Chapter 88: Interstellar Blitzkrieg.

After taking down Horton and annihilating the Fourth Imperial Legion, Lin Fan's battle plan entered its second phase, the interstellar blitzkrieg!

The core strategy was to make full use of the high mobility of the Warp Engines to quickly take Lilles and Coelho before the Ochs Empire could react, completely isolating the hinterland of the Ochs Empire from its outer circle.

After all, according to the information obtained, the only ones with a large number of warships assembled in the outer circle of the Ochs were just the 200,000-strong Immediate Guard Legion in its capital circle and the 100,000-strong garrison in Rao.

Lin Fan was confident that he could completely sweep through these areas within three months, end Rao and besiege the Ochs Empire capital circle.

The day after the total annihilation of the Fourth Imperial Legion, the interstellar blitzkrieg kicked off immediately!

Lin Fan and Liang Xingchen led their fleets to Lilles and Coelho respectively, while Jiang Hai left 5,000 warships to guard Horton, and then divided it into 3 groups of 5 sub-fleets to pounce on the 3 Star Systems around Horton.

Lilles and Coelho are located near the direction of the Io Federation where there are not only a number of Star Systems in the periphery, but also a border legion stationed in the outermost part of the territory.

Therefore, these 2 places are low-risk areas with not many guards, each with only 10,000 warships.

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12 days later, the First Fleet under Lin Fan's command arrived at Lilles, 19.2 light years away, and easily defeated its garrison, leaving 5,000 warships behind.

Then, he split the fleet and launched an attack on the surrounding Star Systems.

15 days later, Liang Xingchen's Fourth Fleet arrived at Coelho, 24 light-years away, and easily took the Star System which only had 10,000 defenders.

Then, according to the plan, they left behind 5,000 warships and quickly swooped down to the surrounding Star Systems.

In time, in the outer circle of the Ochs Empire, a blitzkrieg of the interstellar era was fought.

They took advantage of the Warp Engine's unparalleled traveling speed, the Energy Shield's superb defensive capability, and the Ochs Empire's sluggish communication speed.

Before Ramiro and Ross could receive any information, they had already swept through the surrounding Star Systems.

During this period, almost every 2 or 3 days, a Star System would fall into the hands of the human federation. The speed of efficiency was evident.

By the 32nd day of the interstellar blitzkrieg, all the 15 Star Systems in the outer circle of the Ochs Empire, except for the capital circle of Ochs Empire and Reo, all the other 13 Star Systems had fallen into the hands of the human federation.

The capital circle of the Ochs Empire had become an isolated island. At this time, Ross had just received a message from Isa.

After reading the content, Ross' face changed dramatically and he immediately ran towards the palace!

"Your Majesty, it's not good, something big has happened!"

"Imperial Uncle, what happened? Could it be that the Kabat Empire has attacked Horton?"

Looking at Ross' pale face, Ramiro was taken aback.

What had happened that scared his Imperial Uncle like this? Could it be that Horton had been breached?

If Horton is gone, then the Empire is already half finished!

"Your Majesty, this is a message from Isa, quickly read it!"

After a short while, the last video message recorded by Isa was played in the audience room.

The message was simply shocking.


"Imperial Uncle, is this information sure?"

"I know Isa, he won't bullsh_t on this kind of thing. Your Majesty, this message that Isa sent is more than a month old! The humans have Warp Engines as well as Energy Shields, they will definitely not just stay in Horton during this month!"

"Imperial Uncle, do you mean that the Star Systems near our capital circle have probably all fallen?"

"Your Majesty, indeed that's what I mean. If my guess is correct, we have probably become isolated here!"

Ramiro was in disbelief, there were no precursors, and then this news just suddenly popped out of nowhere. Except for the capital circle, have all others fallen?

Is this a joke?

Looking at Ramiro's disbelief, Ross shook his head and sighed.

If it was really as he thought, it would be too terrible on their side.

To make Isa, a hard-blooded soldier who was not even afraid of death, send a special message to persuade the Emperor to surrender before he died, just shows how desperate the situation was!

"Your Majesty, I think the most important thing at the moment is to confirm the situation, I have sent a message to all Star Systems in the outer circle of the Empire before I came and asked them to report the situation, several Star Systems that's directly connected to the capital circle should have information coming in within a week, but if not... Please, I also ask Your Majesty to consider Commander Isa's last advice!"

"Imperial Uncle, you?!"

Ramiro was furious that Ross actually told himself to consider Isa's suggestion!


What was Isa's advice? To surrender himself! He was the Emperor of the Ochs Empire, and you're telling me to surrender to the humans? And if possible, become a subordinate civilization of humans?

How can you say such a thing?

Looking at Ramiro, who was close to exploding, Ross sighed and continued.


"Your Majesty, I naturally hope that everything is just my imagination, but if it is true, then nothing is more important than the survival of the Empire!"

"Get out!"

"Your Majesty!"

"I said, GET OUT!!!"

Ramiro bellowed so loudly that even the guards outside the audience room heard it clearly and made them look at each other in confusion.


They were all guessing what had happened. His Majesty had yelled at Lord Ross like that, it was the first time seeing such a thing happen.

Although the Emperor was tyrannical, he had always respected the Imperial Family, they had never seen anything like today.

"Yes, Your Majesty, I will report back to you when the news is confirmed!"

After Ross finished speaking, he bowed respectfully and retreated.

Looking at Ross who left the audience room, Ramiro's eyes were cloudy and uncertain.

Asking me to surrender? Even if the speculation just now is true, it is absolutely impossible! I would rather bring the whole Empire to destruction rather than surrender to the humans who killed Doren!

Whilst Ramiro's rising madness, Lin Fan and the others didn't stop.

Each of the three fleets left 5,000 warships stationed in each node Star System, while the rest were left with only a mech brigade.

After all, the speed of Ochs Empire travelling through the Star Path would need at least a year's time. Without it, the Immediate Guard Legion would not be able to appear outside the capital circle. Hence, for the time being, those Star Systems that are not part of the nodes were only left with mechs. They are enough to prevent the resistance forces.

After arranging the garrison of each Star System, the three fleets pounced on Reo with 15,000 warships each, a total of 45,000.

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