Chapter 12: Bug Catcher.

The next morning, the sun was shining brightly, and the outside world was filled with the chorus of flying birds and insects.

Shi Yu woke up and then got up in a daze. After he finished washing up, he laid back down on the bed.

"Oh right, I have to go out later..." He muttered to himself.

At this time, his condition had almost recovered and when he looked at the Skill Book, the eight-hour cooldown time had also been cleared, indicating that he could use the Skill Book to teach skills again.

Today, he intends to try teaching the Harden Skill, but if a Zero Order Skill requires eight hours of recovery, then the consumption of a Low Order Skill must be even greater.

So, he was going to go out and buy some nutrients first, and only teach the skill after.

Whether it is summoning, retrieving or using his talent to strengthen his Noble Beast, or the Noble Beast growing in the Beast Space, the Beastmaster would need to expend a certain amount of energy.

Therefore, not only are there various nutrients and medicines for the beasts, but there are also many supplements on the market for Beastmasters.

Shi Yu has only just become a Beastmaster and does not know much about this, but he is sure that he can buy them. After all, there are small ads for these medicines almost everywhere.

He also studied the cooldown time of the Skill Book yesterday, and figured that the time should be calculated according to the normal rest situation.

If you rest while consuming supplements, or meditating, then the time will be accelerated. It is not a completely fixed cooldown time, and is related to his current state.

When the Skill Book determines that his physical state has almost been restored, he can proceed to the next round of teaching.

In fact, this is actually lenient. In the future, he could bring a glass of water and soak some otherworldly version of wolfberry and always bring some medicine in his pocket. By then, teaching Middle and High Order Skills is not impossible.

Moreover, after becoming a Beastmaster, his physique will become stronger and stronger, so teaching skills being much more laborious may be because of his present situation.

Anyway... he has to control the degree of his exhaustion. Shi Yu does not want to participate in a competition in a wheelchair in the future.

"Shiyi, you continue to sleep inside, I will go out to buy something and then let you out."

After informing the little Iron Beast through Telepathy, Shi Yu resisted the temptation to take a nap and chose to go out.

"Oh, I almost forgot to greet you."

After Shi Yu came out of the room to the courtyard, he suddenly remembered something and looked at the persimmon tree.

On the branch of the persimmon tree on the left, hanging in the birdcage, was the Green Cotton Worm that had woken up.

It was calmly eating leaves inside, and was nibbling on a bunch of persimmon leaves.

Shi Yu thought that this should be the Green Cotton Worm's doing, rolling the leaves with worm silk.

After its Worm Silk Skill proficiency reached the proficient level, it was able to easily do this.

At this time, the Green Cotton Worm heed no attention to Shi Y. It was just gnawing on leaves while looking at the sky.

Why is a worm locked in a bird cage?

But then again, in another perspective, the birdcage is protecting the worm from birds that may hunt it. Its security greatly improved.

"Speaking of which, this Green Cotton Worm is a bit strange...," Shi Yu muttered before he left the door.

Other insects would seek nutritious plants in pursuit of growth and evolution, but this worm did not do so. It just came to eat the leaves of the persimmon tree in his home.

No wonder this Green Cotton Worm was malnourished.

If it wasn't for the fact that he used the Skill Book on this worm and taught it Worm Silk, it wouldn't have been able to undergo a second awakening till the end of its life.

"When I come back, I should pick a few more plants from the roadside to improve its diet..."

He cannot afford the spiritual plants and precious fruits that can promote the growth of the Cotton Worm just like in the breeding center, so he'll have to make do with the roadside plants.


As his future worm silk supplier, it can not be malnourished...

Once the Green Cotton Worm's Growth Level reaches the tenth awakening, there is a chance of evolution.

When the time comes, it will spit silk to wrap itself into a cocoon. The higher the proficiency of the Worm Silk Skill, the higher the probability of a successful evolution and the greater the individual differences will be.

Therefore, as long as the Green Cotton Worm stays in the birdcage obediently, it is possible to change its fate later...


"There's been a lot of changes compared to the memory..."

Shi Yu walked along the streets of Pingcheng. He lamented the changes that had occured. In addition to high-rise buildings, there were many pedestrians.

Regardless of whether one is a Beastmaster or not, keeping a pet seems to have become a trend in this world.


