Chapter 3: A Charming Woman.

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The Demon Suppression Prison, despite being just a part of the Demon Suppression Division, was not small at all.

But if you really think about it, as a place for sealing monsters and demons, it couldn't be small.

From the outside, the Demon Suppression Prison looked like an ancient city. The walls were stacked with green masonry, splattered with mottled blood stains. It exuded an ancient bloody aura.

It had a rectangular space with two stone lions guarding it on the left and right side.

Shen Changqing knew that the space was the entrance to the Demon Suppression Prison.

In the entire Demon Suppression Prison, there existed only one entrance and exit.

From the surface, for being the entrance and exit of the Demon Suppression Prison, it should've been heavily guarded.


However, in actuality, the Demon Suppression Prison does not need to have many guards.

The reason was very simple.

The Demon Suppression Prison existed within the Demon Suppression Division, which was an impregnable cage itself.

Slayers guarding the front, Guardians in the back.

Once there was any demon or monster that escaped the prison, the experts within the Demon Suppression Division would immediately notice them. There was absolutely no chance that they could leave the Demon Suppression Division alive.

Although these things were just hearsay that Shen Changqing heard, it wouldn't have spread if it had no basis. 


Also, the entrance and exit of the Demon Suppression Prison would not be without any strong person guarding it.

After standing in place for a few seconds, Shen Changqing took a deep breath and stepped towards the Demon Suppression Prison.


Just as he passed the stone lions, the aura of blood was so thick that it was frightening and he nearly suffocated. He felt like he was thrown into a bloody refrigerator.


Fortunately, right after the bloody impact, Shen Changqing's body surged with qi and blood which dispersed the chill.

[Thirteen Cross Practice]!

His footsteps slightly paused, before Shen Changqing continued to walk forward.

It was not the first time he had come to the Demon Suppression Prison, and he had experienced the bloody shock inside the Demon Suppression Prison once.

The last time he entered the Demon's Suppression Prison, he hadn't cultivated the [Thirteen Cross Practice] yet, and had remained in place for almost half an hour before he gradually adapted to the atmosphere.

In contrast with his previous time here, this time, he only did a short pause before he was able to ease into it.

With this, Shen Changqing was able to grasp the extent of his strength.


The entrance into the Demon Suppression Prison was a long tunnel with no wall lights on either the left or right side of the tunnel, so it appeared eerily dark.

If it was an ordinary person, walking in such a tunnel, they would inevitably get scared.

But for the experienced Shen Changqing, the dark tunnel did not affect him too much.

In fact, it's not only Shen Changqing. Any Apprentice Slayer with a strong heart would be able to do the same.

As  without enough heart, one was not qualified to enter the Demon Suppression Division.

Every person in the Demon Suppression Division will have to face monsters and demons in the future, which will inevitably contain a lot of horrifying scenes, so you need a strong heart as a support.

Otherwise, sooner or later, you'll meet a dead end.

Despite the darkness of the tunnel, Shen Changqing's steps contiuned without any pause.

Soon, faint light was visible at the end of the dark tunnel and before long, the light gradually became obvious.

By the time he completely left the darkness, the scene changed.

Oil lamps lit the surroundings, dispersing all of the darkness.

Several people were wearing iron armor and iron helmets, which made it so that one couldn't exactly see their appearance, and were guarding the place with swords equipped at their waists.

After seeing Shen Changqing appear, one of them took a step forward and intercepted him.

"Who are you? Please present your identification!"

"I am Shen Changqing, an Apprentice Slayer of the Yellow Court. I have been ordered to patrol the Demon Suppression Prison, here is the manual!"

Shen Changqing stopped and showed the manual that Liu Chang gave him for the Demon Suppression Prison.

Anyone who was going to carry out the mission of patrolling the Demon Suppression Prison, would be given the Demon Suppression Prison Manual.

The Demon Suppression Prison Manual was both a record of some notes within the prison and was also a pass/identification to enter it.

Every time after completing the mission, the Demon Suppression Prison Manual needed to be handed back.

After seeing the Demon Suppression Prison Manual in Shen Changqing's hand, the man gave way.

Shen Changqing put away the Demon Suppression Prison Manual and cupped his hands at the guards before walking in.

The outside of the Demon Suppression Prison was not heavily guarded, but the inside had guards.

As for the origin of these guards, Shen Changqing was not very clear, but they stayed in the Demon Suppression Prison all year round and were definitely not ordinary people.

The last time he came, Shen Changqing did not give much thought about the guards in the Demon Suppression Prison, but this time, he had a different feeling.

Since his [Thirteen Cross Practice] had been activated and upgraded, his perception had become sharp.

Shen Changqing could clearly perceive that behind those iron armors were surging qi and blood.

Even if he had achieved Level 3 of the [Thirteen Cross Practice], there was a high probability that he was not a match for these guards.


