Chapter 98: The Last Madness of Ramiro.

The slaughter in the orbit of Ochs continued.

At this moment, there were only 800 warships left in the Royal Fleet, and almost every one of them was wounded.

Inside the bridge of the Emperor, Ramiro's eyes were red as he looked around at his dwindling number of warships. His fists were clenched tightly and his nails pierced his skin with blood flowing to the ground.

He had lost, and he had lost miserably!

But before dying, maybe he could still do something...

"Send a communication request to the enemy!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

The communication officer inside the bridge was doubtful, was His Majesty planning to surrender?

However, he didn't think more and immediately sent the communication request as Ramiro had ordered.

Not far away, inside the bridge of the Uranus.

"Commander, a communication request has been sent from the enemy flagship."

"Pick it up, let's listen to what they have to say!"

"Yes... The communication has been connected!"

In the next moment, Ramiro's figure was projected in front of Lin Fan, and of course, beside Lin Fan stood Liang Xingchen and Jiang Hai's virtual projection.

"I am Ramiro Ochs, Emperor of the Ochs Empire, which one of you is the supreme commander of this fleet?"

Hearing Ramiro's words, the three were obviously a little surprised.

After all, they didn't expect that the Royal Fleet was commanded by the Emperor himself!

Liang Xingchen at the side immediately gave a wink to Lin Fan, meaning that Lin Fan was responsible for the conversation.

Lin Fan read the signal and spoke indifferently.

"That would be me, Emperor Ramiro. Do you have any last words to say?"


Lin Fan's words made Ramiro's face darken, but Ramiro couldn't refute anything. After all, the possibility of him surviving was close to none.

"I don't want to talk nonsense with you. I know that you already have half crossed the threshold of a Level 4 Civilization, what do you think will happen if I send this news to the Babawi Civilization?"

Ramiro said with a smile.

Liang Xingchen and Jiang Hai at the side suddenly paled.

This threat was indeed ruthless. As a Level 4 Civilization that dominates the Orion's Arm Branch, would the Babawi Empire tolerate another Level 4 Civilization emerging under their nose?

There's almost no need to think because the answer was obvious. Before this new civilization could fully grow up, the Babawi will wipe them out!

Currently, does the Federation have the ability to resist the Babawi Civilization?

No, they don't have such ability. If the Babawi Empire sends 100,000 warships, they will be able to wipe out the Federation clean.

And in order to be thorough, the Babawi Civilization might even send out more than a million warships, the Federation will not be able to resist at all.

Only Lin Fan was still looking at Ramiro with an indifferent expression.

"What do you want?"

"What I want is simple, I can die and the Ochs Empire can be given to you. I just want one thing, and such a thing is of no importance to you humans!"

"Just say it, what do you want?"

"I want the murderer of my son Doren, as long as you hand him over to me, all the things I promised just now will be honored immediately!"

After hearing Ramiro's words, Liang Xingchen and Jiang Hai's faces turned a little strange.

The murderer who killed Doren? Isn't that Lin Fan, what a joke!

Even Lin Fan himself froze for a moment, giving away the entire empire just for me?

Was this guy really the Emperor? Shouldn't he ask the humans to retreat or something? 


Looking at Ramiro who was wearing a victorious expression, Lin Fan couldn't help but laugh a little. It seemed like he was going to have to slap this Emperor's face again.

"With the level of communication technology of your Ochs Empire, even if the message does get sent out, by the time the Babawi Empire receives it, won't it be hundreds of years later? We humans have only entered the interstellar era for a few decades, but we are already half a step into a Level 4 Civilization. Do you think we will be afraid of the Barbawi Empire in a few hundred years? Or is it the other way around and the Babawi Empire will be afraid of us humans?"

When Lin Fan's words sounded, Ramiro instantly froze. He wanted to refute, but he does not know how to even start!

It would indeed take hundreds of years for their message to reach the Barbawi Empire.

When they purchased the warships it was during the ascension to the throne of the new Emperor of the Barbawi Empire. At that time, the Babawi Empire was the one who picked up the people of all the Level 3 Civilizations. Even the final delivery of the warships was taken care of by the Barbawi Empire.


The actual fact is, they really don't have the means to quickly contact the Barbawi Empire.

The faces of Liang Xingchen and Jiang Hai on the side also eased up.

It was a good thing that Lin Fan was calm, they almost boxed themselves in!

Looking at the dumbfounded Ramiro, Lin Fan continued to speak indifferently.

"By the way, I'll tell you one more thing, I killed Doren by my own hands!"

"What? It was you?"

"Well, it is indeed me. Alright, since you don't have any last words to say, let's end this talk. If you want to send a message to the Babawi Empire, feel free to do so!"

After saying that, Lin Fan disconnected the call.

"Lin Fan, you're really calm, I was shocked just now!"


"Nothing to worry about, if they had advanced communication technology, they wouldn't have been played by us so much.

"Sigh~ That makes me feel relieved..."

At the same time, inside the flagship of the Emperor.

"Damn it! Damn it! I can't believe it's him, I can't believe he's right in front of my eyes!"

Ramiro looked at the Uranus projected inside the bridge and kept roaring in anger!

"Order the fleet, form an assault formation, target the opponent's flagship, that silver-white battleship. Give me a full attack, make sure to destroy him!"

"Your Majesty, that flagship is in the belly of the enemy formation, we only have less than 800 warships left, it's impossible to push through!"

"Shut up, I already gave the order. It's either rush over and destroy the enemy flagship and die like a soldier during the charge, or die in disgrace and total annihilation, your choice!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

The last 800 warships of the Royal Fleet, protecting the Emperor in the middle, launched a final charge towards Lin Fan's location. They charged while wildly pouring out all their firepower.

"Lin Fan, they are really coming after your life!"

Inside the Uranus, Liang Xingchen's projection was snickering at Lin Fan.

"I was thinking, should I let him die a sad death in the end, or a humiliating death?"

Lin Fan's sudden words caused both Liang Xingchen and Jiang Hai to freeze for a moment, while being somewhat curious.

"How would it be a sad death? Humiliating death?"

"If it's the former, we'll take them out during their charge! As for being humiliating..."

"How do you say it if it's humiliating?"

"Well, we'll warp and leave. We'll just leave it to the fleets on either side to take care of them!"

Listening to Lin Fan's explanation, Liang Xingchen and Jiang Hai truly felt that this was sinister...

They were right before, it's definitely bad luck to fight against Lin Fan!

Both of them thought so in their hearts at the same time.

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