Chapter 2: [Thirteen Cross Practice].

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

Name: Shen Changqing

Power: Great Qin Demon Suppression Division

Status:Apprentice Slayer

Martial Arts: Thirteen Cross Practice (Level 3, cannot be upgraded)

Killing Value: 0


After consuming all his Killing Value, his [Thirteen Cross Practice] went from not yet activated to Level 3.


He stood in place with his eyes closed for a long time without moving.

Then, Shen Changqing suddenly opened his eyes. He lunged forward and punched the air.


A faint noise of air breaking sounded.

The sound soon dissipated, Shen Changqing took back his fist and turned around.

"The [Thirteen Cross Practice] has a total of 9 Levels. Each level successfully Cultivated can substantially increase the strength of one's body, as well as a small increase in strength and speed."

"With my current Level 3 [Thirteen Cross Practice], other than those veteran Slayers, no one should be able to compare to me among those who entered the Demon Suppression Division in the same batch."


"Even among the Senior Apprentice Slayers, their strength shouldn't be much stronger than mine, and may even be weaker."

In the Demon Suppression Division, the status of the Guardian was the highest and the Slayer was the second highest.

Among all the Slayers, the Apprentice Slayer was the one with the lowest status.

Anyone who entered the Demon Suppression Division, unless they were strong enough, would start as an Apprentice Slayer.

Simply put.

Their main purpose was to improve their strength as much as possible, and then have enough power to complete the missions of the Demon Suppression Division, before becoming an Official Slayer.


The experts at this stage were not really experts.

The true experts would be at least at the level of Official Slayer.

Of course, it was not that the Apprentice Slayer just stayed in the Demon Suppression Division all year round. In addition to increasing their strength, they also needed to regularly complete some simple missions.

In order to enjoy the treatment here, one should be able to do at least this much. 

Furthermore, the predecessor, plus Shen Changqing himself, spent a month memorizing the [Thirteen Cross Practice].

Though in his opinion, his predecessor was a bit stupid. For a smart person, wanting to completely memorize a Martial Arts technique needed ten days to half a month.

Once every five days, one can stay for two hours at a time in the Library.

There was a lot of Martial Arts content, and if smart people want to memorize them, they would need to spend four to six hours.


But to be clear.

Memorizing was one thing, Cultivation was another.

According to Shen Changqing's understanding, in the same batch of people who entered the Demon Suppression Division as him, among those who were extremely talented, had only barely started.

This meant that with his Level 3 [Thirteen Cross Practice], not to mention that he can sweep all the Apprentice Slayers, he can also be called an expert.

After seeing his Killing Value cleared to zero in the panel, Shen Changqing couldn't help but shake his head.

"It's a pity that my Killing Value is consumed cleanly. I have to find a way to collect more before I can upgrade again."

He must collect Killing Value.

Only then can he quickly improve his strength.

Great Qin created the Demon Suppression Division because this world was not as calm and peaceful as his previous world. Here, danger lurks everywhere.

Every year, countless people die in the Demon Suppression Division.

Shen Changqing does not hope that one day he will be on top of the death list.

Moreover, every Slayer has to carry out missions, no one can be an exception.

Even if one was an Apprentice Slayer, one would only have a buffer time of one year.

After one year, the Demon Suppression Division will force the Apprentice Slayer to carry out missions regarding monsters and demons.

As long as one succeeds, then one can get rid of the status of Apprentice Slayer and thus become a true Slayer.

As for failure.

Needless to say, the consequences could be understood.

"After entering the Demon Suppression Division, there is no way back. Either you keep going up, or you fall on the road of endless missions–"

No one wants to die. Likewise, Shen Changqing does not want to die.

So if you don't want to die, you can only increase your strength.

Hence, Shen Changqing had no other choice.


At this time, there was a knock on his door.

Shen Changqing opened the door and saw a middle-aged man with a sturdy figure standing in front of him.

"Greetings, Steward Liu!"

The man was named Liu Chang. He was an Official Slayer and a Steward of the Yellow Court.

The Yellow Court was the place where all Slayers lived.

It includes the Apprentice Slayers, as well as Official Slayers.

There were a total of four courts in the Demon Suppression Division, namely Heaven, Earth, Red Black (玄) and Yellow (黄).

Shen Changqing knew who Liu Chang was.

Actually, all Slayers will find Liu Chang familiar because he was the person they have the most contact with.

Seeing Shen Changqing walk out, Liu Chang's eyes flickered.

For a moment, Shen Changqing felt like he was standing naked with nothing hidden under the other party's gaze.

"It seems that you have good talent for Martial Arts!"

"Steward Liu is overestimating me, I have only improved slightly." Shen Changqing modestly replied.

His achievements in the [Thirteen Cross Practice] might be hidden from others, but Liu Chang was an Official Slayer. He was naturally not weak, so it was normal for him to see some clues. 

But as long as he did not fight Shen Changqing, it was impossible for the other party to completely gauge his bottom line.