The Demon Suppression Prison was divided into five layers; the top layer does not hold any monsters and demons, only guards.

Currently, Shen Changqing was at the top layer.

When he went down to the second layer, he felt a cold chill.

But although the coldness was strong, it did not have much effect on him.

After all, even ordinary Apprentice Slayers could come and go freely in the second layer, let alone Shen Changqing.

When he arrived at the second layer, the first thing Shen Changqing did was to open the panel and take a look.

The Killing Value did not have any change for the time being.

"Looks like it's time to do some patrolling first before anything!"

The first time the Killing Value appeared, it was triggered in the Demon Suppression Prison.

Since then, Shen Changqing studied it carefully and finally came to a conclusion.

There was Killing Value in monsters and demons, but he does not need to kill it. He only needed to appear in the area where there was a monster or demon and that would be fine.

As for the specifics, he still had to study and research more.

He opened the Demon Suppression Prison Manual and skipped some of the previous notes till he flipped to the official content.

There was a woman's portrait.

The woman looked coquettish and feminine, and could melt people's hearts.

Shen Changqing took a brief glance at the portrait before turning to the back where there was no other image, but a written record.


Name: Mei Nu (Pretty girl)

Rank: Grudge Level

Description: Good at mental attacks. Often uses its charms to seduce people. It once drained the blood of nearly 10,000 people from five villages. It was later taken down by the Demon Suppression Division and imprisoned in the Demon Suppression Prison.



Shen Changqing closed the Demon Suppression Prison Manual and walked toward the first cell on the second layer.

The layout of the Demon Suppression Prison was not too different from the prison he remembered in his previous life. There were individual cells where monsters or demons were imprisoned. 


When he walked to the first cell, Shen Changqing's vision suddenly changed.

What should be a cold and desolate cell suddenly became a warm boudoir in his eyes. Inside was a long-haired woman sitting in front of a dressing table with her back facing him.

Through the copper mirror on the dressing table, Shen Changqing could see the woman's charming and moving face.

Suddenly, the woman stopped combing her hair, looked back and smiled at him.


Shen Changqing's face remained expressionless despite seeing this.

The woman got up from the dressing table and walked towards her with lotus steps. Her vermilion lips slightly opened and a fragrant smell wafted into Shen Changqing's nose.

"This gentleman, does this lady's beauty meet your eyes (standards)?"


Shen Changqing did not reply and just stood there.

"Why is this gentleman just standing outside and not moving? May as well come in and have a seat–" The woman gave a charming wink and her clothes slightly dropped from her shoulders, exposing her snow-white fragrant shoulders.

At this time, Shen Changqing suddenly turned away, making the woman's expression dull.

"It seems that I can't get Killing Value from it."

The departing Shen Changqing shook his head and secretly sighed in his heart.

Just now he stood outside the cell for a long time, but he did not obtain any Killing Value.

This shows that the possibility of getting Killing Value from the Mei Nu was unlikely.

So, Shen Changqing also did not bother wasting his time there. After all, there were many monsters like this in the Demon Suppression Prison. There was no need to stubbornly hang on one tree in a forest.

As for the beautiful woman, the Mei Nu, he did not have the slightest interest.


Although the woman did look charming, that was just an illusion created by the monster. 


Maybe in the eyes of ordinary people, they would see a charming and moving woman, but in the eyes of others like Shen Changqing, it was just trickery.

These things were explained as early as the first day of entering the Demon Suppression Division.


The notes in the Demon Suppression Prison Manual also have the same record.

So no matter how beautiful the woman was, it did not have an effect on Shen Changqing.

"There is no problem with the Mei Mui, so let's see what happens in the next cell!"

Shen Changqing turned to the next page of the Demon Suppression Prison Manual, read the information recorded on it, and then walked towards the next cell.

The Demon Suppression Prison Manual recorded what kind of monsters or demons were kept in each cell.

The mission of patrolling the Demon Suppression Prison required that the existence in the cell should match the information in the manual.

If the manual recorded that there was something in a certain cell, but when you check it, there's none, you should take note of it.

For this situation, it was very likely that the monster or demon held inside, for some reason, managed to escape.

It didn't take long for Shen Changqing to arrive at the front of the second cell.

There was also a Grudge Level monster imprisoned here, but unlike the Mei Nu, this monster manifested into something else.

After staying for a little while and seeing that there was no change in his Killing Value, Shen Changqing simply changed to the next cell.

There was no surprise and the next cell also held a Grudge Level monster.


There were several levels of monsters, the first of which was the Ghost Level and then the Grudge Level. The Ghost Level was the weakest and would be basically just killed by the Demon Suppression Division. Only Grudge Level and above monsters were qualified to be imprisoned.

Soon, after making a round on the second layer, he arrived at the last cell.

Shen Changqing's footsteps paused.

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