Chapter 9: First Battle.

Two hours later.

Shi Yu left the Iron Bamboo Breeding Center with satisfaction.

In the sixth page of the Skill Book.

[Skill]: Harden

[Skill level]: Low Order

[Introduction]: Able to harden the user's body, acts as an invisible armor which could also be used for offense.

[Status]: No teachable target 


The process of copying the Harden Skill was easy and smooth. He only needed to do one simple thing, which was to feed an Iron Eater some food.

Unlike the small Iron Eaters that have not yet awakened their Harden Skill to gnaw on iron bamboo, the adult Iron Eater uses Harden on their teeth as they eat.


Immediately after, their efficiency in eating iron bamboo is multiplied.


Shi Yu fed an Iron Eater some iron bamboo then gave it a good patting to obtain its Harden Skill.

"I do not have to come back here in at least a month."

He has now become a true Beastmaster after leaving the Iron Bamboo Breeding Center.

At this time, in addition to taking away Shiyi (Eleven) the Iron Eater, he was also carrying a backpack of fine bamboo shoots, which is Shiyi's food.

Unlike Earth's bamboo, the mutated plants in this world are very nutritious. Its nutritional value is not inferior to some meat. The Iron Eater's digestive organs are also completely different from ordinary pandas, so if the quality of the bamboo is good, Iron Eaters don't need to eat many to replenish themselves. 


Nonetheless, iron bamboo is only the most basic food for Iron Eaters after all, there are still a lot of more expensive options, but Shi Yu is not able to supply them for the time being.

Make money!

After becoming a Beastmaster, you have to find a way to make money first.

This is not only because he'll starve to death if he doesn't do so, but also to quickly improve his Iron Eater, he must provide it with nutrition. Skills alone won't do anything. 


But before that, he has to hurry back home and settle down with Shiyi.

Food, drink and shelter are all important after all.

Soon, Shi Yu arrived home.

There are many high-rise buildings in Pingcheng, but Shi Yu's old home is a large bungalow compound.

For Shi Yu, it is actually better living in the bungalow than a high-rise building.

After all, now that he has become a Beastmaster, he needs somewhere to train his Noble Beast.


When the time comes, he'll need to rent a venue and waste money if he's in a tight space like a high-rise building.

On the contrary, the bungalow, although a little old, is open and serves a good training ground.

After returning home and casually throwing down his luggage, Shi Yu found the place all dusty and decided to have a big cleaning operation first.

But how can he work just by himself?

Shiyi, my partner!

I summon you!

A transparent circular pattern appeared in front of Shi Yu. It rippled like water and the Iron Eater Shiyi crawled out.

Depending on the level of the Beast Space, the color of the spatial barriers and summoning formations will vary.

The spatial barriers and summoning formations are transparent and tend to be colorless for a Trainee Beastmaster like Shi Yu.

Shiyi, who was just summoned from Beast Space, was rather confused, as if it had just woken up.

It first swayed a couple of times, shaking the soft black and white fur. After its body relaxed, it turned its head to look at Shi Yu.

Shiyi slightly waved its short tail. It has become Shi Yu's Noble Beast and was completely unlike the first time where it was all 'I will never be a slave!' The first time Shi Yu saw Shiyi, he knew he had a natural affinity with it.

Their spiritual connection was even more intimate than the connection between those bound by blood (siblings).

Shiyi subconsciously went next to Shi Yu and rubbed his legs, which melted Shi Yu's heart.

Looks... much more well behaved than before!

Shi Yu was pleased, he smiled.

"Come, I'll teach you the Harden Skill first!"

Actually, cleaning alone is enough. Shiyi is so cute, how can he let it be tired? It's already from training!

Well, he'll first build up a good image in Shiyi's heart.


Shiyi stood up, Harden Skill?

Speaking of which...

It stretched out its fist and the next second, its black hair became darker and hard. It had a metal-like texture, it was the Harden Skill!

After entering the Beast Space and sleeping for a while, Shiyi finally awakened.

It felt really comfortable there. It wasn't hungry anymore and it slept better. Its body is warmer, and its head is clearer.


The Harden Skill that it wasn't able to awaken before was mastered just after a sleep?

