Chapter 87: Isa's Advice.

The battle situation in the Star Path was a little bit different.

Along with the waves of warships, appeared a large number of warplanes, which charged towards the human defense line as soon as they left the Star Path.

Although the warplanes were small targets, they still suffered heavy casualties in the face of the humans' crossfire from three directions.

The human defense line was 3 million kilometers away, and the speed of the warplanes was not as fast as a warship, only 500 kilometers per second.

To cross the 3 million kilometers into the enemy line, they need to fly for 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Meaning they have to brave the enemy's intensive fire for 1 hour and 40 minutes. One can imagine how much of them would be left by the time they arrive.


In a battle, the Carrier is a nightmare for a warship in close combat, on the other hand, the warship is a nightmare for the Carrier in long range.

The human fleet did not even pay any special attention to these warplanes. They just maintained their crossfire towards the Star Path.

But although they did not specially care about warplanes, it does not mean that the warplanes are safe. After all, they are within their range of fire!

One shot can pierce through several warplanes.


Isa's flagship is at the rear of the entire legion, and at the moment, he is listening to the feedback from the front line inside the ship.

"Commander Isa, the warplanes couldn't even charge. They couldn't get past the humans' firepower, the human defense line is focusing on the Star Path."

"Order all warships to start their engines and move forward at full speed as soon as they leave the Star Path! Even if you have to die, you have to die in front of me, and use the wreckage to pile up a defense belt (like an asteroid belt but with debris) for me!"

Isa was out of options, if he had another way, he would never give such orders.

Even if Isa is doing this, it does not mean they will obtain victory. The only goal is to use the debris left by the destruction of half of the fleet as cover and protection for the rear fleet. This was so that they cod have the opportunity to assemble the fleet at the exit of the Star Path.

Once the fleet is assembled to a certain number, it will allow a large number of their warships to focus their fire on a single point of attack.

After all, Energy Shields are not invincible, and Isa believes that he can destroy some human warships before his fleet is wiped out.

The soldiers of the Ochs Empire were really iron-blooded. Even if they can't win, they still want to find a way to bite off a piece of your flesh.

Since the war between humans and the Ochs Empire, other than when there's a captive, the latter have not taken the initiative to surrender.

In the following hour, the Fourth Imperial Legion sailed out of the Star Path with more than 100,000 warships, all of which came out and rushed forward frantically, and although they would be destroyed after advancing a short distance, they still formed an isolation zone of warship wreckage for the rear fleet.

Although this isolation belt was not completely able to block attacks, it at least can block a lot of attacks in a short period of time, so that the subsequent fleet can slowly gather at the exit of the Star Path!

On board the Uranus, Lin Fan naturally saw through Isa's thoughts. He really had to admire the military style of the Ochs Empire.

With such soldiers, if not for Lin Fan's appearance, they would become a hegemon of this area in the future. Although they might not necessarily be comparable to the Io Federation, at least they could dominate the Kabat Empire.

But in the end, admiration is just admiration, Lin Fan will not spare them.

You want to build a barrier in front to assemble your fleet? Too naive!

"Liang Xue, order the Second and Fourth Fleet to cease fire and warp to both sides of the enemy warship assembly point. Form a converging fire! At the same time, let our First Fleet continue its frontal assault, blast a path through their isolation zone!"


At the same moment, the Fourth Imperial Legion at the exit of the Star Path had successfully assembled over 30,000 warships, and the subsequent ones were still continually sailing out in waves to join the formation.

"Commander Isa, the human fleets on both flanks have ceased fire!"

"Huh, what's the situation? See what they are up to!"

"Commander, the two human fleets have suddenly disappeared!"

"Disappeared? Could it be...? No!"

Isa became instantly anxious. 'Damn it, how could he forget about the humans having Warp Engines?!'

They only have the barrier in their front, not on the sides. Their sides are the weakest place!

Just when Isa had guessed what the human fleet was going to do, the converging fire from both sides had already shot over.

A large number of Ochs Empire warships were hit on their sides and directly bursted into fireballs.

"It's over!"

30,000 Level 3 Civilization warships were hit by 40,000 Level 4 Civilization warships that had formed a converging fire from both sides. How can the former survive? They can't!

When 30,000 Ochs Empire warships were annihilated, there were still 70,000 warships within the Star Paths. Though they could not escape the fate of being completely annihilated once they come out.

"Adjutant, command the fleet to counterattack, I'm going to send a last message to His Majesty."

"Understood, Commander Isa, it's been an honor serving as your Adjutant all these years!"

At this time, there was no need for Isa to say anything, the Adjutant already understood.

Isa nodded to the Adjutant and walked out of the bridge. He went to his room, opened the comms, and began to record his last message.

"Your Majesty, the humans have broken through and became a Level 4 Civilization, they have Energy Shields and Warp Engines, we no longer have any chance of victory!"

"Although, as a soldier, I shouldn't and don't want to say this, but I really have to say, surrender. In the face of overwhelming technology of a Level 4 Civilization, perhaps the only way to preserve the Empire is to surrender, for the sake of the Empire's survival, a momentary disgrace is nothing!"

"I believe that your Majesty has also learned from the human spies about their history. They have only entered the interstellar only a few decades, but they have already become a Level 4 Civilization. It can be seen that the potential of their race is great, even the Babawi Empire can not be compared with them!"

"Therefore, before I am about to die in battle, I would like to give my final advice to Your Majesty, even if you have to become a subordinate civilization of the humans, don't fight with the humans anymore, this is the only way for the Empire to survive!"

After recording the message, Isa sent it out, and then sat on his bed, waiting for the last moment to come.

Five minutes later, a main gun level ion beam hit Isa's flagship, and the entire warship was instantly turned into a fireball.

After finishing off the assembled warships, the First Fleet also blasted a path through the isolation zone of the Ochs Empire and once again projected fire into the Star Path exit.

Once again, the situation in the Star Path resumed into 'one thousand ships out, one thousand ships destroyed.'

40 minutes later, no more warships came out of the Star Path. It was officially announced that the Fourth Imperial Legion was completely destroyed and the Horton raid was successful!

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