Chapter 86: The Helpless Isa.

A huge fleet was traveling through the colorful Star Path.

"Commander Isa, we are expected to reach Horton in ten minutes!"

"Is there no news from Horton yet?"

"No, the last time any news came in was 17 days ago."

"Something doesn't feel right, tell the fleet ahead to be careful when they go out of the Star Path and be ready to attack!"

Because Horton could be attacked by the Kabat Empire at any time, Isa had previously asked Josel to send the latest information every ten days.

But it has been seventeen days and they did not receive any information. Although Isa also does not think that the Kabat Empire couldn't have easily broken through Horton's defense, a bad feeling was lingering in his mind.

"I hope nothing has happened..."

Horton Star System, in the direction of Barrel's Star Path's exit.

At this moment, the three Federation fleets had already laid down a defense line here.

Lin Fan and co have been waiting here for ten days or so. To say the least, it is a very tiring thing to keep watch.

After all, you don't know at what point in time the enemy will appear, so you have to be on high alert all the time.

This was not like fighting a war in ancient times, where you can still send out scouts and prepare to meet the enemy in advance.

They are facing the Star Path where you will only know when the enemy actually comes to you.

So for these ten days or so, everyone was extremely tense.


But it's not like everyone can't rest, or they'll collapse before the enemy comes!

Lin Fan and co stationed the fleet according to 3 shifts, that is to say, while the war did not officially start, a third of the fleet would be in the back to rest and recuperate.

The three fleet Commanders also took turns resting.

"Commander, the Ochs Empire fleet is sailing out from the Star Path, the number is 1000!"

"It's finally here, order the fleet to open fire!"


It was impossible for 3 Commanders to command together on one line of defense, otherwise it would be absolute chaos!

Therefore the command of the Second and Fourth Fleets were currently all temporarily handed over to Lin Fan. Liang Xingchen as well as Jiang Hai were dealing with the warship production base group and the matters on the planets respectively. Of course, they brought a large number of mech units and assault teams with them.

Barrel's Star Path, in terms of width, could be considered medium. It could accommodate about 1000 warships at the same time, which was not slow in terms of speed.

However, the defense line has 54,000 Battlecruisers in the three directions from the exit of the Star Path. The intensity of their firepower is no less than an Ochs Empire's Imperial Legion! After all, the configuration of an Imperial Legion only contains 2000 Battlecruisers in every 10,000 warships.

The warships of the Fourth Imperial Legion were sailing out through the Star Path in wave after wave, but each wave would be directly destroyed without any room for negotiation.

In just five minutes, 10,000 warships had been blasted into oblivion.

At around this time, the news reached Isa.

"Commander Isa, after our forward fleet arrived at Horton, we were ambushed by a human fleet at the exit of Star Path, numbering 60,000 warships!"

"Humans? How could it be humans? Are you sure there is no mistake?"

"Yes, according to the database comparison and the previous information sent back by the defenders of Tianyuan IV, it is exactly the same as the new type of human warships."

"Wait, I remember that the information sent back from Tianyuan IV said that the new type of human warship has energy shields, right?"

"Yes, Grand Commander Isa, our fleet ahead of us is sending back the same message at this moment and that their attack is completely ineffective!"

Listening to his Adjutant's report, Isa suddenly thought of something!

A new type of warship with an Energy Shield... Tianyuan IV was suddenly attacked without notice... Could they also have Warp Engines?

If this was really the case, many of the missing pieces in the puzzle would make sense. It can also explain how the humans suddenly appeared in Horton!

However, they couldn't have one. How could humans suddenly be promoted to a Level 4 Civilization?!

It is impossible to say that the humans bought the warships from the Babawi Empire.

Isa knew from the Empire that in order to buy 5,000 warships with Energy Shields, they consumed more than a hundred years worth of savings. So how expensive would 60,000 warships be?


Moreover, the Warp Engine alone is something that the Babawi Empire will definitely not sell.

I guess even if it's unlikely, it should be the truth. The humans really are now a Level 4 Civilization.

And it was probably because their territory was small that their warships were limited in number.

In this regard, Isa was mostly right, except that humans are not yet considered a true Level 4 Civilization, only a Pseudo-level 4 Civilization.

But even if they are just a Pseudo-level 4 Civilization, 60,000 warships with Energy Shields are not something that Isa's Forbidden Imperial Legion can fight against alone.

Thinking about this, Isa could not help but have a bitter face. They are in the Star Path! 


Within the Star Path, one would not need to rely on the warships' propulsion system to move forward, because you will just follow this channel automatically at 3 times the speed of light like riding an ocean current.


But that also means in the Star Path, you can not accelerate or slow down, not to mention turn around. Even changing the attitude of the warships will do nothing. They could only follow the channel all the way forward, until they reached their destination.

In other words, Isa could do nothing but watch each wave of 1,000 warships go out and get destroyed.

"Order all the warplanes inside all the Carriers to launch!"

"Commander Isa?"

"Don't you understand yet? As soon as the Carriers go out, they'll be blown up, and the warplanes won't have a chance to strike! Although we are now inside the Star Path, and the thrusters are unable to function, if we launched them now, once the warplanes are out of the Star Path, they would be able to attack in the enemy's defense line immediately!"

"Yes, Commander!"

This is the only way that Isa can think of. The Fourth Imperial Legion has 30,000 Carriers, each one has 3,000 warplanes on it, which means the entire Legion has 90 million warplanes.

Even if some of the Carriers in front have already been destroyed when they got out the Star Path, the remaining ones that's still inside the Star Path can still release more than 80 million warplanes.

They would release the warplanes in advance and let them advance in the Star Path on their own. Once they go out, they would immediately charge towards the enemy.

Although the number of warplanes that could survive the attack of the enemy is unknown, it was a much better option than to just let them all get destroyed inside their respective Carriers at once. At least, in this way, there's a chance that they would survive and eventually rush into the human defense line.


At the same time, all the Carriers released the warplanes in the Star Path.

The scene of tens of millions of warplanes accompanying the fleet and moving together is exceptionally spectacular!

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