Chapter 5: Two Skills.

Icefield City Beast Breeding Center.

At Night.

A figure came out of the dormitory building and went straight to the infirmary.

In the Beast Breeding Center, beasts fighting and brawling is a frequent occurrence. A breeder being accidentally injured even happens at times.


Hence, the majority of breeding centers will be equipped with a medical room.

In the infirmary here, both humans and beasts can be cured. And the method of treatment is also very simple... Since it is the era of Noble Beasts, of course, the treatment is by using a Noble Beasts healing-type Skill.

After quickly coming to the infirmary, Shi Yu saw the doctor on duty sitting on a chair dealing with documents.

"What's wrong?" Seeing someone coming, she looked up.

"Doctor, I seem to have sprained my wrist..."

"And I'm worried that it will affect tomorrow's work."

Shi Yu walked up and held out his hand which was slightly swollen and still trembling.

"Let me take a look." The female doctor's face was expressionless as she took a look at Shi Yu's wrist.

By the clothes, she could tell that Shi Yu was a Trainee Breeder here, a student just out of school.

This type of employee was the most accident-prone so she was used to it.

"Let me give you a simple treatment." After saying that, she mumbled something.

The next second, Shi Yu felt the temperature around him plummet and wind brewed out of nowhere.


[Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo~~~]

The curtains in the room fluttered.

At the same time, as the female doctor's thoughts came to a stop, countless speckles of light suddenly appeared and flashed like that of a constellation in front of Shi Yu.

Immediately after, the pattern of lights produced water-like ripples then a White Dandelion floated out.

The White Dandelion was bigger than Shi Yu's palm. After being summoned by the female doctor, it fell onto the back of Shi Yu's hand.

"It will be done soon." The female doctor said.

As she spoke, the White Dandelion flickered with light and enveloped the back of Shi Yu's hand.

Under the glow, Shi Yu felt himself being healed.

His hand injury was real, though it was not that serious. He got it on the road on the way back. The slight pain he was feeling was now completely gone.

It was magical.


No wonder that Trainee said that the infirmary of the breeding center is powerful, because it actually is!


The existence of Noble Beasts was not all bad for humans. For example, in areas such as medical care, they can help humans a lot.

The treatment ended and the White Dandelion floated up from Shi Yu's hand.

At the same time, in Shi Yu's mind, the third page of the Skill Book turned over.

The image of a White Dandelion, a Middle Noble Plant Type Noble Beast, appeared.

[Skill]: Fast Heal

[Skill level]: Middle Order

[Description]: A Plant Type healing skill which can accelerate the healing speed of ordinary injuries.

[Status]: No teachable target

He actually managed to acquire an extremely rare healing type skill! Its value and versatility is extremely high!!

The White Dandelion not only used the skill, but also made contact with Shi Yu, just as Shi Yu had expected.

The doctors in the infirmary of the breeding center are all Beastmasters, and were contracted with rare healing type Noble Beasts. There were other employees who came here to get treatment for injuries, so Shi Yu quickly thought of this method to try to copy a healing type skill.

However, Shi Yu thought that he was too hasty. After all, the Trainee period was still three months away, there may be other opportunities in the future. There is absolutely no need to be so impulsive.

"It should be okay now, right?" The female doctor looked at Shi Yu after she recalled her Noble Beast.

"Also you're making too much of a fuss, White Dandelion said it was just a minor injury."

When he came in, Shi Yu's expression was too exaggerated causing her to think that his injury was serious...


But she does have to give props to him actually seeking timely medical attention.

She had seen many Beastmasters and Noble Beasts who did not pay attention to small injuries. Then those small injuries accumulated and eventually evolved into more serious problems.

Shi Yu: ...

We'll… sorry… this small injury has caused a great deal of mental struggle to him...

"I'll be careful next time, thank you."

Shi Yu quickly nodded and thanked the doctor. He was quite embarrassed, after all, he delayed the work of others. Tomorrow, he'll buy some Plant Type treats as a show of gratitude...

A healing skill to treat injuries, this is the treatment method of the breeding center's infirmary.

Even with small wounds, the doctors here would use a skill for it. The reason was simple, the more the skill is used, the more the Noble Beast's proficiency will increase.

Learning a skill does not mean that you can use it proficiently. Oftentimes, you need a lot of practice before you can actually turn the skill as if it's your own.

Therefore, the ability of the Skill Book to teach repeating skills to increase proficiency is really a cheat! It was equivalent to accelerating the training efficiency of the Noble Beast.


Through the infirmary of the breeding center, Shi Yu managed to obtain the rare healing type skill, hence he was in a good mood.

After returning to his dormitory, Shi Yu washed up and laid down.

Before going to bed, he began to look forward to the day he became a Beastmaster.

After becoming a Beastmaster, there are more ways to go!

If you can pass the Professional Beastmaster Exam, other than fulfilling a small part of the obligations, you almost have nothing to do. The Beastmaster Association will also pay you monthly! This was like leaping to a higher (social) status.

