Chapter 19: VS Ice Armored Beast.

"Yue, there seems to be a battle over there, and it hasn't started yet."

Outside Arena 11, two young girls were walking on the path outside the arena.

Through the grid barrier, the two were suddenly attracted by the movement of the summoned Noble Beasts inside.

They subconsciously looked over and were just in time to see the Ice Armored Beast and Iron Eater that had just appeared in the arena.

"That person... isn't that Chen Kai?"

The girl who was addressed by her companion as Yue exclaimed with great surprise after seeing the appearance of the boy wearing the school uniform and his Noble Beast.

"Is there someone you know? Yes... there is someone who does seem to be wearing your school's uniform."

"En, that person is my classmate, he's very powerful..."

"Who is more powerful between you and him?"

"I can't compare to him, there are not many in our grade that is more powerful than him..." Zhuang Yue continued: "His Ice Armored Beast has already reached Level 6, and its Racial Skills Ice Shattering Claw and Ice Armor are used very skillfully."

"Oh, I didn't know that he's such a figure, do you know his opponent? His Noble Beast is an Iron Eater, the same as you."

"I do not know, but with my experience in raising an Iron Eater, that Iron Eater's Growth Level should be less than Level 6... and would probably lose."

"Unless it has a proficient level Harden, it would have a hard time breaking through the defense of the Ice Armor. Taking into account Iron Eaters are typically lazy… coupled with the Growth Level of this Iron Eater, its Harden should most likely still at the beginner level."

Zhuang Yue helplessly sighed. Only those who had contracted an Iron Eater can understand how painful it is to train one.

If she could choose again, she definitely would not choose an Iron Eater because it is too lazy!!!


There two passers-by have the same judgment as Chen Kai himself.

Among Iron Eaters, few were able to execute Harden at the proficient level, at least none of his classmates were able to.


And even if it did reach the proficient level, it may not necessarily be able to fight against the Ice Armored Beast, after all, his Ice Armored Beast's two Racial Skills were also at the proficient level!

Although the overall quality of the adult Iron Eater is stronger than the adult Ice Armored Beast, that is when they reached adulthood, this Iron Eater was still a cub!

"Ice Armored Beast, Ice Shattering Claw!"

Beastmasters and their contracted Noble Beasts are able talk to each other with their thoughts, similar to Telepathy. So as soon as the match began, Chen Kai ordered the Ice Armored Beast to initiate an attack.


The Ice Armored Beast violently shot forward. Its ice-blue body sprinted towards Shiyi, and at the same time, the claws on its forelimbs filled with frost. It would leave a lingering cold at the place where it stepped, leaving a layer of white frost.

Soon, it jumped up and waved its sharp claws of ice in the air, slashing towards the Iron Eater with a very formidable aura.

"Nice outburst, well bred, worthy of a student from a key school."

Referee Shiraishi immediately noticed the uncommon strength of this Ice Armored Beast.


On the other side, Shi Yu issued a command.

The mastered level Harden is certainly not weak, but after all, it is their first time fighting. Before this, they completely have no experience. For both Shi Yu and Shiyi, they would be lying if they said that their victory is assured.

Can Shiyi's hardened body defend against the opponent's attacks?

Can the hardened attack break the opponent's Ice Armor?

These things… Shi Yu and Shiyi did not know yet. In this first battle, they came to test their strength.

Shiyi must admit, the Falling Training Method is a good way to train.

In addition to the actual impacts, the falling process also cultivated Shiyi's heart.

After all, knowing that you will soon suffer, but still have the courage to jump and try to use your skill in the air smoothly, will certainly help develop a strong will.

Therefore, despite facing the claws of the Ice Armored Beast, Shiyi's feelings remained unchanged. He then calmly activated Harden.

The mastered level Harden's activation speed was very fast. It was almost at the same instant as Shiyi's thought. Soon, a metallic luster diffused around his body!

The dark parts of his shone with metallic black while white part of his hair shone bright silver. Shiyi's whole body was now completely armed!


