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Chapter 8: Contract.

"This Iron Eater seemed to be smart despite being young."

Shi Yu was very satisfied to see this Iron Eater cub quickly recognize the reality. 

Isn't it just providing a better environment to grow up in? Isn't it just providing all kinds of food?

Once he becomes a powerful Beastmaster, he can do anything he wants.

But before that, it's up to the Iron Eater to sweat and work hard to help him become a powerful Beastmaster.

"Now can we sign the contract?"

Shi Yu looked at Lin Xiuzhu who was holding the Iron Eater cub.

Only after signing a contract with the Iron Eater and both sides established a spiritual connection, they were truly considered each other's Beastmaster and Noble Beast.

After this, the various systems of Beastmasters will open up and show themselves.

"Yes." Lin Xiuzhu nodded.

"You do the deed, I'll watch from the side."

After saying that, Lin Xiuzhu breathed a sigh of relief.

Eleven finally has a Beastmaster that was willing to contract with it.

Many Beastmasters who came to pick a Noble Beast disliked this Iron Eater Beast because it's poorly gifted, but Lin Xiuzhu thinks otherwise.

This weakness is not a big problem as it can slowly recover after some days of conditioning in the Beast Space. This type of situation was not unprecedented before.

On the contrary, since it was disliked by Beastmasters, it gradually changed its character in hopes of getting recognized, and to Lin Xiuzhu, this was a show of outstanding talent.

If a lazy Iron Eater is no longer lazy and can discipline itself, as long as it is properly cultivated, it would not be worse than those Noble Beasts of higher Racial Level.

She herself was raised in the Iron Bamboo Breeding Center, and has lived with groups of Iron Eaters since childhood. Her initial Noble Beast was also an Iron Eater, so she knows everything about an Iron Eater.

Originally, she thought that if no one was willing to take this Iron Eater, then it would be good to leave it at the breeding center and she'll take care of it herself.

But now, since Shi Yu has taken a liking to this Iron Eater, perhaps it is a good result for both Shi Yu and Eleven.

She even considered that Shi Yu was a victim of that disaster in Pingcheng ten years ago, and attached a month's worth of Noble Beast food.

Ten years ago, in the Beast Tide, she was just a child and her parents were powerful Beastmasters, so she does not have much impression of the disaster, but for ordinary people...

Many families were broken, many children were reduced to orphans. In fact, the local support policy was for the victims of the disaster like Shi Yu.

Without this status, even if Shi Yu has a special Telepathy Talent and a Trainee Breeder Certificate, he would not have been easily able to get a loan to buy an Iron Eater.

Society, for the most part, still cares for the weak, and as part of the weak being cared for, Shi Yu did not dislike the weak Iron Eater that is unwanted by others and instead gave recognition. This allowed Lin Xiuzhu to silently recognize Shi Yu's character and she offered him a month of Noble Beast food.

This food is nothing to her, but it can certainly relieve a lot of pressure on Shi Yu and the others.

I hope they can have a better future... Lin Xiuzhu silently thought in her heart. After all, taking care of Iron Eaters for so long, there is a certain affection between her and Iron Eaters.

"From today onwards I am your Beastmaster... Let's work together, you are called Eleven here right? My name is Shi Yu. Our names are very close. How about I continue to call you eleven or Shiyi?" At this moment, Shi Yu closed his eyes and meditated.

At this moment, Shi Yu saw the Beast Space in his brain.

It was a white world with transparent walls and clouds.


As Shi Yu communicated with the Beast Space according to the method he learned in memory to open a signing of contract, a breeze began to brew in the outside world.

The dust in the ground flew up and countless lights flashed in front of Shi Yu. Two circular patterns with a transparent texture like a constellation appeared above and below the Iron Eater. Sandwiching it in the middle.

The next second, speckles of light came out of the patterns which wrapped around the Iron Eater.


"Take it easy, don't struggle."

Lin Xiuzhu said to the Iron Eater cub. She could sense that Shi Yu did not open the contract at full strength and the binding was not strong, so if the Iron Eater struggled a little, the contract would be interrupted. Therefore, she had to remind the Iron Eater.

At the same time, Shi Yu looked solemn.


Enveloped by the lights, the Iron Eater still had a nervous expression, but in this state, the telepathic connection between Shi Yu and the Iron Eater had reached a higher level.

The Iron Eater can clearly feel the mood of Shi Yu. He is very fond of this Iron Eater. He has been lonely in his two lives. The Iron Eater will accompany him throughout his life. He has the mentality of wanting his son to become a dragon, and is determined to train this Iron Eater cub to grow up smoothly like caring for a child.


Alas... he did not have a wife but got a Noble Beast that is harder to raise than a baby.


His sincere heart made the Iron Eater put down its guard and began to accept the contract. It also thoroughly recognized him as its Beastmaster.

Soon, the light finally filled the Iron Eater's body. The patterns rippled and the Iron Eater gradually turned fluorescent and disappeared from the outside world, entering the Beast Space!


Everything happened very quickly, Shi Yu had not yet reacted, only to feel a warm stream flowing throughout his body. His tired spirit began to quickly recover, which was then followed by a surprising rise in strength.


"Congratulations, you successfully signed a contract with the Iron Eater!"


"My advice is to let it get familiar with the environment in the Beast Space first, do not summon it too frequently at first."

"If it can quickly adapt to the environment in the Beast Space, within a week, it should be able to awaken the Harden Skill."

While Shi Yu's brain was "buzzing", Lin Xiuzhu's voice sounded from behind.

"En." Shi Yu subconsciously nodded, while realizing what had happened to him.

After successfully signing the contract with his first Noble Beast and becoming a Beastmaster, he immediately received feedback from the power of the Noble Beast, and his spirit power and body had been improved!

Although this Iron Eater was weak, it was still more or less able to give feedback. Not to mention that mosquito meat is still meat. Also, Shi Yu experienced this for the first time.

However, this is not what surprised him the most.

It was actually the Skill Book giving new information.

The number of skills that could be included had increased.

"What's wrong?" Noticing Shi Yu's abnormality, Lin Xiuzhu asked.

"It's nothing, it's just that I feel a bit uncomfortable with the improved physical qualities." Shi Yu immediately said.

Lin Xiuzhu laughed: "It will indeed be very uncomfortable for the first time, you'll get used to it."

"Then next I'll take you to the final formalities and I will also give you a cultivation manual. By the way, you fill in your address so that the promised Noble Beast food will be regularly delivered to you. This way, the food is guaranteed fresh as it is not suitable for mass storage."

"When all of it is used up, you are welcome to come back here to order food for your Iron Eater, but we'll start charging you for it."

"No problem..." Said Shi Yu, "Actually, Senior Sister Lin, I have another request."


"Can I visit here? In order to raise the Iron Eater well, I want to know more about the actual living environment of Iron Eaters."

"Of course, no problem. Later, you can always bring the Iron Eater back to play, after all, this is its home. But, eating free food is strictly prohibited..."

"Ahem~, of course, of course… By the way, can I touch the Iron Eaters here?"

"Generally, there is nothing wrong, after all, this is a scenic spot. Iron Eaters are very docile, not to mention that you have a Telepathy Talent."


This music is Shi Yu's ears. He won't wait a week, he'll teach the Iron Eater the Harden Skill today!

This is the first step in raising a child, first let it worship you, then you can start teaching it!

He just doesn't know if the adult Iron Eaters here has mastered rare skills outside of its Racial Skills... No matter what, he'll copy the Harden Skill first.

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