Chapter 4: Finding A Target.

After thinking about the future, Shi Yu was pulled back to reality. In addition to the task he just did – feeding the Snow Wolves, there were many other tasks that kept him busy all morning. It was not until close to noon that he was free.

After eating lunch and the lunch break, in the afternoon, Shi Yu and the other Trainees had all the same task.

They have been doing this task for some time.

It's what was written on the worksheet in his dormitory before, to observe and record the behavior and growth of the Cotton Worms...

In the afternoon.

Shi Yu silently followed the others to the forest where the Cotton Worms were.

The forest was dense with foliage and light had a hard time passing through.

The Cotton Worm has the highest population among all the beasts here. In the Icefield City breeding base, there were only more than 50 Snow Wolves whereas Cotton Worms number in a thousand.

Basically, you can describe them as useless freeloaders.


Their strength is pathetically weak and compared to the growth period of a Snow Wolf where it can steadily awaken four Racial Skills, a Cotton Worm only has Worm Silk as a skill.

Even the most perfect silk they produce is only comparable to a thin steel wire.

Beastmasters have divided the skills mastered by Noble Beasts into different Orders according to their power and effects, from low to high, namely Zero Order Skills, Low Order Skills, Middle Order Skills, High Order Skills, Super Order Skills...

The Worm Silk Skill mastered by the Cotton Worm is not even a Low Order Skill, it has no ranking at all, it's a Zero Order Skill!

Therefore, the Racial Level of the Cotton Worm is classified as Low Noble, after all, the Cotton Worm can not even beat most ordinary animals.

However, depending on how the Cotton Worm is cultivated, its silk still has quite a lot of uses.

But the breeding center is not breeding Cotton Worms for their silk.

The reason why the breeding center is cultivating such a weak beast is because the Cotton Worm is one of the few beasts that can naturally evolve once.

They can evolve into Wind Crystal Butterflies after ingesting enough nutrients, and have a chance to awaken a new Racial Skill, Wind Blade, thus increasing their combat power.

It's a pity that its Racial Level still remains classified as Low Noble because of its lifespan after evolution. The Wind Crystal Butterfly is one of the easiest insect-type beasts to raise. It is an optimal choice for most beginner Beastmasters.

Next, Shi Yu's job was to record and observe the growth state of the Cotton Worms and determine when they would evolve successfully.

Compared to the Snow Wolves, the Cotton Worm is much more harmless, after all, it is only palm-sized.

It had a green furry body, big eyes, and two yellow antennas on its head. It was very similar to the larvae of the Citrus Swallowtail Butterfly on Earth.

After personal contact, Shi Yu understood why they were known as useless freeloaders...


That was because the Cotton Worm used its skill Worm Silk on his hands but he just moved a bit and it already broke... 

During the observation process, Shi Yu's hand was full of silk.

Compared to a Snow Wolf, the Cotton Worm is less intelligent. Shi Yu's Telepathy Talent was also not advanced enough, so the two sides could not communicate very well, causing the Cotton Worm to act in defiance.

But this act of defiance... is too harmless.

However, this was not what made him most speechless.

What made Shi Yu most speechless was that the Skill Book in his mind showed that the High Order Intimidation Skill could also be taught to the Cotton Worm!

A Cotton Worm can have the qualifications of a King?

Isn't this standard too low?


Shi Yu's eyes changed as he looked at the Cotton Worm.

It seems that the Skill Book is really not simple. After all, the Cotton worm is known as a trash beast. Other than Worm Silk, it can never learn other skills...

While Shi Yu was in his thoughts, the Cotton Worm slipped away from his hands, and the Skill Book changed once again.

At this time, the Skill Book turned to the second page.

This time, a new image of a Cotton Worm was added.

Below it was still a bunch of text.

[Skill]: Worm Silk

[Skill level]: Zero Order

[Introduction]: If used to the extreme, it may be able to have a little effect.

[Status]: No teaching target 


Shi Yu: ???

What is this introduction? It and my thoughts are exactly the same!

Anyways, forget about that... so the Worm Slim Skill was copied just like that?


It seems to have reached the three conditions of the book.

Right now, the Skill Book successfully copied its second but useless skill, Worm Silk… This skill seems really to have no use. 


Wait… with such a weak skill, perhaps I can use it for experimental purposes and test how much strength is consumed upon reaching a skill!

The others were just observing and recording the growth of the Cotton Worm, but other than that, Shi Yu has another task which is to continue to study the skills in the Skill Book.

He found a valuable discovery. He can still teach the Worm Slik Skill to the Cotton Worms even if they had already mastered the Worm Silk Skill.


It has already learned the skill, but he can still teach it again! 


Shi Yu studied it and found that teaching repeated skills can increase the proficiency of the skill!

Unfortunately, Shi Yu cannot experiment here sigh~...


In the evening.

After eating dinner, Shi Yu went straight back to his dormitory.

When he arrived, he took a manual and began checking it. 


This is not some kind of evaluation guide, but another book.

This manual recorded the 51 types of beasts raised by the Icefield City Beast Breeding Center and their Racial Skills.

Obviously, Shi Yu is reading this in order to find targets of his 'skill steal.' 

He intends to see what skills are suitable for his Iron Eater to learn.

The Skill Book cannot just conjure skills out of thin air, for new skills, he still has to find his own way to do so.

As long as rare skills are successfully copied, he would be invincible.

A Cotton Worm that has an Intimidation Skill, which Beastmaster has cultivated such a beast?

His next goal was very clear, as he had this talent.

He must find a way to copy High Order Skills, collect them and use them to breed his Noble Beasts when he becomes a Beastmaster...

Unfortunately, even after looking at the 51 types of beasts in the breeding center through the manual, Shi Yu did not find the sensory skill he needed...

The skills that may be awakened by the beast cubs here in the breeding center were basic Low Order Skills that are very common and not worth copying.

Of course, the more skills that are copied, the better, there is no harm in being prepared.

But, after copying the Worm Silk, Shi Yu suddenly thought of a problem, does the Skill Book have a limit to how many skills he can copy?

Without knowing the limit, Shi Yu did not dare to waste the pages, his target is still on the Middle to High Order Skills.

"It seems that I can only change my target."

In fact, the place where Shi Yu is staying now, the Icefield City Beast Breeding Center, not only has a large number of wild beasts, but there were also many Beastmasters...

The skills of their Noble Beasts can also be used as his copying target, just like when he copied the Snow Wolf King's Intimidation Skill.

The Noble Beasts contracted by Beastmasters have a higher chance of mastering strong and rare skills compared to the beasts being raised here...

Thinking of this, Shi Yu pondered for a moment, and came up with a bold idea.

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