The next second, the Ice Armored Beast's Ice Shattering Claws and Shiyi's hardened body collided.

In a short second, the ice crystals on the Ice Armored Beast's front claws disintegrated as soon as they encountered something hard.

At the same time, the pain from having it shattered shot through the Ice Armored Beast's brain.


Shiyi looked at his opponent. After feeling the power of his opponent's attack, he had only bewilderment in his heart.

Because the power of this attack ... didn't seem to be as strong as when he was training.

At the order of Shi Yu, Shiyi's regained focus and the bewilderment disappeared. After a war cry, while still in a full body hardened state, he swung his arm towards the Ice Armored Beast.


This sudden change caught Chen Kai and the Ice Armored Beast off guard. 

Ice Armor!

Chen Kai hastily ordered, his expression panicked.


The Ice Armored Beast lived up to expectations and successfully used Ice Armor. The scales on its body became even more crystal-like.

In addition to the scales getting harder, the energy fluctuation could also freeze the opponent that came into contact with itself.

However, as Shiyi's paw slapped the Ice Armored Beast, the Ice Armor broke like paper mache. The outermost layer, like the Ice Shattering Claw, quickly crumbled. The frost that had attached to the Iron Eater was also not spared by the impact.


Under such fierce power, the Ice Armored Beast was sent flying backwards for several meters. It rolled on the ground for several meters more before finally stopping.

After the first round of exchange between the two sides, everyone present was silent.

Seeing this scene, Chen Kai's heart stopped and his eyes went dark.

As the Beastmaster of the Ice Armored Beast, he could sense that the Ice Armored Beast was knocked unconscious with one direct hit!

This… How is this possible?!

The Ice Armored Beast that he cultivated without even half a flaw just lost like this?

How can this be?!

At this time, Shi Yu also had a heart attack.

That was because the mastered level Harden's battle performance seems to be a little too strong... Is it because meal is on the line?

So what? Is this the end…? This was not what he wanted! He aimed to have an evenly matched battle to verify their strength but now, it seems that that is only possible with a much stronger opponent.

"The end?"

Referee Shiraishi was also dumbfounded. He rubbed his eyes hard, wih his mouth opened wide.

What just happened? He looked at the Iron Eater that had just displayed immense strength and felt naive of his own initial evaluation. Isn't the strength of an Iron Eater about the same as that?!


"Mastered level Harden?" Shiraishi and Chen Kai suddenly thought at the same time. 

They were dumbfounded, not expecting that a young Iron Eater with only a Growth Level of five developed its Harden Skill to this extent.

"That classmate of yours has lost..."

"Sorry, I misidentified the person, he is not my classmate." Zhuang Yue said after being silent.

Mastered level Harden on a Level 5 Iron Eater was outrageous!

Such strong talent! It could also be that a high level Beastmaster was cultivating new Noble Beasts...


Or he must the son of the rich, the second generation of a Noble Beast Family, with top nutrition and special training methods.

Looking at Chen Kai's expression, one can see how exaggerated Shi Yu and Shiyi's performance were. At this time, Zhuang Yue only hopes that Chen Kai, who was used to winning, can withstand this pressure.


At this moment, Chen Kai felt like vomitting blood. He could not understand how he was able to encounter such an opponent at this place!


This Iron Eater and this Beastmaster, compared with the opponents he had fought before, just defies common sense.


Losing is losing but the problem was he did not even last a minute, it was just seconds! How the f_ck is this Iron Eater cultivated?


What was more infuriating was that when Chen Kai looked at the Iron Eater, it (Shiyi) was smiling! That harmless smile was like a knife that was ruthlessly stabbed in Chen Kai's heart. He felt like a frog inside a well, just what kind of monsters are hidden in society? He began doubting life.

Shiyi: (O ^~^ O)  Hehehe have you guys ever smashed against a steel plate at 4:00am?

At this time, Shi Yu, Chen Kai and the surrounding people have different emotions, but the happiest was none other than Shiyi himself.

Because his meal was saved! Keeping his meal was a big victory! He was much happier with this than actually winning the battle.

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