Chapter 77: Mission Accomplished.

At this moment, Hamid was in a lounge in the Uranus – a room that Lin Fan had specially modified!

All the things that would reveal the Federation's actual level of Civilization were removed. The room was turned into an ancient palace-style type of room. It gives off the impression of being quite luxurious! This retro-ish style was the best way to hide one's actual level of Civilization.

Of course, Lin Fan did not forget to forbid going out of the room. As for the reason he would use to cover it up, it was simple, 'the warship is an important asset of the Federation, hence Hamid can't just wander around as he wishes.'

Hamid, on the other hand, was not surprised by these arrangements. After all, the Kabat Empire also does not allow other civilization's members to wander in their own warships.

There was also no need to worry about suffocating him by locking him up in one room for 29 days. Hamid is from a Level 3 Civilization who does not have Warp Engines. Their mode of travel, which is by  the Star Path, would often take years up to dozens of years.

29 days was like nothing! Hamid also does not mind it, he was long used to it. In fact, he even felt that it was really a short journey!

Whilst lying on the luxurious bed, Hamid recalled what he had seen before he came.

A fleet of 20,000 warships, all of which were battlecruisers and carriers!

And according to Lin Fan's self-introduction, this was just a squad, there were still the sub-fleets and the full size fleets... Not to mention the legions! How terrifying was a Level 4 Civilization?

This was not only the terror of numbers, but more importantly, the overwhelming technologies like the Energy Shields and Warp Engines.

The Energy Shield can make a warship battle one against ten while a Warp Engine can just bypass the Star Path defense line set up by the enemy!


Looking through the portholes at the multicolored streams of light outside, Hamid sighed. A Level 4 Civilization was an existence that shouldn't be messed with!


29 days later.

The Cecil Star System, a frontier of the Kabat Empire. It was also one of the three nodes connected to the Ochs Empire by the Star Path.

The Kabat Empire has 2 million warships stationed here. On the other side of the Star Path, about 1.2 light years away in the Viter Star System, they have 1.2 million warships.

From this, it seems that the number warships the Kabat Empire has in the battlefield was more than the Ochs Empire. However, facing the defense line of the Star Path in Viter was still a headache. The fight was still not determined even after more than 30 years.

After all, the Star Path wasn't too big. There was not much room to wiggle.

The enemy side has set up a defensive line like a hunter waiting for the rabbit to get close. If they just continue on their way and break through, they have to face the crossfire of the enemy, which was something that they couldn't withstand!

In a war between Level 3 Civilizations, if the difference in equipment was not large, they have to at least have 3-4 times the number of troops than the enemy if they want to pass through the enemy defense line.

Hence, this node has been stagnant ever since the Kabat Empire tried and lost twice over 30 years ago.


"Another monotonous day; fighting, more fighting, and if not fighting, retreating, then retreating some more! When is it going to end?"

Inside the command center of a giant fortress in the orbit of the Cecil Star System, the Cecil Battlefront Commander Faris was whining to himself.

Suddenly, an ear-splitting alarm sounded and a foreign fleet appeared not far from the fortress.

This startled Faris, where did it come from? Could it be that the defenses of the Star Path have fallen?

But there was no news, so it shouldn't have!

"Commander Faris, there's an incoming communication request from the unknown fleet using our internal communication network, should we pick up?"

"Yes, pick it up quickly!"

"Roger... Connected!"

"Faris, I haven't seen you in over thirty years!"

"Grand Commander Hamid! What's going on? Is this strange fleet new to the Empire? It's not in the database."

Looking at confused Faris, Hamid laughed bitterly.

If he were in Faris's position, he would've also been flustered if he ran into such a situation.

"This is a fleet from a Level 4 Civilization, they sent me here and gave you some goodies!"

"A Level 4 Civilization? Are you serious, Grand Commander Hamid?"

"That's right, the name of this Level 4 Civilization is the Human Federation. His Majesty Farhale has already reached some cooperation agreement with them. For this they sent us 10,000 Energy Shield devices which are currently inside the transport ships!"

"What? Energy Shields? And 10,000 of them?!"

Faris knew very well what an Energy Shield was, and as for what agreement His Majesty Farhale had reached with the other side, he was just a soldier, so he didn't care about that.

The 10,000 Energy Shield devices on the other hand shocked Faris, he could not calm down. Because wasn't the current statement in the defense line due to them not being able to break through the enemy?


If 10,000 ships were equipped with Energy Shields, they could break the stalemate and conquer the defense line in one fell swoop!

"That's right, so now, I order as the Grand Commander of the Interstellar Fleet, Faris, the Commander of the Cecil Front, to immediately gather 1,000 battlecruisers and warships to receive refitting!"

"Yes, Grand Commander Hamid, I will arrange it immediately!"

"Also, arrange for the port of the fortress for the ships of the Human Federation to unload!"


After ending the call, the fortress began to get busy.


Faris first had someone vacate a port area within the fortress, and then immediately sent a transport ship to guide the Federation's transport ships.

At the same time, Faris also pulled out 800 battlecruisers as well as 200 other warships from several fleets to prepare for the refitting.

However, Lin Fan's operation afterwards simply made Hamid and Faris' jaws drop to the ground.

The two commanders saw 200 Bull-class transport ships opening their hatches one after another and began unloading a set of large sealed boxes containing the Energy Shield devices directly into space!


Meanwhile, Hamid was driven out of the Uranus and was transferred into one of the shuttles. Though, he was given a quantum communicator before he was driven away.

Looking at the shuttle that flew out of the port, Lin Fan laughed. Want us to go to your fortress and unload the goods? Do it yourselves!

After finishing everything, Lin Fan led the fleet to start the Warp Engine and warp in the direction of Tianyuan IV.

Only the 10,000 huge boxes floating in space and the dumbfounded Hamid and Faris were left behind.

Are all the people in a Level 4 Civilization this capricious?

It was only a few minutes later that the two remembered that they still had to recover the 10,000 boxes!


Three months later, 1,000 warships were modified, including 800 battlecruisers and 200 other warships.

After testing, the Energy Shield was able to withstand at least 7 rounds of main warship fire. Why only 7 rounds? The main reason was that their current energy generation technology was not enough. After all, the Kabat Empire has not yet mastered Nuclear Fusion technology.


Nonetheless, for Faris, to block 7 rounds of the main gun was enough for him to conquer the Viter defense line!

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