Chapter 84: Raid On Horton (Part 1).


Liang Xingchen looked at Lin Fan suspiciously.

Horton was an important target for the Kabat Empire!

How on earth could they convince the Kabat Empire to not attack?

"Not much really. We'll just continue to fool them. We'll tell them that we need to establish a stronghold on Orion's Arm Branch in the 15 Star Systems of the Ochs Empire. As compensation, we'll give them permission to buy Energy Shields and even Nuclear Fusion devices from us in the future!"

"That's okay?"

"No wonder..."

After the two people heard Lin Fan's words, one showed an expression of understanding, while the other had a shocked face.

The one with a shocked face was naturally Jiang Hai because he didn't know about the secret mission that Lin Fan went for the Kabat Empire last time, hence he was surprised.

Why did Lin Fan say that the Kabat Empire was taken care of? When did he contact the Kabat Empire?

Seeing Jiang Hai's dumbfounded expression, Liang Xingchen had to briefly explain to him Lin Fan's previous mission.

"So that's how it is, that means we'll lie to them once more?"

After listening to Liang Xingchen's explanation, Jiang Hai revealed a look of understanding.

"What nonsense? We are not lying, the Federation is really ready to sell these things to them!"

"It can't be, how can something so powerful be sold to other Civilizations casually?"

Jiang Hai was shocked by Lin Fan's words, if these technologies were sold to the Kabat Empire in large quantities, in the future, not only will the Kabat Empire have more warships than them but their warships will also not be inferior in terms of quality compared to theirs. By then, how could they defeat the Kabat Empire?

Will the Federation really disregard the overall situation for money?

Speaking of which, Jiang Hai had been following Liang Xingchen for more than a decade. Although he is good at fighting, this Lin Fan that he recommended is retarded!

"Commander Jiang, we'll naturally leave a back door to what we're going to sell rhem if they use these things to attack us in turn. All it takes is one order and they'll all be finished! By doing this, we can get a lot of resources from the Kabat Empire, and we can gradually control their warships, so why not?"

"It can be done like this?"

Jiang Hai's eyes widened, so vicious?

Liang Xingchen looked at Jiang Hai and smiled bitterly, this Adjutant who had been with him for more than ten years was good at everything, but he was too naive, and he was completely ignorant of schemes and trickery.

Although he's not completely ignorant as he is well versed in a variety of cunning tactics in the war, but things outside of war...

"Well, let's continue, has the time of the arrival of the Fourth Imperial Legion of the Ochs Empire at Horton been determined?"

Liang Xingchen directly interrupted the topic and continued to ask.

"Yes, the travel speed within the Star Path is a fixed 3 times the speed of light."

"Earlier, we obtained the position of the Fourth Imperial Legion from Lancer, and then based on the time of the fall of Viter and strategic inferences, it can be judged that there's more than a 90% chance that they will turn around and head to Horton."

"The premise is that the Ochs Empire are not stupid. Of course, even if they don't turn around, we still have several years as they are still far from Tianyuan IV."

"Based on all the information, we can leave a week later and can take Horton first before their arrival."

The time error will not be more than three months, which means that after we take Horton. As long as everything goes right with the prediction, within 1-3 months, the Fourth Imperial Legion will appear in Horton through the Star Path."

"Okay, I have no problem with that!"

"I don't have a problem either!"

"Okay then, let's discuss the specifics of the strategy in Horton's raid tactics..."


A week later, the newly reorganized Federation's Third Fleet arrived at Tianyuan IV.

Lin Fan also met its new commander, Quatre Klein, for the first time. The two sides did not exchange too much courtesy and went back to their respective arrangements after quickly completing the formalities of the defense line transfer.

Three hours later, the First, Second and Fourth Fleets had completely withdrawn from the defensive line and were in formation behind it.

"Commander, all fleets are ready to depart at any time!"

"Good, set a one-minute countdown and distribute it to all warships."


One minute later, the void shrank violently, and the three fleets of 60,000 warships instantly disappeared in place.

Tianyuan IV was a total of 21 light years away from Horton, and it would take about 13 days to reach it by warping.


At this moment, the Fourth Imperial Legion of the Ochs Empire had also approached Horton.

"Commander Isa, an urgent battle report is coming from the frontline!"

Inside Isa's flagship, the Adjutant ran up to Isa with a copy of the latest comms, with a panicked face.

"Read it!"

"Two months ago, Reo was attacked by Cecil and Viter. The Kabat Empire sent a total of 3 million warships as well as more than 8,000 warships with shields. Reo fell under the pincer attack!"

"According to the last-minute information sent by the Reo Commander, the Reo defenders had 1.6 million warships, all of them fought to the last moment and the Kabat Empire had suffered heavy losses with an estimated 1.5-1.6 million norm warship casualties and 8,200 shielded warships destroyed."

Isa froze for a moment after hearing the news.

Now, even Reo was lost. At the beginning, there were 8 Legions, but now only his Fourth Legion and Russell’s Seventh and Eighth Legion are left. A touch of sadness surged into Isa's heart.

"Adjutant, how far are we from Horton?"

"There are still 30 days to go, Commander Isa!"

"Good, when we get to Horton, we will first take care of the Kabat Empire's raiding fleet and avenge our comrades!"



More than ten days later, at the Horton Star System.

This is the gateway to the inner circle of the Ochs Empire, one of the three Star Systems that can connect to the outer circle.

In Horton, there are five Star Paths, one of which is connected to the outer circle of the Ochs Empire, and the other four are connected to the four Star Systems in the inner circle, so Horton is basically well connected.

Horton is also known as the number one gateway of the Ochs Empire, because its external Star Path is narrower than Viter, and can only pass 200 warships at the same time.

It can be said that as long as there are tens of thousands of warships guarding this Star Path, even a million fleet wouldn't be able to get inside the inner circle.

Horton is most famous for its many Resource Planets. There is a total of 1 Natural Life Planet, and 42 Resource Planets!

Not only that, but there are also 3 massive Asteroid Belts in Horton, the overall size of which is at least 30 times larger than the Solar System's Asteroid Belt.

Therefore, one of the largest shipbuilding bases of the Ochs Empire is built here, with an annual production of 50,000 warships. There's no need to transport raw materials from other Star Systems as everything needed can be solved in Horton itself, the richness of its resources can be seen from this.

At this time, the war alarm which had not sounded for hundreds of years suddenly sounded on this day!

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