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Chapter 89: Conflict Between Commanders.

At this time, the usual calmness in Reo was nonexistent. There were flashed energy beams of various colors everywhere in the void. Along with the beams were numerous fireballs that were constantly being ignited.

In addition to the 45,000 warships from the First, Second and Fourth Fleets of the Human Federation, there were also 20,000 warships from the Third Fleet.

Without the use of any tactics, they directly crushed 100,000 defenders in just more than ten minutes.

After all, this was only the local garrison of each Star System put together. It is not a main fleet and can only be considered a second-line local fleet, so its strength is very average.

Hence, the human Federation played it very easy. Not to mention that the enemy commander seems to be stupid or something. They only did cover fire, and never really attacked.

Remember that the human warships have Energy Shields that can at least resist 15 rounds of an Ochs Empire's ship main gun, so how could the latter destroy the former if the latter just cover fire?

In the previous times, when Lin Fan and co encountered the Ochs Empire, the Commanders would change their tactic to a focus fire after discovering they have Energy Shields.


This was the first time they had encountered a Commander who didn't attack until the end of the battle. The humans were even prepared to lose dozens or hundreds of ships.

Well, since it is a large Empire, there is bound to be trash mixed!

Actually, Lin Fan really misunderstood this time. The Commander of Reo is not a pathetic trash.

What happened was that when the battle began, he was on a shuttle ship patrolling the fleet. 

Upon the sudden appearance of the human fleet and when he was about to return to the flagship, they were shot by a main gun ion beam, instantly killing him and the others in the ship. Not even a little ash was left.

Together in the shuttle ship with him was his adjutant and a number of staff that is considered the entire garrison's senior command!

Since no was alive to lead, there was no unified command. The entire fleet fell into misery and just attacked whatever.

With the fleet from each Star System fighting separately, the result can be imagined.

After clearing all the planets of Reo, the Human Federation's four fleets started their Warp Engines and made a leap, targeting the capital circle of the Ochs Empire. 

The battle officially entered the third and final stage!

Now, there was only one opponent left for the Human Federation, and that was the Immediate Guard Legion stationed in the capital circle of the Ochs Empire.

The Immediate Guard Legion is the direct fleet of the Emperor of the Ochs Empire, numbering about 200,000 warships, plus 5,000 Quasi-level-4 warships purchased from the Babawi Empire!

Why do we need to add the word quasi? Because the Babawi Empire does not have Warp Engines for its warships sold to the public.

Nonetheless, one cannot underestimate the 5,000 warships, because excluding the Warp Engines, regardless of the warships' speed, attack power, or defense, they are stronger than the human warships.

After all, the weapons on the human warships still belong to the category of a Level 3 Civilization. Their Energy Shields are also only at the first generation, it is equivalent to the level of a budding Level 4 Civilization.

The 5,000 warships are all Battlecruisers, and they are equivalent to more than 10,000 human warships.

Besides the 200,000 warships of the Immediate Guard Legion are also all built using the most advanced technology of the Empire regardless of cost, and their combat power is much higher than that of an average main fleet.

Therefore, Lin Fan and others did not take this last resistance force lightly. Although there would be no problem winning, if they are not careful, they are likely to pay a huge cost, which is not what the Federation would like to see!

Inside the Uranus, Lin Fan was having a virtual combat meeting with the other three Commanders.

"In order to ensure that our losses are within manageable limits, we must find a way to take care of those 5,000 Quasi-level-4 warships first!"

"Lin Fan, the battle plan was set by you, so I'm sure you must have had a draft long ago, let's talk directly!"

Liang Xingchen smiled and directly said, he didn't believe that Lin Fan hadn't thought of a solution by now.

"Alright, my idea is this... Fellow Commanders, what do you think?"

"That's a solution, but the key still depends on whether the opponent falls for it."

Liang Xingchen said after thinking for a moment.

Lin Fan's battle plan was indeed very interesting, if the enemy fell for it, then their side could concentrate their superior forces to surround and destroy the most threatening 5000 warships first.

As long as these warships were taken care of, the remaining 200,000 Immediate Guard Legion warships wouldn't be too big of a problem.

But the biggest question here was whether the opponent would do what Lin Fan wanted.

"Commander Liang, it doesn't matter even if the other side doesn't take the bait, we can still use this method to clean up all of their planets except for the Ochs Planet. They will only be left with one planet! By then, we can gradually pick them off. How long do you think they can sustain 200,000 warships with only one planet left?"

"You're really shameless, but I agree with this plan, to fight a war, it's all about who is more shameless!"

When Liang Xingchen heard Lin Fan's words, he immediately realized that Lin Fan didn't care if the other party fell for it or not.


It's best that they fall for it, but even if they don't, it doesn't matter, their plan just shifts from isolating the capital circle to isolating the planet.

What happens when you have only one planet left? Can you use the resources of a planet to sustain 200,000 warships? Let's see how long you can keep that up, you'll be down in just a few more months!

Even Jiang Hai understood it. The key is Lin Fan is too shameless, this was simply bullying.

Only the Third Fleet Commander Quatre Klein frowned. Quatre was a very rigid person, not only tactically rigid, but rigid in general. Just now, what Lin Fan said made him subconsciously very disgusted!

Lin Fan naturally noticed Commander Quatre's expression.

"Does Commander Quatre have a different opinion?"

"A war that can definitely be won won't matter in the difference in the size of casualties, so why use such underhanded tactics? This kind of fight is an insult to the Federation soldiers!"

When these words came out, Lin Fan and the other three had an ugly expression on their faces.

The number of casualties won't matter? What kind of sh_t is that?

In addition, you're talking it's an insult to the soldiers? What kind of nonsense is this? Do we have to line up to get shot? By your logic, killing 800 enemies while losing 1000 of your soldiers when it could be prevented, is not insulting the soldiers?

Looking at Lin Fan's face that was getting more and more ugly, although Liang Xingchen was also very disgusted with what Quatre said, but he had to stop this right now. An argument before a battle will affect the battlefield greatly!

"Settle down, both of you. How about we send today's meeting to the top, and let them decide whether to use Lin Fan's strategy or not!"

Once Liang Xingchen spoke, the others naturally had nothing to refute.

Anyway, with quantum communication, sending the meeting would be a matter of minutes!

Liang Xingchen's idea was also simple. The President as well as the Vice President will certainly support Lin Fan. In addition, the Commander-in-chief of the Federation fleet, Sanders, whom he also knew, would definitely not agree with Quatre's idea.

So basically, 'letting the top decide', was actually shut the f_ck up Quatre put in a nice way!

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