Shi Yu:????

Shi Yu: ????

Shi Yu rubbed his eyes as he looked at Shiyi's fist.


It awakened by itself?

I just said I would teach you, but you ended up learning it yourself in advance?

Shi Yu was silent. Lin Xiuzhu was really not reliable. Did she not say that it would take about a week to awaken the Harden Skill?

Why is it so fast?

The first time Shi Yu saw it, it was hurting itself because it wanted to learn the Harden Skill and was jealous of others.


"Let's just clean the courtyard."

Shiyi: o((⊙﹏⊙))o.?


"Forget it." Looking at Shiyi's bewildered expression, Shi Yu decided to just forget it.

Cleaning is not urgent and he suddenly remembered that the Skill Book can teach a learnt skill repeatedly to increase its proficiency!

Skill proficiency is very important. A skill that a Noble Beast just mastered compared to the same skill but has been used for 10 years by another Noble Beast is bound to be different.

It is not impossible for Low Order Skills with high proficiency to crush High Order Skills with low proficiency.

The first thing he needs to do is to read the basic breeding manual for Iron Eaters that Lin Xiuzhu gave to him.

The Harden Skill mastered by Iron Eaters, no, it's all skills, have their proficiency divided into five stages.

The manual has summed it up, and the skill proficiency can be roughly described in five words.

Primary, skilled, refined, perfect, and transformed!

They represent beginner, proficient, mastered, perfected, and superb respectively.

Take the Harden Skill of Shiyi. Its proficiency is at the beginner stage. It was just learned, and it can only be used to partially harden a certain body part.

According to the manual, after reaching the proficient stage, almost the whole body can be hardened.

Generally speaking, if a Low Order Skill wants to advance from the beginner stage to proficient stage, it would at least need a month of serious training.

Shi Yu was curious if teaching once with the Skill Book could be equivalent to a few days of training.

He looked to Shiyi who was observing the surroundings next to him, and then fell into a deep thought.

Speaking of which, teaching with the Skill Book seems to be physically exhausting, right?

How much physical energy would be consumed by teaching a Low Order Skill once?

The first time he tried it, he wasn't sure. If was hasty, what would happen if teaching a Low Order Skill made him die of exhaustion?

"How about I first teach the most trash Zero Order Skill Worm Silk to experiment with the consumption?"

After all, the lower the Skill Level, the less consumption.

He'll give it a try....

But unfortunately, Shi Yu had to find another experimental subject, because an Iron Eater and Worm Silk simply did not fit together and could not be taught.

Would the Iron Eater spit the silk out?

"Since you have already learned the skill, why don't we test in battle?"

Shi Yu suddenly looked at the two persimmon trees in his yard.

To be precise, he was looking at a green figure on a persimmon tree.

A Green Cotton Worm was lying on the branch. It was boldly resting at leisure, it was surprisingly not afraid of being eaten by the passing birds.

As a disgrace to the evolutionary world, the Green Cotton Worm has next to no combat power. Even a non-Noble Beast creature without any evolution like an ordinary sparrow can kill it. 


At the same time, it can also be seen everywhere, and when Shi Yu saw it, he immediately felt that it was the perfect subject for the experiment.

This Green Cotton Worm is malnourished at first glance, and is thinner than the ones in the breeding center.

Generally a Green Cotton Worm would never be able to evolve further... most fall prey as the food of birds... but this one was lucky to meet Shi Yu.


It's given a chance to learn and increase its Worm Silk Skill proficiency!

"Catch it, gently."

Shi Yu commanded. Shiyi looked at the Green Cotton Worm, slightly stunned.

Its opponent of its first battle is this little guy?

But the Beastmaster's orders had to be carried out, so it immediately climbed up the tree and slapped the Green Cotton Worm. It fell down together with the branch.

This fall without a doubt stunned the Green Cotton Worm.


I win, I win, Shiyi on the tree shouted on the tree.

It won its first fight.

"You did good!" Since it was still just a child, Shi Yu also slightly complimented.

Breeding Noble Beasts is like raising children, you should praise them if it's appropriate and not just always criticize them.

Green Cotton Worm: ????

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