Chapter 6: Iron Bamboo Breeding Center.

The remaining three months of the Trainee period passed by in a flash.

The majority of the Trainees of the Icefield City Breeding Center were packing their bags in their respective dormitories.

This experience made the Trainees gain a lot. But now, it was time to leave. Although reluctant to leave, many were also looking forward to what the future holds.

For example, Shi Yu. He is really looking forward to it. After the Trainee period is over and he gets his certificate, he will finally be free!

During the Trainee period, Shi Yu belongs to the more practical and hardworking type of employees, and his work would be done very well.

Other Trainees might play cards in twos and threes for fun when they are free, but Shi Yu is different.

He temporarily played this body's predecessor's withdrawn character and rarely communicated with people.

Of course, Shi Yu was not an introvert, he was just too lazy to communicate with his fellow youths because there were more important things.

Rather than communicating with people, he prefers to talk and chat, and cultivate feelings with the Noble Beasts.

Not only can he strengthen his Telepathy Talent, but also to find the opportunity to steal skills!

If it wasn't for the upper limit of the Skill Book, he would've copied dozens of skills.

Shi Yu found that Telepathy and the Skill Book work better together.

In the future, if he encounters a powerful Noble Beast, he would use Telepathy to gain its trust then use the Skill Book to copy its skills. It's a good combination...

En... In short, these three months were not wasted.

After successfully getting his Trainee certificate, Shi Yu happily left the place.

Although he wouldn't have such a convenient place to copy skills for himself in the future anymore, he can now contract Noble Beasts and use the Skill Book to them. He was quite excited about this prospect.

The more he learns about this world, the more he realizes that there one cannot have a future here without becoming a Beastmaster.

For the sake of his future living standards, he set a small goal of becoming a Professional Beastmaster within the year.


The early morning sunlight shone through the thin clouds and on to Shi Yu's body.

After walking out of the Icefield Beast Breeding Center, whilst carrying a backpack, Shi Yu looked back at this place one last time.

This breeding center is also a place where they sell beast cubs, and there are many kinds of beasts that you can buy...

But as a Trainee here, Shi Yu was very clear that the beast cubs here are expensive...

Of course, this is not the problem of the breeding center, it is his problem.

This is also why he bought from somewhere. Obviously, at a cheaper establishment.

Although the variety of beasts is a little less compared to here, at least he'll be able to actually afford one.

The city where Shi Yu is right now is called Icefield City, his school and Trainee location are within this city.

In the country, Icefield City is a Second-class City.

There are more than 100 Second-class Cities like Icefield City in China.

The city is fairly developed and only a few First-class Cities can beat its construction.

Of course, the more developed the place, the higher the consumption, hence Shi Yu can only go to a lower class area for the time being.

His place of origin is a suburban area under Icefield City, called Pingcheng District.

Although it is a suburban area, after reconstruction, its Noble Beast industry is still quite developed.

In addition, in order to support the local Noble Beast industry, local people registering as Beastmasters and buying Noble Beasts are given discounts. His body's predecessor obviously took advantage of such an event and hurriedly paid the deposit for the Iron Eater cub.

The time has come for him to receive the Iron Eater.

After the end of his Trainee period, he went back to school for formalities and after getting all the things like the certificate, Shi Yu returned to Pingcheng District.

Ten years ago, Pingcheng District was hit by a Beast Tide, many families were killed, and Shi Yu's family were among those that did not escape.

But after so much time passed, the place has been restored to its former order.

Within the ten years of time, the place has changed a lot. Before there were no defense facilities in Pingcheng District, but there's now a high wall as well as a Beastmaster Association's branch.

At this point in time, although Pingcheng District is not as prosperous as the big cities, it is not particularly backward. At least traffic-wise, it's connections are good, just that the entertainment industry is a bit behind.

In Icefield City, there are often various competitions.

But here in Pingcheng District, such competitions or the like are rare.

When he finally returned to Pingcheng District, Shi Yu's first goal was not to go home.

His destination was very clear. It was in one of the three major breeding centers in Pingcheng District, the Iron Bamboo Breeding Center.

Once all formalities are done, one would be able to get their first Noble Beast.

He can't wait.

In Pingcheng District, there are three breeding centers.

The three are privately owned, with very few types of beasts. The highest Racial Level of the beasts available is only at Medium Noble, which is not comparable to the breeding center in Icefield City.

The Iron Bamboo Breeding Center that Shi Yu is going to is a family-run breeding center.

The Iron Bamboo Breeding Center is located in the dense iron bamboo forest in the back of Pingcheng District, raising about 800 Iron Eaters.

Iron Eaters are considered a special beast in Pingcheng District and even in the country. Looking at the whole country, the number of Iron Eaters may not exceed 5,000.

Not even in other countries.

It is worth mentioning that this world is different from Earth, because the vast majority of the area is occupied by Noble Beasts while humans only have seven countries.

The country where Shi Yu is currently located is called the Glorious Ancient Kingdom of the East by other countries. It is also one of the oldest countries, referred to as East Huang.

In a short while, Shi Yu took a bus to the back of the Pingcheng District near the mountain, intending to hike.

