Chapter 83: New Battle Plan.

Although the Kabat Empire succeeded in capturing Reo, Hamid looked gloomy after this battle damage was counted.

Among the Ochs Empire's Reo defenders: out of 1.6 million warships, they lost all 1.6 million.

Among the Kabat Empire's Viter Fleet: out of 1 million warships, they lost 550,000.

Among the Kabat Empire's Cecil's Fleet: out of  2 million warships, they lost 1 million.

Among the Kabat Empire's Trap Fleet: out of 8,200 warships, they lost 7,800.

It can be said that although the Kabat Empire managed to take Reo, their losses were only slightly better than the Ochs Empire.

The key here is that if you include the Trap Fleet, their loss is greater than that of the Ochs Empire.

The current strength comparison between the two warring Empires is as follows.


<<Kabat Empire>>

Viter Star System: 200,000 warships

Reo Star System: 1,450,000 warships

Felton Star System (the Star System that confronts the Russell Star System): 1,500,000 warships

Others: 300,000 warships, all heading to the hinterland of the Ochs Empire.


<<Ochs Empire>>

Russell Star System: 1,200,000 warships

Ochs Star System: 200,000 warships

Others: 300,000 warships from the Fourth Imperial Legion on their way to Horton.


If we just look at this power comparison, the battle power of both sides is 3.45 million for the former and 1.7 million for the latter, and the Ochs Empire is the underdog.

In fact, in the previous battles in Viter as well as in Horton, the losses of the Ochs Empire were just a few hundred thousand more than the Kabat Empire, and it was not the main reason for such a big power difference.

The key lies in the fact that the Ochs Empire borders two Level 3 Civilizations so they have to station troops in the borders of Io Federation (the other level 3 Civilization), resulting in the inability to fully engage with the Kabat Empire.

If you count the humans, the Ochs Empire would be bordering three Level 3 Civilizations at the same time. Just that the human just became a Level 3 Civilization and is still very weak.

In any case, the Ochs Empire had 2 Imperial Legions with more than 700,000 warships, although the Fourth Imperial Legion is still halfway back.

The Kabat Empire is surrounded by only one Level 3 Civilization, the Ochs Empire. As for the other Level 1 and Level 2 Civilizations, they are affiliated Civilizations and/or do not pose any threat, hence the Kabat Empire can mobilize the vast majority of their forces to participate in the war.

Originally, with the three major strongholds of Viter, Reo and Russell blocking the Kabat Empire, even if there was a gap in strength, it was not a big problem.

Unfortunately, Lin Fan intervened and gave the Kabat Empire a number of Energy Shield devices, which eventually led to the balance being broken, and 2 of the 3 strategic locations were snatched.

The situation now would be extremely unfavorable for the Ocbs Empire, unless they gave up Russell and pushed its defenders to Horton to join up with the Fourth Imperial Legion to keep the Kabat Empire out from there.

But if this is done, it would mean giving up the outer 17 Star Systems.

One has to know that the Ochs Empire only has 38 Star Systems in total. Giving up 17 of them, even if they hold on to Horton, they will get weaker and weaker.

On the contrary, with 17 more Star Systems, the Kabat Empire will certainly get stronger and stronger, and as time passes, the gap between the two sides' strength will gradually widen.

This is also the main reason why Ramiro and Ross have not dared to retreat the garrison of Reo and Russell, to Horton.


When the Kabat Empire succeeded in taking Reo, the humans also completed the reconstruction of the four fleets ahead of schedule.

At this time it was already the 64th Year of the Federal Calendar, more than three full years had passed since the humans had recaptured Proxima, Barnard and Tianyuan IV.

During this period of time, the humans had vigorously developed these three Star Systems, acquired a large amount of resources and expanded the production line of warships, and finally, in 64 A.D., the four fleets were restored.

The Second Fleet was fully formed at the beginning of the 63rd Year of the Federal Calendar, with Rear Admiral Jiang Hai, Liang Xingchen's adjutant, as its commander, and was given the rank of Vice Admiral.

The Third Fleet was commanded by Vice Admiral Quatre Klein from the Federation Fleet Headquarters, who had a connection with Liang Xingchen, as they had graduated from the Interstellar Military Academy together, one first and the other second.

The difference is that after graduation, Liang Xingchen went down the path of going to the fleet, while Quatre Klein went to serve in the Moon Headquarters, Lin Fan had asked Liang Xingchen about Quatre Klein and according to Liang Xingchen, he has skills, he is good at defense, but not offense.

At present, the First, Second and Fourth Fleets of the Four Major Fleets had already assembled in Tianyuan IV, while the Third Fleet had just received its last batch of warships and personnel. It was expected to arrive in Tianyuan IV a week later.

Inside the Uranus, Lin Fan was currently having a virtual combat meeting with Liang Xingchen and Jiang Hai.

At this moment, the battle plan Lin Fan had submitted to the top had been approved and sent to the commanders of the Four Major Fleets.

"Lin Fan, I've read the battle plan, there are no problems in general, it's just that I still need to seek confirmation from you regarding the follow-up treatment."

"Go ahead, Commander Liang!"

"Although the geographical location of Horton is good – only one Star Path connected externally and 4 Star Paths internally that is connected to all directions – and us winning there is certainly not a big problem, but how would we deal with the Kabat Empire if they decided to attack Horton at that time? After all, Horton is also the target of the Kabat Empire as it is the only way to the capital circle of the Ochs Empire."

Liang Xingchen looked at the battle plan given by Lin Fan, and to be honest, this plan was bold.

First, they would destroy the Fourth Imperial Legion even before it arrives at Horton. They would wait for the rabbit and use the favorable terrain as well as technical advantages to directly wipe out their 300,000 warships on the Star Path defense line.

After that, they will take Lilles and Coelho, two Star Systems located in the hinterland of the Ochs Empire that is connected by Star Paths to the outside, and cut off all the way out of the 12 Star Systems inside the Ochs Empire.

Finally, the 12 Star Systems will be taken over in one fell swoop, including the capital circle of the Ochs Empire.

After the completion of the whole plan, the Federation will obtain a total of 15 Star Systems from the Ochs Empire, and at the same time will produce 3 node Star Systems with Star Paths to the outside.

Although the Federation has restored the establishment of the four fleets, but after all, it's only 80,000 warships, and most of the Second and Third Fleet's personnel are still fresh graduates. If their combat power is compared to the First and Fourth Fleet, the former have a lot of gaps.

Whether from the number of warships, or from the quality of soldiers, they can not face millions of troops, at this time if the Kabat Empire's army directly attacked Horton, Liang Xingchen really does not have confidence to defend against them.

Even with Energy Shields, the result would still be the same, after all, Energy Shields are not invincible.

"Regarding this problem, Commander does not need to worry, it has been taken care of!"


Lin Fan smiled confidently and said to the two.

Liang Xingchen and Jiang Hai were looking at Lin Fan with an 'are you teasing me' expression. 

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