Chapter 85: Overwhelming Technology.

Orion's Arm Branch, Horton Star System.

As the military and industrial center of the Ochs Empire, 30,000 warships were stationed here all year round.

Even though there was a series of bad news from the frontline, Horton's Garrison Commander, Josel, was still calm. After all, Horton's external Star Path was very narrow to the point that it's unbelievable. Even if they only have 30,000 warships, he is confident that he can block a million warships of the Kabat Empire.

At this moment, the 30,000 warships present in a C-shaped formation around the exit of the Star Path. Any enemy warship that would emerge from the Star Path will be subjected to the 30,000 warships' 180 degree range of all-round attack.

The narrowness of the Star Path only allows 200 warships to pass through at the same time, so imagine, what could 200 warships do against the 30,000 guarding warships that covered all their angles? Would they live?

A few months ago, among the 800,000 warships in Reo's garrison defending Cecil's Star Path, only 300,000 warships were able to fire at the same time. Hence, there were only 300,000 defenders.

But still, Cecil's Star Path can only allow thousands of ships to pass through at the same time and in the early stage of the battle, Reo's defenders fought with a 1:9 battle loss ratio. So it can be seen how dominant the defense was!

Josel looked at the arrangement of the defensive line from the flagship warship and nodded with satisfaction with a look of pride.

"I'd like to see how the Kabat Empire can break through this defense line!"

"Commander Josel, we just received a message from Isa, the commander of the Forbidden Fourth Legion, they are expected to arrive in 17 more days!"

"I don't know what Lord Ross was thinking. Why not just send me the garrison of the surrounding Star Systems and give me 100,000 warships. I can definitely hold off several million Kabat Empire warships, why would I need the Fourth Imperial Legion to assist in the defense?! They should have gone to support the frontline instead!"

Josel was upset. The Star Systems behind Horton, because they are closer to the imperial capital, the warships garrisoned are quite a lot, about 1-2 million.

As long as the Empire concentrated a few of the Star System's garrison to Horton, they can absolutely block the Kabat Empire from going an inch further.

The Fourth Imperial Legion has 300,000 warships, but they are not going to the frontline and instead come here? Hilarious!

In fact, Josel completely misunderstood Ross. Although the Reo defenders have reported that the Kabat Empire's shielded warships were only left with a few hundred, who knows if there are more hiding.

No one dared to take this risk because if Horton is lost, the Empire is not far from meeting its end!

Hence the safest way is to let the Fourth Imperial Legion and Josel's 30,000 defend Horton together!

Just as Josel was unhappy, the battle alarm went off inside the warship!

Josel's body jolted and he immediately looked at the tactical screen. But the tactical screen did not show any trace of enemy warships in the exit of the Star Path.

"What's going on, there is no enemy, why did the alarm go off?!"

"Commander Josel, it's not the Star Path, it's our rear that's in trouble!"

As soon as he heard that something was wrong in the rear, Josel immediately panicked. That is the group in the warship manufacturing base!


If something happens there, the Empire will lose 70% of its warship productivity, this is not a joke!

"Report back immediately, what's going on?"

"Commander Josel, according to the report from the rear, 20,000 warships have appeared out of nowhere and have launched an attack on us! According to the database comparison, those are the latest human warships!"

"What, humans? Impossible, the humans are trapped in Tianyuan IV, and we also did not receive any report that Reo's side (now belonging to the Kabat Empire) was broken. Even if it was broken, how could they arrive so fast, it is only a few years?"

"Commander Josel, two human fleets, each with 20,000 warships, have suddenly appeared out of nowhere on both sides of us and are firing at us!"

The Adjutant shouted urgently to Josel.

Josel didn't bother to pay attention to him, instead his brain ran at high speed, thinking of countermeasures!

What does the appearance of a human fleet on the 2nd side of their defense line mean? Their fleet was in a C-shape formation surrounding the exit of the Star Path, so how did the human fleets on both sides get behind their flanks?

How should they face the enemy? Turn and meet the enemy? That's ridiculous!

It will take at least 3 minutes to turn 180 degrees, and midway in the 90 degree turn, they will be facing the enemy with the weakest position of their warships!

Should they accelerate in a straight line to get rid of them? That's more ridiculous, if the two wings of their C-shaped formation go in a straight line, won't they collide with each other?!

"Commander Josel..."

"What is it now?"

"The enemy... After further scanning, we found that the enemy were composed of Battlecruisers..."


Josel was confused, what did his Adjutant just say? The enemy's 40,000 warships were all Battlecruisers?

They have more numbers than them! They were in an absolutely superior position! And to top it all off, they were all Battlecruisers? How could they possibly continue this battle?

"Commander Josel..."

"What else? Can you say it all at once?"

"When our warships returned fire through the secondary cannons, we found that all the enemy warships had energy shields, and our attacks were completely ineffective..."


Josel fell on his butt directly to the ground.

All Battlecruisers... Energy Shields... Strength in numbers... Position advantage...

At this moment, Josel's head was full of these words, 


"It's over!"

"Commander Josel, what are we going to do now? If we don't have a countermeasure, we will be totally wiped out in ten minutes!"

The Adjutant at the side was also in a hurry.

"It's no longer possible, order the Carriers to release all their warplanes. Turn the whole fleet to meet the enemy, and fight to the death! Let's try to take out at least a few warships from the enemy side before we perish!"

"Yes, Commander Josel!"

"Execute the order, by the way, open a communication line for me, I want to send a last communication to Lord Ross!"


Eight minutes later, despite the desperate efforts of Horton's defenders, they still couldn't escape the fate of being completely annihilated. They couldn't even bring a bit of damage to the Federation's fleet.

This is overwhelming technology. If Horton defenders had millions of warships, they would still be able to fight, the winning or losing side would not be easily judged.

But the actual situation is they only have 30,000 warships. Facing 40,000 warships that have overwhelming technology gave them no room for resistance.

As for the release of those warplanes, their attacks on the enemy's Energy Shields was less than the Energy Shield's recharge speed. Ultimately, they can only force close combat before they are gradually wiped clean.

At the same time, Jiang Hai's second fleet also took care of the rear fortress.

The three fleets then pounced on their next target.

Jiang Hai pounced on the shipbuilding bases, while Liang Xingchen and Lin Fan scattered their fleets and pounced on the Resource Planets and the Natural Life Planet respectively!

Three hours later, the entire Star System was cleared of all resistance forces.

All the planets and the shipbuilding bases had been completely controlled.

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