Chapter 13: From Beginning To Seven Feet Down The Ground!

Shi Yu was going home after buying the supplements.

The supplement he bought was called "Bright God Capsule", and the ingredients seemed to be materials from several plant-based Noble Beasts.

Just like the doctor in the Iceplain City Breeding Center that treated Shi Yu with little effort, the effect of the medicine in this world is also first-class.

After all, in his previous world, the drug's ingredients were extracted from ordinary plants, while here, the source is coming from the majority of Plant Type Noble Beasts.

The effect of the flowers and leaves of these Noble Beasts need not be mentioned, as even some legendary Plant Type Noble Beast's pollen can raise back the dead.

Of course, the Bright God Capsule is only the most common supplement and does not have such a god-like effect.

The effect of the Bright God Capsule is very simple, it is mainly used to eliminate the symptoms of weakness of the body. It also strengthens the body and allows the user to stay awake in a state of weakness, having a peace of mind and clarity.

The effect is said to be very good. Many Beastmasters would take one after a battle, and they would immediately feel full of energy.

But this thing cannot be absurd by eating more, after all, supplements or medicine will become poisonous if you take too much. Moreover, Shi Yu's financial condition does not allow him to eat this capsule like he's eating candy.

In addition to buying two bottles of capsules, Shi Yu also bought some tonic food, and only then did he go home.

After returning home, Shi Yu first summoned Shiyi.


After sleeping, Shiyi was very refreshed. He adorably blinked as he looked at Shi Yu.


During these times, he slept quite well. It was much better than when he was in the Iron Bamboo Breeding Center. Shiyi can also feel that it was in a surprisingly good state because of the strange effect of the Beast Space.

Feeling this good... Shiyi feels like he can train at least six hours in high intensity!

Moreover, the most comfortable thing is that after the training is completed, as long as he absorbs more energy in the Beast Space, he can quickly recover from the exhaustion.

"You should not rush and always think about training, in the end, work and rest is the best combination, understand?"

Shi Yu felt the inner thoughts of Shiyi and couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.

Does this guy not know that the energy he absorbs from the Beast Space is partly from him (Shi Yu), the Beastmaster? Can't you think about your Beastmaster? Ah~!

On the one hand, Shi Yu has to meditate to strengthen the Beast Space, and on the other hand, he also has to use the Skill Book. Shi Yu feels so tired. It seems that in the early game, having self-disciplined Noble Beast does not seem to be a good thing.

He'll have to teach it Absolute Sleep… A mature Iron Eater should learn to deal with its own fatigue after training and not always rely on the Beastmaster.


On the other hand, Shiyi does not know what Shi Yu was thinking. When he heard 'combination of work and rest,' he immediately shook his round head like maracas.

The combination of work and rest is good, but he also can not relax too much and waste too much time, otherwise no training would be done.

Shi Yu: "......"

After I slow down to teach you absolute sleep, you love how to train how to train.

[Skill]: Harden

[Skill level]: Low Order

[Introduction]: Able to harden the user's body, acts as an invisible armor which could also be she's for offense.

[Status]: Teachable

Shi Yu does not want to debate with this diligent Iron Beast right now, and intends to try the teaching of the Low Order Skill Harden first.

Yesterday, Shiyi was considered to have initially learned the Harden Skill, and his proficiency should be beginner.

After his training, Shiyi can already harden his fists and feet, sharp claws and teeth with the Harden Skill, but he can only harden one part at a time.

His maintenance time also fluctuates depending on the area covered, but mostly, it only lasts a few seconds. After attacking once with the hardened part, the Harden Skill will immediately disappear.

It is worthy to have the "Beginner" proficiency rating.

The only thing that is notable is the hardness, reaching the "demolition" level. Hitting a rock should be no problem.

{T/N: Not sure if this demolition is an actual stage yet… so I might change it in later chapters if it appears again}

"Shiyi, look here..."

Shi Yu shouted at Shiyi, and at the same time, the small Iron Eater raised his head to look.

"Skill Book, teach!"

Shi Yu's right hand flickered with faint light. He then stretched out his hand and touched Shiyi's head.

'Harden, rub~, rub~!'

The white light also attracted the attention of the Green Cotton Worm in the birdcage. Under the confused expression of Shiyi, the light quickly transferred from Shi Yu's hand to Shiyi, making his (Shiyi) body flicker with a white glow.


