Chapter 10: Bamboo Shoots.

"The Growth Level of this Green Cotton Worm is about Level 1."

After complimenting Shiyi, Shi Yu looked at the Green Cotton Worm.

The Green Cotton Worm is Shi Yu's most studied Noble Beast during three months of his Trainee period.

After all, he has recorded several books of the growth data of the Cotton Worm!

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

The level of the Noble Beast is divided into Growth Level and Racial Level.

Generally speaking, the higher the Growth Level, the stronger the overall strength of the Noble Beast.

As for the Racial Level, it represents more of the growth potential of the Noble Beast.

The higher the Racial Level, the higher the upper limit of Growth Level that can be reached.

The current Growth Level of this Green Cotton Worm is Level 1 Awakening.

This level is where most of the Noble Beasts awaken their Racial Skills.

Every time they awaken, the physical quality of the Noble Beast will be improved. The upper limit of energy in their body will also be increased, and there is a chance to awaken their Racial Skills.

And after ten awakenings, they can try to reach the Noble level and become a true Noble Beast.

Each of these ten awakening stages is represented simply by the Beastmasters with levels one to ten.

For example, this Green Cotton Worm is Level 1, while Shiyi the Iron Eater is currently Level 3. It is equivalent to them awakening and metamorphosing once and three times respectively.

But awakening several times does not fully represent the strength of the Noble Beast.

The strength of the Noble Beast during the awakening stages is mainly related to the Racial Skills that the Noble Beast has awakened.

In other words, in the same Growth Level, the higher the Racial Level of the Noble Beast, the stronger its combat power. Unless a Low Noble– Noble Beast mastered powerful skills beyond its basic Racial Skills.

So, even if a Green Cotton Worm awakens ten times, but it only has the Zero Order Skill Worm Silk, it can never beat an Iron Eater who has learned the Harden Skill that has a much lower Growth Level because of racial suppression.

The advantage of the Green Cotton Worm compared to other High Noble– Noble Beasts is that they grow faster. After all, they have a short life span, so they have to grow faster.

In short, this Green Cotton Worm is very weak. It has a "can't control its own destiny" type of strength. Now, it has become Shi Yu's experimental subject.


Although the Green Cotton Worm was thrown to the ground, because of its light body, it was not injured.

However, it does not mean that it was not frightened.

Green Cotton Worm: Σ(°△°||||)㎜

It stared at the giant (the Iron Eater) in front of it with wide eyes, it panicked. When the Iron Eater jumped down from the tree, it turned its head and began to crawl away. It did not even have the courage to confront it.

But... Shi Yu moved faster, he stepped up and grabbed it in his hands.

At this point, the Green Cotton Worm finally resisted.

Worm Silk!

Snow-white worm silk spewed out from its mouth. It then wrapped around Shi Yu's hand, though it was simply ripped away.

With three months of practice, Shi Yu is skilled in getting rid of Worm Silk.

This Worm Silk is too weak.

Do you think you are Don Quixote?


Green Cotton Worm: Σ(°△°||||)㎜

"Little one, just behave."

"Otherwise I'll feed you to the guy next to you."

Iron Eater: (ˉ﹃ˉ*), is this edible???


Although it is a Noble Beast, the Green Cotton Worm is not very intelligent. It only responds with instinctive emotions.


But even so, Shi Yu's Telepathy is somewhat useful. After all, he can talk with it.

Although the Green Cotton Worm could not understand what it meant, but more or less, its body autonomously produced the emotion of panic, so that it did not dare to act rashly.

[Skill]: Worm Silk

[Skill Level]: Zero Order

[Introduction]: An insect-based skill, if used to the extreme, it may be able to have a little effect.

[Status]: Teachable

The second page of the Skill Book was opened as Shi Yu looked at the Green Cotton Worm in front of him.

Among the six skills recorded, the most useless one is the Worm Silk Skill which was designated to this Green Cotton Worm.

The Racial Skill of the Green Cotton Worm, the Worm Silk, came with them at birth, so this Green Cotton Worm was bound to use Worm Silk. It was clear to Shi Yu from the start.

"Teach." Under the dumbfounded gaze of the Green Cotton Worm, Shi Yu sent a thought in his heart and tried to trigger the Skill Book.

This was his first attempt, and his heart was apprehensive at this point.

Next, it was not the Green Cotton Worm immediately learning/improving the Skill as Shi Yu imagined, but instead, his hands gradually flickered with light.

Immediately after, the light halo from Shi Yu's hands flew towards the Green Cotton Worm. It covered its whole body, making it shine.


