Chapter 96: Never Surrender!

Regarding the mystery in Ochs II, Ramiro could not figure it out. Although it was simple, at the same time, it was very difficult!

Before fleeing, the 37th Sub-fleet, left 30,000 mechs behind as decoys, while the rest of the troops moved to the other side of the planet.

The back of the planet was a blind spot in the Royal Fleet's radar. After all, the radar can not penetrate through the planet.

Using the blindspot, the 37th Sub-fleet relied on the planet's gravity to accelerate around the planet and pick up the troops on the warships.


But this operation was not foolproof because if the rendezvous was missed, there was absolutely no second chance of picking them up.

If the fleet was in the process of acceleration and its speed exceeded the maximum speed of the mechs and warplanes, there was absolutely no possibility of recovery.

When the fleet circles around, its speed will already be several times that of the mechs and warplanes.

Therefore, the difficulty of the whole operation was actually quite high. Even a little calculation or operation error can not be allowed.


Looking at the loss of nearly half of his Aegis Warships, Ramiro's heart was dripping blood.


But there was nothing he could do, they were still more than 50 minutes away from the battlefield. He could only watch as the Aegis Warships disappeared from the tactical panel one by one.

At the same time, inside the Uranus, Liang Xingchen and the virtual figure of Jiang Hai were standing in front of Lin Fan.

"A true Level 4 Civilization's warship is really powerful. Not to mention that this was the nerfed version!"

Liang Xingchen couldn't help but exclaim as he watched the battle!

Their 60,000 warships occupied a favorable position and the opponent only had 5,000 warships only, but surprisingly the battle loss ratio was 1:5, eliminating 2,000 enemy warships in exchange for 400 warships of their own!

Fortunately, the Ochs Empire only has 5,000 warships, if they had 50,000, then what could they do?

Thinking about it, if a Level 3 Civilization has millions of warships, then what about a Level 4 Civilization? Not to mention that the latter's warships were much more powerful than the 5,000 warships of the Ochs Empire.

Humans were still too weak!

"Commander Liang, you do not have to worry too much. After all, we humans have only recently entered the interstellar era. If compared to others, which of these Level 3 Civilizations have not been around for thousands of years? As long as we work hard, I believe that we will soon be able to catch up."

"Commander Lin is right, since the popularization of Genetic Enhancement Medicine and Brain Development Medicine five years ago, our technology is flourishing with new achievements being made every day!"

Jiang Hai couldn't help but sigh, the Federation had changed so much in the past five years.

Since five years ago, the entire scientific community was simply turned upside down after the popularization of the two medicines. The speed of various technologies became unbelievably fast.

Now, humans have a longer lifespan. Originally, a scientist can only work in the industry for 20-30 years, but now it is more than 200 years!

In these five years, no one has died because of longevity or disease, and the number of humans was increasing by leaps and bounds every day.

Likewise, the number of scientists was also increasing exponentially and is continuing to grow, so how can the technology not flourish?

"Let's not talk about that, it's almost over!"

After Lin Fan's words sounded, everyone once again focused their attention on the tactical panel. At this moment, the enemy only had 800 warships left. Though the battle damage of the Federation was not small either as they lost more than 600 warships.

"Liang Xue, have Wang Hu's Immediate Guard Mech Squadron get ready, we need to capture a few of these warships. We can study their weapons and propulsion systems!"

"Tell the fleet to stop covering warships after the enemy has less than 30 warships, and change to precision fire!"


Five minutes later, only three warships remained in the Aegis Fleet. The Federation stopped attacking, and the Uranus warped directly behind it with the 1st Sub-fleet.

First, they carefully knocked down the opponent's shields, followed by a large number of mechs rushing up.

After clearing the close defense weapons of the 3 Aegis Warships, a large number of mechs and warplanes rushed and drilled a hole directly into the outer wall of the Aegis Warships.

Soon the 3 warships were filled with fierce fighting.

However, under the suppression of the mech forces, the Ochs soldiers who only had light weapons were quickly wiped out and the assault team took control of the bridges of the 3 warships one after another.

"Commander, Zhang Hu reports that the 3 warships have been captured!"

"Good, inform the fleet that the operation is entering its final phase."


In the distance, the Royal Fleet was still speeding through the void.

Inside the flagship of the Emperor, Ramiro's face was quite unpleasant. Just now, his biggest tcard, the Aegis Fleet, was wiped out.

The last communication he received was that there were only three warships left in the fleet, and that the humans had broken into them and the bridge was about to be lost!

After that, no more communications were received. It was clear that the humans had captured the last 3 warships of the Aegis Fleet.

"Damn it!"

"Your Majesty, without the Aegis Fleet, we have almost no chance of winning against the humans!"

Piero on the side was anxious.

Their enemy has 60,000+ warships with Energy Shields!

Although the human warship's combat power was inferior to that of the Aegis Warships, there would be no problem in defeating the Royal Fleet.

"Then what else are you thinking?"

"Your Majesty, we might as well endure a moment of humiliation. In the future, we can certainly revive the Empire when..."


Before he could finish his words, a gunshot sounded and a laser beam had shot through his heart, leaving a bloody hole in his chest.

Piero looked at Ramiro with an incredulous face, and soon collapsed to the ground, losing his life!

A deadly silence fell on the bridge as all the command team members looked at Ramiro holding the laser gun with a dumbfounded look on their faces.

"You are imperial soldiers, the honor of imperial soldiers is to never surrender! Have you all already discarded this?"

Ramiro looked around and said.

"Whoever dares to speak of surrendering will meet the same fate as Piero on the ground!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Although the command group inside the bridge was stunned by the sudden upheaval, they were still the soldiers of the Ochs Empire.

The oath that the soldiers of the Ochs Empire swore in not surrendering was definitely not just an empty phrase, but was deep into the hearts of every soldier.

The crowd who recalled this oath quickly recovered. They looked at Ramiro with burning eyes!

"Now, inform the army to prepare for battle, their Emperor will fight with them until the last moment!"


The people on the other warships didn't know what was happening on the flagship, but they just received the order to get ready for battle.

They were also told that the Emperor would fight with them until the end, and that the soldiers of the Ochs Empire vowed to never surrender!

All at once, the soldiers inside the warships turned in the direction where the flagship was, and chanted...

"Never surrender!"

"Never surrender!!!" 

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