Chapter 18: Iron Eaters Are Usually Kind.

Inside the lobby of the matchmaking hall, Shi Yu, who had his card number, sat on a public seat and stared straight at the big screen on the wall.

There were quite a few people in this hall right now, plus there are four more other halls, so matching up shouldn't be slow, right?

Indeed, he didn't have to wait too long. After a minute from when he sat down and before his butt was even warm, his number was called.

"ID: 4399, Beastmaster Shi Yu, please proceed to Arena 11."

"ID: 4401, Beastmaster Chen Kai, please proceed to Arena 11...."

[Arena 11: Shi Yu vs. Chen Kai!

With his name and another Beastmaster's name appearing on the screen, Shi Yu immediately got up and left for Arena 11.

No. 11... It seems that he's really lucky.

It seems that this battle will be a "home battle".

However, the pet beast is called eleven, the first rented venue is also eleven, this life will not have to play bachelor it.


Arena 11.

A young man in a referee's uniform sent off the previous batch of contestants and waited for the next.

At this time he had already gotten the information of the next contestants, and knew that they were two low-level Trainee Beastmasters.

"Their Noble Beast is below Level 6, and the Beastmasters are not old, still in their most naive period. It seems that this is going to be another game of chicken." The referee thought to himself.

Not long after, with the referee waiting, the two contestants, Shi Yu and Chen Kai, arrived. Coincidentally, the two of them bumped into each other at the entrance of the arena.

The two of them looked at each other, and without exchanging any words, they continued to walk into the arena.

This was an outdoor arena, with specifications similar to a tennis court. There was also a grid-like energy isolation net outside the huge square-shaped arena.

The difference between outdoor and indoor arena was not much, the difference lies in the degree of privacy.

Generally indoor battles are more private, except for the referees, there will be no other viewers. Outdoor battles on the other hand, through the isolation net, people from the outside can completely see the details of the battle inside.


Seeing someone enter Arena 11, the young referee walked up and received Shi Yu and Chen Kai.

"You are Shi Yu and Chen Kai who are using the arena next, right?"

"I'm Chen Kai." Chen Kai, who was wearing a blue and white school uniform, took the lead and said.

Shi Yu followed suit, "I'm Shi Yu."

As Shi Yu spoke, Chen Kai next to him thought in his mind.

The opponent he was matched with was a person of the same age... This was too much luck. This guy will receive a severe beating!


For Chen Kai, an opponent of the same age has little to no suspense. After all, he was a top student, not many of his peers can fight him.

Unless, Shi Yu was actually his senior. But if he was a senior, his (below) Level 6 Noble Beast was too weak. That's why Chen Kai had already ruled this possibility out.

"I am the administrator and referee of Arena 11, Shiraishi. In the next, you will have temporary use of Arena 11."


"You can start the battle anytime when you are ready, and I will be your referee at that time." Shiraishi said.

Although the time limit for use was only one hour, generally, a battle of this level would take less than a few minutes to determine the winner.

The extra time was for the Beastmasters to prepare, as well as for communication afterwards.

"I have no more problems, I can start the battle anytime." Chen Kai said.

"Me too." Shi Yu nodded his head.

"Alright then, let's start immediately." Referee Shiraishi confirmed and said.

Not long after, Shi Yu and Chen Kai walked to both sides of the arena, the two did not know each other, and they had no thoughts of being polite with each other so it was most convenient to just fight directly.

The referee also likes less talkative Beastmasters. He stood on the referee's bench and saw that the two people were ready, He signalled and blew the whistle.

"Both sides ready..."

"The battle begins… NOW!"

In the battle between Beastmasters, they are not given time to summon their Noble Beasts in advance. After all, the time and how the Noble Beasts appear is also part of the strength of the Beastmasters.

Take Beastmasters who were proficient in assassination for example. Even before the target can summon his Noble Beast, the assassin would have already beheaded him.

Of course, competitions in which the Beastmaster himself can be directly attacked are rare within the ancient country of East Huang. At least not in a competition between Trainee Beastmasters like this one right now.

Both Shi Yu and Chen Kai are newcomers and have not yet grown to that level, so for now they are only doing basic summoning when they hear the command to start the battle.


Hoo hoo hoo hoo~~~

As the two Beastmasters opened their Beast Space, fierce wind rose up and countless speckles of light flashed in front of them.

The light then quickly formed a circular formation in the air.

Immediately afterwards, the two sides' formations produced water-like transparent ripples, and their Noble Beasts each appeared from the summoning formations.

On Chen Kai's side, what came out of the formation was narrow and was nearly a meter long. Its whole body was covered with ice blue scale armor, it had short limbs and a long tail.

At this time it raised its large cone-shaped head and its eyes shone with brilliant light.

[Name]: Ice Armored Beast

[Element]: Ice

[Race Level]: Medium Noble

[Racial Skills]: Ice Claws, Ice Armor

Shi Yu looked at this pangolin-like Noble Beast and recalled its information.


In Icefield city, the number of Ice Element Noble Beasts is still quite a lot, so Shi Yu's Iron Eater was very out of place.

On Shi Yu's side, what was summoned was naturally as the small Iron Eater. Because it has not yet completely grown, its current body size is relatively close to the Ice Armored Beast.


After Shiyi was summoned and saw his opponent, he immediately became curious, because he had never seen this type of creature before...


"The opponent's skills is similar to yours, it can cover its body with ice armor. It addition, be careful of the opponent's claws, do not take the attack directly in a non-hardened state."

Shi Yu warned Shiyi through Telepathy.

Meanwhile, Shi Yu's opponent Chen Kai did not even bother to reminding the Ice Armored Beast. That was because they were too familiar with Iron Eaters. After all, it was the signature Noble Beast of Pingcheng, and this was not the first time they had fought against an Iron Eater.

In terms of Racial Level, the two sides are comparable.

But in terms of skill advantage, the Ice Armored Beast is actually better.

That was because the Iron Eater's Harden Skill is mainly used for defense, and its skill do not have special effects. The Ice Armored Beast on the other hand has ice armor and sharp claws, which were defensive and offensive skills respectively. In addition to the basic usage, it also comes with a freezing effect on the enemy!

Therefore, Chen Kai was confident that he would win.

He didn't know how he could possibly lose.

"Shiyi, the opponent is not weak, be serious not to trip. 200 yuan is on the line… If you do lose, then I can only deduct the money from your meal budget." Shi Yu said using Telepathy.

Shiyi: (??ˇεˇ??) What? Reduce... reduce his meal???

Shiyi fiercely looked at the Ice Armored Beast. Iron Eaters are usually kind, unless you start taking their food!

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