At this point, after everything was completed, Shi Yu only felt a part of his physical strength drained away, as if his mental state had plummeted, he was suddenly hungry and tired. He wanted to sleep.

But the next thing that happened surprised him. The Green Cotton Worm's body suddenly began to change and develop visible to the naked eye.

This Green Cotton Worm is undergoing its second awakening. A second pattern slowly emerged on it as Shi Yu hurriedly put it down to carefully observe.

Green Cotton Worm perspective...

The Green Cotton Worm was also very confused.

Because with the integration of the halo into its body, its physical quality and the upper limit of energy in its body was greatly enhanced.

At the same time, in a blur, the Green Cotton Worm felt that it had used the Worm Silk Skill countless times in an unconscious state.

This experience directly made the Green Cotton Worm feel more proficient in the use of the Worm Silk Skill.

Although it is not quite clear what has happened, it knew that it had become stronger.

But none of this matters.

With the intelligence of the Green Cotton Worm, it can not judge what is going on, and it can only judge what it should do now.

Continue to escape from Shi Yu's clutches–!

It did not realize that Shi Yu was the reason for the changes in its body. It just wanted to escape and find a safe place to continue feeling the breeze hit its body and cool off.

Once again, the Green Cotton Worm twisted and ran, yet was again stopped by Shi Yu.


Worm Silk came out of the Green Cotton Worm's mouth again, and it launched a second round of resistance, however, the Worm Silk was still mercilessly ripped away.


Although Shi Yu is currently weak right now, he is still more than capable of dealing with the Green Cotton Worm.

Under the Green Cotton Worm's desperate gaze, Shi Yu sanctioned it again, this time, it simply gave up the struggle and just curled up on the side.

"The strength of the Worm Silk has really improved..."

"The way it was used was also more skillful than before..."

Shi Yu judged as he fought with the Green Cotton Worm.

He glanced at the construction marks (from the Worm Silk) on his hand, and then looked at the Green Cotton Worm.

Is this considered a jump from Beginner to Proficient Skill Proficiency?

The strength of its Worm Silk is already comparable to that group of high quality Cotton Worms in the Icefield City Breeding Center that had been cultivated with spirit plants.

It might not be comparable in Growth Level, but its Worm Silk proficiency was definitely the highest.

The Green Cotton Worm's Worm Silk Skill Proficiency being increased was within Shi Yu's expectation, but Shi Yu did not expect the Growth Level to increase.


Is it because it had a deeper understanding of its Racial Skill, and therefore it drove its strength to grow and undergo a second awakening?

Or is it that when teaching a skill, it is also equivalent to feeding a part of his own power to the Noble Beast.

In any case, Shi Yu was very satisfied with the effect of the Skill Book and the results of the experiment...

At this time, Shi Yu's face suddenly changed.

That was because as he turned the Skill Book, he found that the color of all the pages had darkened.

Below the status bar of all the skills, a countdown of a cooldown time has appeared.

[Cooldown Time]: 8 Hours

Does this mean that he has to wait 8 hours before he could use the Skill Book again?


Shi Yu: ????

There is a cooldown time?

Shi Yu was stunned.

But then again, it's normal.

This time, the result of the experiment of teaching the Zero Order Skill Worm Silk, although the consumption is within the range he can bear, it was not to the point where it can be ignored.

This cooldown time is like a protection mechanism for himself from abusing the Skill Book and prevents himself from being drained.

8 hours... will probably require a meal and then a nap to recover.

If he wants to make good use of the Skill Book, he has exercise… A Zero Order Skill requires an 8 hour recovery period, so a Low Order Skill may take one or two days.


What about a Middle Order, High Order and Superb Order Skills?

Shi Yu suddenly found that the Skill Boom is not as good. The Noble Beast will feel comfortable while he gets tired!

I wonder if eating some food with higher nutritional value can speed up my recovery?

If he can, he should prepare some beforehand. Maybe he can wait till the end of the teaching skills to eat and then quickly replenish himself. If Noble Beasts have nutritional products, Beastmasters must also have one.

Shi Yu then looked to the confused Iron Eater. Shiyi still had no idea what its Beastmaster had done.

"I brought back some bamboo shoots from the breeding center, in the evening we'll eat bamboo shoots, shredded meat and white rice."

The iron bamboo pole is hard, but the bamboo shoots are edible to humans. It's very nutritious, more nutritious than common vegetables. Shi Yu thinks that this should replenish him so that tomorrow he can be back in his full state and teach Shiyi Harden.

Eat bamboo shoots?

Shiyi's eyes light up.

But soon, it realized a serious problem.


Isn't bamboo shoots its food?

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