As expected, Liu Chang smiled and his coldness eased a little.

"In about a month, you were able to get started in Martial Arts! Your talent is higher compared to other Slayers. As long as you spend some more time focusing on training, you will have a chance to become an Official Slayer."

"The Martial Arts Path is about clarity and stillness, only then can one rise to the top."

These were simple words of praise.

In Liu Chang's eyes, Shen Changqing had the hope to become a true Slayer. After all, there were not many people who could start Martial Arts within a month.

Anyone who can make it this far, as long as they don't die midway, they will become a bonafide Slayer later on, and won't be lumped with ordinary Slayers.

Just as what Shen Changqing thought.

If they really did not fight, Liu Chang had no way to see his bottom line from just observation alone.

After he's done with his evaluation, Liu Chang paused and his face became indifferent again.

"Your mission time limit is up, it's time for you to complete a new mission!"

"What is the mission this time?"

"There are not many missions for Apprentice Slayers, so it would be the same as last time, just patrol the Demon Suppression Prison." Liu Chang said indifferently.

Patrol the Demon Suppression Prison!

Shen Changqing's face changed slightly, but in his heart, he was delighted.

The last time he patrolled the Demon Suppression Prison was also the time the panel was activated.


Originally, Shen Changqing was thinking about how he could find the opportunity to enter the Demon Suppression Prison again without having anyone suspect him.

But who would've thought that the Demon Suppression Prison would come to him on its own!

Seeing Shen Changqing's face change, Liu Chang mistakenly thought that the other party was fearful, and explained.

"The Demon Suppression Prison is not as dangerous as you think. The monsters and demons are sealed. As long as you do not trespass into the area you shouldn't enter, there will not be any problems."

"And regarding those areas that you shouldn't go to, are recorded in the Demon Suppression Prison Manual."

"Also, if you hear sounds and noises inside the prison, just pretend you didn't hear it."

If it was in the past, Liu Chang would not have explained more than one sentence.

However, since Shen Changqing was able to start Martial Arts in about a month. He was obviously a good seedling that needs to be nurtured.

Moreover, this could also be considered as a favor.

Maybe when Shen Changqing grows up, Shen Changqing will bring himself a benefit in return.

Even if Shen Changqing did not grow up to be someone great, or he did grow up but forgot about him, it does not matter much to Liu Chang.

It's just saying an extra one or two sentences.

In itself, there was no loss on his part.

Hearing this, Shen Changqing cupped his hands in thanks: "Thanks to Steward Liu for the pointers!"

"Well, this is the Demon Suppression Prison Manual, you can take it!"

Liu Chang then took out a booklet about a foot long from his sleeve and handed it to Shen Changqing.

"Inside the Demon Suppression Prison Manual are records of each area, the kind of sealed monsters or demons, and their status."

"Whenever you find any abnormalities, or something escaped, do not enter the inside of the cell to investigate without permission. Just report to the person in charge in the prison."

"In addition, you should not deliberately conceal the discovery of abnormalities."

"If you did so and were discovered, it will be regarded as colluding with the monsters and demons, and betraying the human race. There is only death as a result."

"Steward Liu, don't worry, I am clear about this matter!"

Shen Changqing's face was solemn as he put away the Demon Suppression Prison Manual.

The Demon Suppression Division's rules were strictly imposed.

If you break any of the rules, you will be punished. Which could lead to injuries or being turned into a cripple, some serious offense can even get you killed.

Although Shen Changqing's current strength had improved, it was not to the point that he could just provoke/violate the rules of the Demon Suppression Division without worrying about the consequences.

"You may go!"


Receiving Liu Chang's order, Shen Changqing immediately headed towards the Demon Suppression Prison.

The Demon Suppression Division was divided into several areas.

The Courts where the Slayers lived, was considered to be at the outermost part of the Demon Suppression Division, while the area where the Library was located was considered to be a secondary area.

As for the Demon Suppression Prison, it was in the tertiary area.

Finally, the fourth area was the place where Guardians lived.

The reason for this layout was because the Demon Suppression Prison was very important. Once the monsters or demons in the Demon Suppression Prison escaped, it would be devastating for ordinary people.

In this way, there would be Slayers in the front and Guardians in the back to prevent the monsters or demons from escaping.

As long as anything escapes the Demon Suppression Prison, the alarm will be instantly sounded.

By that time, the whole of the Demon Suppression Division will immediately recapture the escapees, or kill them on the spot.

All of the monsters and demons imprisoned in the Demon Suppression Prison were defeated, then captured by the strongest people of the Demon Suppression Division.

Therefore, there was no possibility of not being able to deal with such an incident.

After being reborn, Shen Changqing had come to the Demon Suppression Prison once. The mission of an Apprentice Slayer was three days apart, this was his second time to come here.

With his first experience, although he could not say that he was familiar with the Demon Suppression Prison, he was also not a complete stranger. 


Soon, the Demon Suppression Prison came to his view.

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