Chapter 90: Federation Fleet Rectification.

Earth, Federation Presidential Palace.

The board members were once again summoned to the conference room, along with the Commander-in-Chief of the Federation Fleet, Marshal Sanders.

When everyone walked into the room, they found Lin Zhen sitting on the main seat with a gloomy face.

What's going on? Why is the president so angry?


The board members looked left and right, hoping to get answers from the others, but unfortunately no one knew anything.

"Today, the forward fleet has managed to take Reo! The third part of the operation has now officially begun!"

Listening to the president's words, the crowd became even more suspicious.

Isn't this a good thing? Everything is going well and only the last step is missing before they complete the biggest achievement in human history!

So why is President Lin's face full of displeasure?

"Just an hour ago, the four fleet Commanders had a combat meeting. Commander Liang Xingchen sent over the meeting for us to make a choice!"

This statement confused everyone.

Lin Zhen himself was also confused after he received the message from Liang Xingchen.

We were to decide on the plan? We are not military majors, are we?


But when Lin Zhen finished seeing the content of the meeting, his face instantly darkened, and then this emergency meeting was called.

"I know what you guys are thinking? Are the Commanders fooling around? I was thinking the same thing before, but you guys better read the report sent by Liang Xingchen first!"

Saying that, Ed on the side opened the virtual projection that had been prepared long ago.

Everyone was watching the four Commanders' meeting as if they were watching a movie.

At first, all the contents were normal until Lin Fan started to tell his plans and answer Liang Xingchen's questions.

Everyone's face became strange, because it was simply too shameless and despicable!

Then a loud shout suddenly resounded in the conference room.

"It's really a despicable and shameless tactic, but I like it! That's great!"

This person was none other than Marshal Sanders, who was currently standing up with his face red with excitement.

If one followed Lin Fan's strategy, it would indeed be shameless, but it would reduce the losses of the Federation fleet to an outrageous level.

Moreover, shamelessness doesn't matter in war. In fact, shamelessness is the highest evaluation of a famous general!

"What do you think of this plan?"

At this point, Ed paused the playback and looked at the board members.


"I'll go first. The plan seems shameless, but in fact it plays our strengths well, Lin Fan made a good call!"

Sanders praised.

The others also nodded. Athough the board members were not military experts, but they understood Lin Fan's intention as they heard it from the playback just now.

Following Lin Fan's plans, they could render the Ochs Empire's Immediate Guard Legion's 5,000 Quasi-level-4 warships useless.

Soon, the crowd spoke one by one, all affirming this plan. But this still does not answer the question why President Lin was angry?

Of course, there were a few smart ones who had realized that all the answers should be within the content of the meeting that was currently paused by the Vice President.

"Good, then let's continue to watch!"

After seeing that everyone had spoken, Ed continued to play the meeting.

Three minutes later, when the recording finished playing, the conference room fell silent.

Everyone finally understood why President Lin was angry.


"Richard (Vice Admiral of the Federation Fleet) gave such a person the position of Third Fleet Commander? What a load of crap!"

Marshal Sanders was really angry. What kind of nonsense was this guy Quatre talking about? To let such a person command a fleet, will kill all their soldiers sooner or later!

"As what the Marshal said, this is nonesense! Seriously, exchanging the lives of soldiers?"

"Indeed, if we go by Commander Quatre's meaning, wouldn't that be asking us to revert back to the days where we line up and shoot each other in the face?"

{T/N: They are referring to the Line Infantry in the 18th and 19th Century}

"Nonsense, does he think that interstellar war is a medieval knight duel?"

"I suggest a thorough investigation into how on earth such a person became a Vice Admiral, his thinking is simply beyond my imagination!"


The other board members also expressed their dissatisfaction.


Looking at the somewhat chaotic conference room, Lin Zhen shouted!

The crowd looked at Lin Zhen and immediately quieted down.

"The Commander Liang Xingchen interrupted the combat meeting and gave us the recording of this meeting, do you understand what it means? He didn't want the fleet to implode from the inside before the battle had even started! Now I ask you all, how should this matter be handled?"


"President, I suggest that an order be issued immediately to remove Quatre Klein from his position in the Third Fleet and have either Liang Xingchen or Lin Fan take command in his place until a new Commander is elected!"

Sanders immediately opened his mouth and voiced his thoughts. His stance was to remove Quatre Klein from his position!

"President, I agree with Marshal Sanders' opinion. Having Quatre Klein in the final battle is bad, his thinking is too narrow!"

Ed also said his thoughts because if left alone, who knows what Quatre will do in the final battle! If it really leads to the internal conflict of the fleet as Liang Xingchen feared, then the whole battle plan will be ruined, right?

The board members also spoke up in agreement!

"Good, then Marshal Sanders, you can arrange for the order to be issued by the Federation Fleet Headquarters to relieve Quatre Klein of all his duties as soon as possible. As for whether Liang Xingchen or Lin Fan will be in command for the time being, I have no problem with it, just make your own arrangements!"

"Yes, President!"

Sanders stood up and saluted, then left quickly, he had to go back and deal with this matter now, he couldn't delay it even for a bit!

After Sanders left, Lin Zhen once again looked at the board members and continued.

"I think that the promotion system of the fleet should be drastically overhauled. First of all, from today onwards, all those who have not been in the battlefield and want to raise their rank to general, I will not sign it. We have to completely eliminate this kind of in-paper-only people!"

"You know, during times of peace, promotion according to seniority is something that can not be helped. After all, if there is no war, there is no military service, but what is the situation now? We are in the middle of a war!"

"Therefore, the Federation fleet must be rectified. Military merit is the main way to promote and you have to be in the battlefield! Sitting in an office in the rear security zone, but promoted faster than even the front line officers, will never be allowed to happen again in the future!"

The board members looked at Lin Zhen in shock.

This is going to cause a huge wave!

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