Chapter 97: The Final Hurrah.

Between Ochs and Ochs II, the Royal Fleet had already set up its formation.

Before Ramiro became the Emperor, he was once the Commander of a squad as the Emperor's son, and his commanding ability was also not to be trifled with!

200,000 warships were laid out in a circle under Ramiro's command, so that no matter what side the attack came from, it was guaranteed that they would not expose any weak spots to the enemy.


Inside the Uranus, Lin Fan looked at the formation of the Royal Fleet projected on the tactical panel and smiled.

This enemy Commander is really interesting. Does he really think that guarding their every side will restrain us, isn't that a bit too naive?

"Liang Xue, inform the fleet that the final phase of the battle officially begins!"


A minute later, the Federation fleet warped, however, their destination was not the location of the Royal Fleet, but instead the orbital fortress of Ochs.

After the warp, the four fleets immediately began to launch another attack on the fortress. Since the fortress had already been hit by a wave of attack before, most of their armaments were already damaged, so their counterattack this time was much weaker.

In the distance, Ramiro almost vomited blood seeing this scene. He was furious! 


He was ready to fight to the death, but the humans ignored them again and instead went to fight their fortress!

Is there such a bully?

"Order the fleet to disband the formation and immediately rush to reinforce the Ochs fortress!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

At this moment, the Royal Fleet was about 20 minutes away from the orbital fortress, and Ramiro had no idea whether he could catch up or not.

Five minutes later, a large number of mechs from the Federation burst into the fortress, sweeping towards all the important parts.

At this time, the Royal Fleet was still 4.5 million kilometers away from the humans.

"How long do we have before we can get in range to the human fleet?"

"Your Majesty, it will take another 5 minutes!"

"Good, inform the fortress garrison to hold on for five minutes no matter what!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Soon, the news that the Royal Fleet would arrive for reinforcements in five minutes spread throughout the fort's defenders' ears.

For a while, the morale of the defenders was boosted, and they were able to beat the Federation's mecha forces back a little!

Unfortunately, the defenders, who were in a state of extreme excitement, did not realize one thing.

That is, how can a group of you defenders with light weapons beat mechs?

"Your Majesty, news came from the orbital fortress. Hearing the news of Your Majesty's return, the morale has increased greatly and they beat back the first wave of human's forces!"

"Good job, worthy of being our Empire's soldiers! How about the humans now, have they sent a second wave of troops?"

"Your Majesty, the humans have not sent out a second wave of troops, but are receiving the first wave of troops that withdrew back. They should be aware that they will soon enter the range of our fleet."

"Most likely, however, ignore them. Charge towards the human fleet as originally planned, if they are not willing to fight, we will take the initiative!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

However, the cruel reality once again slapped Ramiro in the face. After the Federation picked up all their mechs, they warped and disappeared in front of Ramiro's eyes once again!

"Damned humans, such a cowardly existence! Even though their strength is stronger than the Royal Fleet, they still don't dare to fight us head-on!"

"Your Majesty, currently, the orbital fortress is no longer safe. But there is still a large amount of supplies inside the fortress... Should we enter the fortress and try to load as many supplies as possible onto the ship?"

Listening to his subordinate's report, Ramiro looked at the orbital fortress.

It looked miserable. The external armaments of the fortress had been almost completely destroyed, it no longer had the ability to fight back.

Inside the fortress, there were still all kinds of supplies that could sustain the fleet for a month. Rather than abandoning them, it would be better to load them on the warships.

"Order the fleet to split into two, one lookout group should guard the outer area while a retrieval group would grab the supplies in the fortress! After the retrieval group finishes, the two groups will switch positions."

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

After the order was given, half of the Royal Fleet soon entered the fortress' dock and began to transport the supplies located in the fortress' warehouse.

At the same moment, inside the bridge of the Uranus that was watching in the distance.

As they looked at the 100,000 Royal Fleet warships that were sailing into the fortress, Lin Fan, Liang Xingchen, and Jiang Hai's mouth corners rose up, forming smiles.

"Lin Fan, I have to say, the Ochs Empire are really unlucky to have run into you!"

"That's right, I reckon that in a moment, the opposing Commander will be so angry with Commander Lin that he will vomit blood!"

"Well, this is the key step within the final phase. It's been almost 2 months, it's about time for this battle to come to an end!"


Listening to Lin Fan's words, Liang Xingchen and Jiang Hai nodded their heads.

If we take into account the previous battles against the Star Systems, the entire war that had lasted for more than 3 months was finally coming to an end.

"Liang Xue, start the final hurrah! Also have all fleets prepare to warp according to the scheduled plan!"


A few minutes later, just after the entire 100,000 warships of the Royal Fleet had entered the orbital fortress.

Suddenly, a blinding light flashed within multiple corners within the fortress, and a glimpse of doom-like scenery followed.

Ramiro's eyes widened with a look of disbelief.

At this point he had recognized that this was definitely a nuclear explosion, and it was only at this moment that he recalled the previous report from the orbital fortress, saying that the first wave of human forces had been "pushed back." 

Thinking about it now... How the f_ck did you repel mechs with just your light weapons?

But everything was already too late, 100,000 warships were directly buried in their own fortress, and with a large number of nuclear explosions from within, it blasted the entire fortress into countless pieces. Debris splashed in all directions at high speeds.

The other 100,000 warships that were on guard duty outside were naturally affected. When the debris shot into them, Ramiro found that he had lost another 20,000 warships, and more than 30,000 warships of the remaining 80,000 warships were wounded.

The Emperor, protected by a shield, did not suffer any damage, but inside the bridge, Ramiro froze in his seat, unable to say a word for a long time.

Just as the entire Royal Fleet was in chaos, with no formation to speak of, Lin Fan's final strike arrived.

More than 60,000 warships directly warped around the remaining Royal Fleet warships, and immediately began firing a full range of shots.

The Royal Fleet, which was already in disarray, plus the dazed Ramiro, was completely unable to organize its defense. They were like sheeps being slaughtered by a pack of wolves.


More than ten minutes later, the remaining 80,000 warships of the Royal Fleet had only less than 1,000 warships left!

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