Upon reaching this point, an explosion sounded in Shi Yu's brain. He then felt as if he had gone through days without being able to eat food, his current state was very poor.

But it was not as terrifying as Shi Yu imagined and he did not directly pass out. It seems that the gap between the consumption of Worm Silk and Harden is not so large as to be considered outrageous.

While Shiyi was receiving the skill, Shi Yu took out a Bright God Capsule and swallowed it. A few seconds later, although his state was still poor, Shi Yu felt better. The effect was immediate.

"Shiyi, use Harden."

After recovering himself, he immediately looked at Shiyi whose expression was incomparably bewildered and surprised.

Just like what happened to the Green Cotton Worm yesterday, Shiyi had just experienced a similar situation, as if he had used Harden countless times and his Skill Proficiency had increased greatly.

Moreover his physique and energy all slightly improved, as if he's about to undergo the next awakening.


At the command of his Beastmaster, Shiyi experimentally used Harden. At this time, a golden luster was emitted from Shiyi's sharp claws and it was spreading to his whole body!

In just a few seconds, the small Iron Eater was armed with the Harden Skill on every part of its body. It turned it into an armored panda!

Judging from the luster, the hardening strength also seems to have increased.

Regarding this change, not only Shiyi himself was surprised, even Shi Yu was also very surprised.

"Can you move in this state?" Shi Yu asked in a hurry.

Shiyi shook his head with difficulty, then withdrew from the hardened state. He still has residual excitement from his expression.

He did not understand why he suddenly became so powerful… What did Shi Yu do?

Shi Yu, on the other hand, was in deep thought...

If the sign of beginner proficiency in the Harden Skill is partial hardening, then the sign of proficient level proficiency is full body hardening, but it is difficult to move in the state of full body hardening.

Though, the problem is not very big as this still represents the Iron Eater's Harden Skill being greatly enhanced, after all, there are very few situations that require the use of full-body hardening. With Shiyi's current Skill Proficiency, he'll also be able to harden in multiple parts of his body!

In this way, the Harden Skill can achieve both offense and defense. Moreover, he does not have to worry about affecting his mobility.

"Just like when teaching the Green Cotton Worm, teaching the skill once from beginner level proficiency can make it advance to proficient level proficiency..."

As for the level of Skill Proficiency that can make Shiyi move freely while being armored fully, obviously it was not reached at this moment.

But even so, Shi Yu first-hand experienced the power of the Skill Book.

After all, according to the Iron Eater basic breeding manual that came from the Iron Bamboo Breeding Center, even with the assistance of the Beastmaster and enough nutrition, the average Iron Eater would still need at least a month of hard training to reach proficient level proficiency.

As for those Iron Eaters without resources, even for a year, they may not necessarily reach proficient level proficiency. After all, they rarely use this skill other than while they eat.


"This time, Shiyi's combat power has at least doubled."

"It must have been stupefied."

Shi Yu looked expectantly at the little Iron Eater, waiting for the latter's adoring gaze.

"How about it, are you still in a hurry to train now?"

"You now know how powerful I am!"

Shiyi was undoubtedly surprised that his skill had been improved, but when he heard Shi Yu's questioning, he immediately became confused.

Shiyi: (*+﹏+*)~

This... He did not do anything but his Harden Skill improved so much!

What exactly did his Beastmaster do…?

This is not normal, this increase in proficiency is unsettling, too unsettling.

Shi Yu:????

Then do you want me to take it back?

This is most of my strength.

Shiyi: d(?ะด??) 

No, don't take it back!



Shiyi shook his head violently. 

This level of proficiency does not conform to his belief that hard work equals gain, but it is a loss to lose it.


In order to punish myself (Shiyi) for not working hard today, I will do 24 hours of intense training, and no sleep at night!

"......" Shi Yu was dumbfounded.

This Iron Eater of his really refreshed Shi Yu's perception of self-discipline.

He had never seen such a self-disciplined beast. 


"If the novel authors from my previous life have even half of your self-discipline, I wouldn't have run out of things to read." Shi Yu's stomach aches.

24 hours of intense training, you are not going from the beginning to skilled, but from the beginning to seven feet down the ground!

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