Flat trails were built in the mountain, and besides being a breeding center, the place was also opened as a tourist scenic spot at fixed times.

Currently, it seems to not be open as the surroundings were deserted.

Just after taking a few steps, Shi Yu reached the gates of the Iron Bamboo Breeding Center, which is the only access point. Other than that, the surroundings were all blocked off. Shi Yu took a look at the Pavilion next to it and walked over.

By the window of the Pavilion, an old man in a blue coat with thinning hair was reading the newspaper. When he noticed someone approaching, he pushed his reading glasses and looked hard to see who it was.

Shi Yu: "......"

This is the gatekeeper?

Forget it, you can't judge a book by its cover...

Maybe this person who looks so unreliable can actually summon a giant dragon.

"Hello, I previously had a reservation here for an Iron Eater cub. Today, I came over to take a look."

Shi Yu said loudly, afraid that the elder could not hear him.

"Oh." Although the elder looked out of touch, he was not delirious.

Hearing what Shi Yu said, he instantly understood what he meant.

"You wait here a bit, I'll inform the breeder inside to come over." The elder replied and dialed up the landline on the table.

As he spoke into the phone about the situation, Shi Yu patiently waited on the side.

They did not make him wait too long and soon a figure that's nearly two meters high, with a black and white appearance, a bit fat and plump, had a round head and a short tail, came from inside the feeding area.

Shi Yu looked at the figure and fell into a deep thought.

No matter how you look at it, this 'guy' looks like a giant panda. 'He' opened the door from the inside and came to Shi Yu.

Then 'he' pointed to the tag on 'his' chest.

It read, "Staff."

"Hello." It/he/she rubbed it's/his/her paw and made a low voice that was indistinguishable if it's from a male or female.

Shi Yu: ????

What type of staff did they just send?

"Don't be surprised, I am wearing an Iron Eater costume." The staff spoke.

It's precisely because you are wearing a costume that surprised me! Seriously, who would wear a costume suit in the heat of the day!

"I'm a staff member here, my name is Lin Xiuzhu."

"I'm Shi Yu." Shi Yu said: "By the way, isn't dressing like this not hot?"

"No way, it's all to better appreciate the mood of the Iron Eaters." Lin Xiuzhu said, "If you want to raise good Iron Eaters, you must understand them sufficiently to do so."

"This is the most basic fundamental skill of a breeder."

Shi Yu: "That makes sense."

Like hell I'll believe you!

Oh well, you say what you want.

As long as you're happy.

"I remember the information, Mr. Shi Yu, you are also a graduate of the breeding profession, right? No wonder you can understand me."

There weren't many people who booked Iron Eaters recently, hence why the other party surprisingly knew Shi Yu's profile through his name.

"Yes, but at the moment, I'm still a newcomer, not even close to Xiuzhu-san."

Although the name is very masculine, Shi Yu analyzed that the voice belongs to a girl. He judged that the other party is also a graduate of the breeding profession.

He should make their relationship a bit closer so that he'll get some discount later. 


Lin Xiuzhu: "Thank you, anyone can try this method. When you receive your beast, I can sell you two sets of costumes at a discount."

Shi Yu: ????

He got a discount but not the type of discount he wanted.


Shi Yu temporarily did not say anything. He'll wait once he picks a good beast and then refuse her offer...

This was basically a bundle sale!


Next, the staff named Lin Xiuzhu took Shi Yu into the adjacent pavilion.

She first began to take off her costume.

Only then did Shi Yu know what the person underneath the costume looked like.

Behind the costume was a 24-25 years old sister.

She had beautiful features, was tall, and had beautiful long black hair. Though, because she was just wearing a costume, her hair was a little messy.

But the other party did not care, and she was very casual.

Right now, Shi Yu was really tempted to ask, 'how much do you like pandas?'


That was because the other person's clothes under the costume was surprisingly the same style of an Iron Eater.

They were white shorts with black spots, a loose but slightly bulging black and white sweater, and a hat with panda ears hanging from the back.


Will she sell me these clothes later?


"Let's register first. By the way, do you have all the materials with you." She let out a long breath and said to Shi Yu.

The procedure of buying and receiving beasts from the breeding center is quite troublesome.

Not only did he need to take a loan to buy a beast.

The breeding center's side must get a complete set of certification materials to do so.

The procedure is time consuming.

The good thing is, when Shi Yu was in Icefield City, he handled all the formalities, now the materials should be complete.

"Yes, I brought it all."

Next, Shi Yu registered with the help of Lin Xiuzhu, and the two verified the relevant materials one by one.

After the verification, Lin Xiuzhu nodded and said, "Then you should be able to receive the beast today."


"Then I can go pick one now?" Shi Yu was surprised.

The previous reservation deposit was not designated for a certain beast.

So, regarding which Iron Eater cub was chosen, it still had to be personally selected by the Beastmaster. The affinity between both parties is important after all.

Lin Xiuzhu shook her head and said, "If you had come some time earlier, you might have been able to pick."

"But the current situation is like this, this batch of Iron Eater cubs have already been picked and there is only one left available."

"Moreover, this one has a little problem with its physique and character..."

"......" Shi Yu was stunned, what is this situation unfolding before him…?

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