Chapter 7: This Iron Eater Will Never Be A Slave!

The environment of the Iron Bamboo Breeding Center is different from the Icefield City Breeding Center, as the former only has the alpine bamboo forest area.

In this world, Shi Yu always sees many things that do not conform to common sense.

For example, three or four kinds of environments that are absolutely impossible to be adjacent to each other on Earth but they blend together in this world.

Upon inspection, this is all because of the special power of the Noble Beasts that's affecting the outside world.

The environment of the Iron Bamboo Breeding Center is relatively normal, at least more normal than the Icefield City Breeding Center.

The soil here is fertile, the forest is lush, and iron bamboo grows well. The water is rich with flowing clear spring. It is exactly the environment that Iron Eaters love.

At this time, Shi Yu and the staff Lin Xiuzhu entered into the breeding area.


Although it is said that there is only one cub left and he can't pick, he still has to take a look. After all, he would have to wait for another year before a new batch of Iron Eater cubs grow up.

'Life is not easy,' Shi Yu couldn't help but sigh.

Although, in the Iron Bamboo Breeding Center, there are not only Iron Eater cubs, but also many adult Iron Eaters, Shi Yu only booked a cub.

After all, for a newbie Beastmaster like him, the ability to contract a beast cub is the limit.

If Shi Yu picked an adult Iron Eaters for a contract, he would fail.

"Iron Eaters... are really lax."

Along the way, Shi Yu saw many Iron Eaters sleeping.

There are some that were sleeping in their grass nest, hugging the trunk of a tree, and on a branch of a tree.

"It's not their active season yet, the bigger Iron Eaters are quiet this time of year, but the smaller ones are more lively."

Lin Xiuzhu said as she walked ahead. Soon, under her leadership, it didn't take long for Shi Yu to see an Iron Eater that was significantly smaller than the others.

It was less than a meter long and not very large. Its age was about a year old and was at a stage when it had just said goodbye to its mother to begin living independently.

Beastmasters book Iron Eaters at this age, after all, if the cub is too young, they might not be able to properly take care of it. 


"Is it this one?"

When Shi Yu saw this little Iron Eater, his heart burst with joy, he just felt that his three months of waiting was not in vain.

The Iron Eater cub had soft black and white hair. It looked very adorable with its short tail wagging.

At this time, it also noticed Shi Yu and Lin Xiuzhu. Its eyes inside large black circles were looking at them intently.

"Yes–" Lin Xiuzhu nodded.

"It looks normal to me." Shi Yu said.

Just as he finished speaking, the Iron Eater cub moved its gaze away from the two of them, it looked like it didn't want to be disturbed. It suddenly sprinted and hit a tree trunk. It bounced back and rolled on the ground several times before stopping.

Shi Yu added: "Well, it's not too smart..."

Lin Xiuzhu helplessly patted her forehead and said, "This Iron Eater cub had some problems at birth. The birth did not go well, and its physique is slightly weaker than other Iron Eater cubs."

"All the Iron Eaters cubs had already awakened the Harden Skill before they were one year old, but this one has not awakened it even now."

In general, the earlier the awakening of Racial Skills, the better the talent. On the flip side, the slower the awakening, the poorer the talent. Hence, this Iron Eater was not picked.

"In short, because of its differences from others, it resulted in its personality beginning to also become different from other Iron Eaters."

The Iron Eater's personality and habits are actually the same as that of a giant panda, who spends half of its time eating every day, and most of the remaining half in sleep.

In the vast majority of cases, the Iron Eater is very docile. They often use their paws to cover their face or put their head down. They rarely take the initiative to attack other creatures.

Therefore, it is very recommended for newbie Beastmasters.

But this Iron Eater, because of its slower development compared to other Iron Eaters and not getting picked, had a great character change.

It was anxious.

It began to change its habits and developed unusual (for an Iron Eater) self-discipline. It even made independent efforts to train, hoping to quickly awaken the Harden Skill to become stronger.

It is not a lazy Iron Eater, but, unfortunately, it is not talented.

After evolution, the Iron Eater's intelligence relative to other Noble Beasts is not low.

Just now, it hit the tree because it was exercising its body's strength.

"That is to say, this Iron Eater cub had particularly poor talent, but very hard-working, right?"

Shi Yu summed up the situation and revealed a smile.

"...... Although you exaggerated it a bit, but probably so." Lin Xiuzhu said.