The more prosperous the Noble Beast culture is, the closer the relationship between people and beasts.

He saw an uncle riding a four-wheeled vehicle, being dragged by an Icefield Dog.

They travel in green. This mode of transportation is pollution-free. All it needs is a little bit of dog fee.

Besides dogs, there were also cats.

Shi Yu saw a girl chasing a Gem Cat.


If walking the dog means riding it like a horse, and walking a cat is like bullfighting (chasing it), it was not walking the pets, but the people.

As for this uncontrollable situation... The cat owner is most likely not a Beastmaster. The two sides did not sign a contract to keep the Gem Cat as a pet.

The Gem Cat resembles the Earth's muppet cat, it is very beautiful and is stronger than the Green Cotton Worm in terms of combat power.

And similar to the Green Cotton Worm, it can evolve.

As long as you have a rare "Cat's Eye Gem", you can make the cat get different Racial Skills according to the type of gem and complete the evolution.

The better the quality of the Cat's Eye Gem used, the stronger the power the cat will gain.

Basically, a Gem Cat without a Cat's Eye Gem can only be a pet, while a Gem Cat with a Cat's Eye Gem is a quality combat beast.

Shi Yu's gaze did not linger much, it was just an ordinary Gem Cat. It had no evolutionary traces and was probably in the base awakening stage.

After all, the price of the Cat's Eye Gem is more expensive than the Gem Cat itself.

Gems are natural resources that are incredibly scarce. The cat population is continuously rising and over time, the price of Cat's Eye Gems rose, while the price of Gem Cats went down...


At this time, while feeling the current atmosphere of Pingcheng, Shi Yu was looking for a pharmacy.

Finally, he came to a place called "Hundred Herb Hall Pharmacy", which is 4,000 meters away from his home.

The layout here is not much different from Earth's pharmacy. After entering, Shi Yu saw all kinds of boxed and canned medicines in various glass cabinets. It seems that pharmacies in this world are common for both humans and beasts. 


Due to cultural differences, even doctors specializing in human medicine, have also more or less mastered a little regarding treating beasts for no other reason than to make money. It's just a matter of getting an additional license, and your income is at least doubled.

"What are you looking for, dear customer?"

When Shi Yu entered the pharmacy, the young doctor at the front desk asked.

"Does this place buy worm silk?"

The first thing that Shi Yu noticed was a sign in the pharmacy, on which was written various types of medicinal materials that the pharmacy will purchase. One of which was the worm silk of the Green Cotton Worm.

"En, but what we need is the worm silk from a Green Cotton Worm that feeds on several special medicinal herbs, and it has to be of high quality. After the composition test is verified, we can directly buy it here."

"The types of medicinal herbs are written above, you can learn about them."

"Okayz thank you." Shi Yu nodded and began looking. 

Depending on the food eaten, the nature of the worm silk spit out by the Green Cotton Worm is different. For example, some clothing factories need worm silk that requires a variety of cold resistance and heat insulation ability.

Clothes made with cold-resistant silk are very expensive. Take the snowy mountains outside the Icefield City for example, if an ordinary Beastmaster wants to explore there, they would need cold-resistant clothing.

And this pharmacy uses worm silk for medicine so they naturally need for the worm silk to have a specific composition.

As for the so-called high quality, it can be equivalent to, requiring the Green Cotton Worm's Worm Silk Skill Proficiency to reach the proficient level. If the Skill Proficiency reaches the perfected level, the price will be several times higher.

After looking at the purchase price, Shi Yu gulped. Counting the inheritance and various subsidies, and taking into account his monthly loan repayments, he and the Iron Eater can only last for a year at most.

If he can't make a name for himself within a year, such as becoming a professional Beastmaster, he will have to honestly find a breeding center to work around the clock. He would also not be able to finance the training of his Iron Eater.

However, if he can pile up worm silk of high quality, even taking into account the cost of food, just one worm can raise an Iron Eater. If he can open a Green Cotton Worm farm, he'll shoot directly to financial freedom.

He seems to have really found a business opportunity, he'll become a bug catcher!


"Are you a Beastmaster? Do you want to sell some work Silk?"

As Shi Yu was carefully studying the types of medicine, the young doctor casually asked a question that brought him back to reality.

"Not for now, please get me two bottles of that medicine." Shi Yu pointed to a partition.

Doctor: ????

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