"A Beastmaster who just contracted a Noble Beast is a Trainee Beastmaster."

"After the Trainee Beastmaster and initial Noble Beast both reach a certain standard, they can participate in the unified examination of the Beastmaster Association."

"Once you pass the examination, you'll become an official Professional Beastmaster."

Shi Yu murmured in his heart. He wondered how long it would take him, with the help of the Skill Book, to become a Professional Beastmaster from a Trainee Beastmaster...


With the Skill Book, he should have a great advantage in breeding Noble Beasts.

18 years old is also the best age to become a Beastmaster.

Thinking about it, Shi Yu soon fell asleep.


After crossing over, it took a day for Shi Yu to adapt to the new world.

At the same time, he determined his next goal.

The next morning, Shi Yu got up early and started a new day's work.

He didn't forget to take the time to buy a thank you gift for the doctor who helped him treat his injury yesterday.

After adjusting his mindset and suppressing the urge to become a Beastmaster quickly, Shi Yu began to slowly integrate into the world.

In the blink of an eye, three months passed. The Trainee period is also coming to an end, and Shi Yu can finally go collect his Noble Beast.

With the convenience of his job, he managed to copy and store two more skills during this period.

The first one was a Middle Order Skill called, "Super Vision," from a High Noble Green-backed Eagle which was the group of beasts patrolling the sky in the breeding center.

As the name implies, the skill is used to strengthen vision.

An eagle's eyesight is already good, so if it awakens the Super Vision Skill, it would become even better. Not only can it have night vision and can see from far away, the opponent's movements will also be slowed down several times in their eyes.


Although it does not directly translate into combat power, it has a wide range of uses. Various cities for reconnaissance patrols rely on the vision of the Noble Beasts that mastered the Super Vision Skills.

Unfortunately, there is still a gap between this and Shi Yu's desired perception skill that will strengthen one's five senses… Since he could not find one, he'll just make do with it for now.

Nonetheless, the skill is good. If his Iron Eater can learn this, its combat awareness will be increased by more than half a point for sure.

The second one was a High Order Skill "Absolute Sleep".

It is from a High Noble Sandman.

The Sandman belongs to the Necromancy Type of Noble Beasts, and they only have two Racial Skills, the "Hypnotic Wave" and "Absolute Sleep." 

Obviously, the Sandman is also the Noble Beast of a Breeder.

The other party often uses the Sandman's "Hypnotic Wave" Skill to make some cubs sleep peacefully. It is a very good auxiliary skill.

As for "Absolute Sleep", it is a skill used on oneself. After using it, one can enter a state of deep sleep and enhance physical recovery. It's more or less a healing type skill.

Few Noble Beasts can master the Absolute Sleep Skill, but with the Iron Eater's insatiable desire to sleep, it should be able to, right?

The reason why Shi Yu copied this skill is so that he can be self-sufficient in the future...

After becoming a Beastmaster, if you want to make your Noble Beast grow quickly, you have to train it.

But training will consume the Noble Beast's physical energy. They also get tired and need to rest.

In this situation, the Beastmaster can recall the Noble Beast to the Beast Space to accelerate its physical recovery speed. However, this will consume the energy of the Beastmaster.


For the rich, they would buy some nutritional supplements.

But Shi Yu is different. He thought that if his Noble Beast can learn "Absolute Sleep", won't he be able to recover his energy faster? It would also save him money and effort. Anyway, the Iron Eater loves to sleep.


If he is injured during training, he can also not buy medicine nor go to the hospital, because he can teach his Noble Beast the healing type skill "Fast Heal", so that his Noble Beast can heal himself. 

This will save more money...

It was genius!

Of course, Shi Yu didn't want to be a cheapskate when he copied these skills. It was a necessity of life!

He believes that the Iron Eater that he has not yet met will understand that he is poor.

Shi Yu had spent a lot of effort copying these two skills. It was like when he stealthily copied Fast Healing.  

But why just two? It's because after the Skill Book copied 5 skills, it seems to have reached an upper limit.

This made Shi Yu depressed to death.

Although he guessed that there would be a cap to how much he could copy, five was too little!

Fortunately, he did not rush to copy Low Order Skills, otherwise he would have bled to death.


At present, the maximum number of skills in the Skill Book is five skills....

If he wants to add new pages, Shi Yu guessed that he would have to develop his talent and raise his Beastmaster level to do so.

The way to improve one's own talent was actually very simple.

It is through constant meditation, transforming and expanding one's Beast Space.

*The stronger the Beast Space, the higher the level of Noble Beasts that can be contracted and the greater the binding to the Noble Beasts.

*The better the environment in the Beast Space, the faster the growth rate of the Noble Beasts.

*The larger the area of the Beast Space, the more Noble Beasts the Beastmaster can contract.

The Beastmaster can be selective in how he/she would develop his Beast Space. Not all three routes (the paragraphs with *) need to be perfected.

And as the Beast Space is upgraded, one's talent will also be enhanced.

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