in that case, in order to make sure that we won't have any extra casualties, we'll go with the second option."

What do you mean by extra casualties? Isn't the first one also won't have any casualties?

The two complained in their hearts. Is this because Ramiro said that he wanted Lin Fan's life, so Lin Fan is doing it on purpose?

In fact, these two people were just thinking too much. Lin Fan was merely feeling that this was more of his style.

Angering the enemy to death on the battlefield was what one should do as a famous general, and till the end of the battle, one should continue abiding this philosophy!

"Liang Xue, order all warships of the First Fleet to cease fire immediately and prepare for warping!"


Not far away, among the Royal Fleet that was charging desperately, inside the flagship Emperor.

Ramiro was watching the tactical panel. His fleet was approaching the Uranus little by little.

But his face was very ugly, because the speed of their casualties was too fast. If this continued, they wouldn't even be able to arrive in front of the Uranus. In at most 3 minutes, the Royal Fleet will be completely destroyed.

"Heed my order, all main guns that can reach the opponent's flagship, all adjust their guns and prepare to fire in unison. As for the warships that don't have the angle with their main gun, use your secondary guns. Regardless of their formation, blast through them."

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

However, even Ramiro himself knew that this action was not very meaningful. Among their remaining 700-odd warships, only about 500 have their main guns intact at the moment, and the ones with the shooting angle towards the Uranus would definitely not exceed 50.

In addition, the enemy is in the belly of their formation and has countless warships blocking for them. Not to mention breaking through the formation, even breaking just the outer guard with only very few warships is impossible.


But Ramiro had no choice, his fate was already predetermined. At least, he hopes that his end could be more heroic!

Even if he died, he would die during the charge. He will not shrink into a ball and just let himself get surrounded by the human fleet. If he really did that, won't that be degrading his status and Majesty as the Emperor?

Unfortunately, Lin Fan was obviously not going to give him this opportunity as the front of the First Fleet suddenly warped and the Royal Fleet just ended up charging at nothing.

Inside the Emperor, Ramiro and the command team members were dumbfounded.

The enemy was too shameless! It has already come to this point, but they still don't want to clash!

At this moment, the Royal Fleet suddenly changed from charging into the enemy to desperately escaping.

The Federation's Second and Third Fleet were on both their sides while behind, the Federation's Fourth Fleet was in pursuit. So isn't this situation look like they were escaping from the encirclement of the Federation?

"How shameless!"

Inside the bridge, Ramiro shouted in grief and anger, but all he could do was just vent his anger.

He could no longer change anything, no matter what they did, the enemy could just bite their tails if they continued pushing forward or explode them into pieces if they stopped to turn. There was no escape.


Therefore, no matter what Ramiro chooses, he can not escape death. And he could not even die while charging into the enemy. He would just die helplessly. 

Three minutes later, the last 700 warships of the Royal Fleet were obliterated under the three-way fire of the Federation. The flagship Emperor only lasted a few seconds longer.

After taking more than 20 rounds of main cannon shots in a short period of time, the Emperor was no longer able to maintain its shields and was hit by more attacks and exploded in the void.

At this moment, an Emperor has fallen.

As for the Ochs Planet, it is currently in chaos.

When the orbital fortress was blown up, a large amount of debris also rushed into Ochs.

Although Ochs has not yet suffered an attack from the Federation Fleet and their ground defense force was still intact, they couldn't 100% intercept the incoming debris. There were just too many!

After intercepting some of the debris, the rest of the debris came raining down. After the shower of debris, Ochs was severely damaged, a large number of cities and military bases were not spared.

Casualties were heavy.


However, Lin Fan did not have a kind heart. While Ochs was busy recovering from the destruction, the Federation Fleet, which had already arrived in the orbit of Ochs, began to rain down death beams on the surface of the planet. They began to carry out targeted killings of the most threatening targets first.

"Sigh~ Ramiro, why can't you just listen to me?"

Ross sighed and made a decision, seconds later there was a loud banging sound from his cell. When the jailer came running to check, Ross had already fallen to the ground with his head covered in blood, there was no more movement from him!

An hour later, after all the threatening targets on the ground had been cleared, a large number of mechs as well as warplanes were already in a dense formation in the orbit, ready to burst into the atmosphere and execute the airborne operations!

Inside the Uranus.

"Lin Fan, Ochs is huge, after our inspection, there are at least 20 billion Ochs on it, what are you going to do with them?"

"Commander Liang, have you ever seen an Ochs who surrendered? Have you ever seen an Ochs who sincerely submitted?"

"Lin Fan, what are you going to do?"

Even Liang Xingchen, after hearing Lin Fan's words, realized what he wanted to do, and was startled.

"Commander Liang, this is the vast universe, the weak are preyed upon by the strong here. Kindness will only wreck the future of our generation!"

"I understand what you're saying, but isn't it better to contact the Presidential Palace first and let them make a decision?"

"No, if we wait for them to make a decision, there will be too many people over there that will need to worry about their reputation. Even if they understand that this is for the future, they will choose not to execute the Ochs and instead let future generations bear the bitter consequences for their face! Commander Liang, no need to speak more, I will bear all the consequences!"

"Lin Fan, you! Ai..."

"Liang Xue, order the entire fleet that the airborne operations officially begin!"


"Also, tell them that in a month's time, I don't want to see any Ochs left on this planet!"


Liang Xue gritted her teeth and turned around to start giving orders.

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