Chapter 82: Battle Of Reo (Part 2).

Currently in Reo, the fierce battle between the Kabat Empire and Ochs Empire has reached its peak.

In the Star Path in the direction of Viter, the Ochs Empire defenders were on the brink of defeat.

After 3 hours of constant fighting, their firepower has declined to 2/3 of its peak.

At their peak, they had 300,000 warships firing at the same time on this defense line, and hundreds of thousands of back-ups ready to cover an open spot.

Today, on the other hand, they only had less than 200,000 warships left out of the original over 700,000 warships. There were also multiple places on the defense line where the firepower was sparse due to the lack of warships.

On the contrary, the Kabat Empire still had no less than 500,000 warships. The battle damage ratio between the two sides began to change gradually from the nearly 1:1 that had been maintained for a long time.

On the other hand, the Star Path in the direction of Cecil, after paying a price of more than 400,000 warships, the Kabat Empire have finally also established a bridgehead. They have gathered 150,000 warships in the Star Path exit.


Although on this side of the battlefield, even after three hours, the Reo Ochs Empire defenders only lost less than 50,000 warships that were used to eliminate the Kabat Empire's more than 300,000 warships – with a damage ratio ratio that was as low as 1:9. 

But, they only have 650,000 warships left on the defensive line, while on the Kabat Empire's side, apart from their bridgehead with 150,000 warships, they also have 1.4 million warships that were joining the battlefield one after another through the Star Path.

For Reo's Commander, there was no hope in sight.

When the battle entered the 4th hour, in the direction of Viter, the defense line of the Ochs Empire completely collapsed. They only have less than 20,000 remnant warships still struggling to resist.

On the line of topic, the soldiers of the Ochs Empire, really makes Lin Fan sigh. His collapsing strategy won't work on them because these soldiers would continue to fight even if there's only one last warship left.

Lin Fan experienced this more than once in several battles. The only exception was in Proxima where Lancer mistook the humans as a Level 4 Civilization and offered to surrender. Other than that time, when has the Ochs Empire ever surrendered? Each time, they need to destroy the very last warship before the battle could finally end.

On this aspect, Lin Fan really admired the soldiers of the Ochs Empire.

At this time, the Kabat Empire Fleet that attacked from Viter obviously did not want to waste their time with the remaining Reo defenders. So they just left 80,000 warships to finish things off here while the other 400,000 warships went towards the other battlefield in the direction of the Star Path of Cecil.

With only 550,000 warships left, Cecil's defenders already couldn't bear the onslaught of the enemy, and now another 400,000 warships are heading towards their flank.

The distance to there is only 0.2 AU and the Kabat Empire fleet only needed 1.5 hours to enter the range. When that time comes, Cecil's defenders would be sandwiched on two sides thus falling into a total defeat.

In order to avoid this result, the Commander of Reo's defenders gave a very bold order.

"All warships, no longer maintain the defense line, advance at full speed and ram into the opponent's formation for close combat!"

Retreat is impossible, the Ochs Empire soldiers are not allowed to abandon their positions to escape. This rule is deeply implanted in the minds of every Ochs Empire soldier.

Back then, Adam dared to retreat because he was the attacker, and not in the defending position!

If it was Liang Xingchen who attacked Adam's Jupiter Base, Adam would never retreat until the last warship is destroyed.

With this kind of honor and pride, this was the only way the Reo Commander could think of at the moment.

What would you do if you were getting sandwiched from both sides? You charge into the enemy's formation to start close combat. By then, the enemy will not be able to shoot from their flank unless they also want to attack their own comrades!

Another advantage is that once you rush in and start a close combat, the difference in strength wouldn't be felt much, even if the opponent's strength is ten times their own. In close combat, the actual number of combatants in each area would be limited unless you, again, want friendly fire.

Anyway, the Ochs Empire is guaranteed to lose this battle, so why not take as many enemies with them before they all get destroyed? It would help their comrades in later battles the more Kabat Empire warships they destroyed.


The 550,000 defending warships, after receiving the order, started their engines and rushed towards the enemy formation in the direction of Cecil at high speeds!

This move was not expected by the Kabat Empire fleet, and even caused some minor panic.

What were the Reo defenders trying to do? Su!cidal attack?


Ten minutes later, more than 500,000 Ochs Empire warships rushed into the Kabat Empire fleet's formation, and then the two sides started close combat. Warplanes were being sent out from both sides. The battlefield was filled with flashing lights of various colors and explosions.

As for the 400,000 warships of the Kabat Empire that came to sandwich the defenders, they looked at the situation confused. They were completely unable to attack at all!

"Quick, full speed to the battlefield, and then release all the warplanes to help!"

This was the only thing Faris could do, should he let his own fleet go straight into the messy formation?

F_ck no, if he were to do that, the happiest people would be the Reo defenders!

The first thing he needs to do is to get a good idea of what they're getting into.

Originally, the number of Reo's defender's warplanes were about the same as the Kabat Empire's. The fight was more or less equal. After all, the other warships of the Kabat Empire, the other 1 million, were still in the Star Path.

But with the 400,000 warships that came over and with their own few million warplanes, the situation changed greatly, the number of warplanes on both sides became 1:3, with the Ochs Empire's warplanes in a declining position.

As time passed and more Kabat Empire warships poured out of the Star Path, the gap between the two sides were being magnified continuously.

At the 8th hour of the battle, when all the warplanes of Reo's defenders had been lost and less than 200,000 of their warships remained, the commander painfully gave his last order, an order he never thought he would give.

"Order all warships to take at least a single Kabat warship before they get destroyed. Ram them whenever you have the chance!"

After the order was given, the entire Ochs Empire fleet went crazy, rushing while firing wildly.

Although the battlefield was chaotic before, both sides would still control their warships to avoid collision when they were fighting, but now everything had changed.

Collisions of warships were happening everywhere, with the rampaging Ochs Empire warships and Kabat Empire warships desperately dodging.

An extremely chaotic close combat scene unfolded, adding to this chaos was a touch of madness, this touch of madness is also the last glory of the Ochs Empire soldiers!

At the 12th hour of the battle, the last Ochs Empire warship was destroyed while colliding with a Kabat Empire warship!

This brought the curtain down on the whole battle.

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