"But do not worry, although it has slow development upon birth, if it can be put into the Beast Space to cultivate, it is possible to make it stronger."

Moreover, a self-disciplined Iron Eater is very rare.

This kind of character is generally a plus.

Of course, there's also a downside to this personality... Lin Xiuzhu muttered in her heart in a small voice. More strenuous work leads to needing to eat big.

After all, in order to train, nutrition must keep up.

"Then I'll take it."

Although a normal Iron Eater beast is good, Shi Yu does not want a meek Noble Beast that other than eating and sleeping is lazy.


He is already lazy, he doesn't need another to influence him.


It doesn't matter whether its talent is good or bad, after all, he has the Skill Book.

As we all know, hard work + CHEAT, is king!

"Have you decided?" Lin Xiuzhu looked at Shi Yu in confusion. Generally, Beastmasters are very mindful of the talent of their Noble Beast, right?

Otherwise, this Iron Eater cub wouldn't have been left unpicked.

"I appreciate this kind of hard working character.... I feel that it and I will get along well."

His skill set is already ready to be taught.

"So… are there any discounts?" Shi Yu didn't forget to ask for discounts.


Lin Xiuzhu was speechless, but since she had Shi Yu's information, she understood his (financial) situation.

She said, "This Iron Eater sleeps less, so it will need more food."

"There are no discounts... we treat every Iron Beast equally here, but if you choose it, then we can give you a month's worth of iron bamboo to you."


The Iron Bamboo Breeding Center is not only an Iron Eater breeder, but they also produce iron bamboo, one of the favorite foods of Iron Eaters.

Iron bamboo is as hard as steel and belongs to a mutant bamboo species. It is the core food used to breed Iron Eaters to master its Harden Skill, and the price is not cheap, not to mention that Iron Eaters need a large quantity of food.

A month's worth of iron bamboo is a good bonus, after all, it is a necessity.

"Thanks." Shi Yu didn't forget to express his appreciation.

Lin Xiuzhu nodded, since Shi Yu was already sure of his decision, she walked up and came to the small Iron Eater that was still a little dazed from when it hit the tree.

"Eleven, there's finally a Beastmaster who has chosen you, are you happy?" She squatted down and looked at the little Iron Eater with a smile.

The Iron Eaters here all have their own designated numbers, and so do the cubs. This rather special Iron Eater cub is number eleven, so the breeders here call it eleven.

The little Iron Eater sat up in silence and then looked at Shi Yu in the distance, its eyes blinking.

Although its heart was very happy to have a Beastmaster approve of himself, but... it was too late!

It sat on the ground, arms raised, and let out a roar.

This Iron Eater will never be a slave!

It can grow and become stronger by itself!

After saying that, it got up and spread its legs and tried to run, intending to escape from the staff of the breeding center.


However, immediately after it started to run, it was grabbed by Lin Xiuzhu by the neck and got lifted up.

This Iron Eater is brave!

Possessing telepathy, Shi Yu: "......"

Not bad, it's very spirited.

On the other hand, Lin Xiuzhu sighed and pressed the problematic Iron Eater to the ground.

Although she is a girl, her strength is unexpectedly strong.

She's probably a Beastmaster because after contracting with a Noble Beast, the power of the Noble Beast will also feed back to the Beastmaster, allowing the Beastmaster's spiritual power and physical quality to improve.

Although it is not up to the point of unarmed PK against Noble Beasts, but killing an Earth fighter is no problem.

"Listen carefully, after becoming the Noble Beast of a Beastmaster, your growth rate will be several times faster than now, and the Harden Skill that you did not awaken before can be awakened quickly."

"Not only that, there is a peaceful resting environment and a richer variety of food. It is happier than staying here."

Lin Xiuzhu spoke to the Iron Eater cub  seriously. Maybe she has the Telepathy Talent, or perhaps she's been around Iron Eaters for too long that Iron Eaters can understand her words.

After she finished speaking, the Iron Eater cub froze.

It looked at Shi Yu with a bewildered expression.

After being silent, Shi Yu said, "She's right, food and shelter are included."

'But only when I have the money,' added Shi Yu in his mind.

The Iron Eater cub once again let out a roar, it's expression became dazed and enchanted.

Drool flowed down from its mouth.

In the end, the temptations from the benefits of being with a Beastmaster persuaded it and the Iron Eater cub reluctantly nodded.

It couldn't help itself...

This Iron Eater will never become a slave and is brave, but that is unless food and shelter are involved.

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