Chapter 76: 20 Days.

The Kabat Empire Star System, 479 light years away from Tianyuan IV. At the Imperial Capital.

It has one Natural Life Planet, three Modified Life Planets and 15 Resource Planets.

Even though there's only one Natural Life Planet in this Star System and there were not as many modifiable planets and Resource Planets compared to the Ochs Empire Star System, the Kabat Empire Star System was notoriously huge. It has a diameter of 100,000 kilometers!

Like the Ochs Empire, 70% of the Kabat Empire's main fleet was concentrated on the border. The battle between the two sides on the border has entered a new high.


The Kabat Empire Star System's capital circle was currently only guarded by one fleet of about 300,000 warships.

In the orbit of the Kabat Empire was a huge fortress. It was the headquarters of the Kabat Empire's Interstellar Fleet.

At this moment an ear-splitting alarm sounded in the fortress.

"What's the situation?"

The Grand Commander of the Interstellar Fleet, Hamid, quickly walked into the command center and asked.

"Grand Commander Hamid, an unknown fleet suddenly appeared 0.2 AU away, the number is about 20,000 ships!"

"What are those people in the outer circle doing? We've been invaded in the capital circle, and yet they gave us no news? Have you compared the unknown Fleet's data to our database? Can you tell which civilization it is?"

"Grand Commander Hamid, the comparison has already been conducted, these warships are different from the style of all the civilizations known to us!"

"Order the Immediate Guard Legion to prepare for battle, have the Imperial Guard Fleet intercept it first!"

"Yes, Grand Commander Hamid!"

Soon, the warships of the Immediate Guard Legion sailed out from within the fortress and began to form up nearby.

At the same time, the Imperial Guard Fleet of about 30,000 ships also swooped directly towards the other side to execute the interception order.

"The unknown fleet ahead, stop immediately! State your purpose! Act otherwise and it will be regarded as an act of aggression!"

Hamid was not a fool, nor was he a reckless man, since the other side can silently cross their outer circle without raising any alarms, they are definitely not simple!

The Empire has built defensive lines outside every Star Path, there was only one possibility on how they managed to arrive here without being detected.

But if that's the case, then wouldn't the other side be a Level 4 Civilization?

Hence, Hamid was cautious. His guess made him cautious. He didn't let the fleet attack directly right off the bat and instead sent an alert message first.

"Grand Commander Hamid, there is a message sent from the other side!"

"Read it quickly!"

"This is the Human Federation, a Level 4 Civilization, go get your Emperor for a talk!"

The tone in the message contained a direct command. The content of the message made Hamid's eyes rapidly shrink. Really, a Level 4 Civilization?!

Just what is a Level 4 Civilization doing in our poor countryside?

"Get me through to His Majesty Farhale immediately!"

"Yes, Grand Commander Hamid!"

On the other side, on the Uranus.

"Commander, what do we do next?"

"We wait! It shouldn't take too long, otherwise they are fools!"

"Commander, there's a communication request!"

"En, it's only been three minutes, a little faster than I expected. It looks like the other side is not dumb after all! Accept the request."

"Yes... The call is connected!"

The moment the call was connected, the virtual projection equipment inside the bridge projected out the figure of the Emperor of the Kabat Empire.

The moment Lin Fan saw the other party, he was a bit surprised by the other party's appearance.


He looks like a stone man! Hmmm... how to describe it? A bit similar to the one in the movie XX Four that Lin Fan watched in his previous life.

"I am Emperor Farhale of the Kabat Empire, may I ask who is Your Excellency?"

"I am the Commander of Squad 3 of the 108th Fleet's 9th Sub-Fleet, belonging to the Level 4 Civilization – Human Federation, Lin Fan!"

Lin Fan just made up a bunch of nonsense to make it appear that they came from an extremely large power.

As expected, Farhale's eyes shrank. Although he had long guessed that the other party was a Level 4 Civilization, it was still a bit shocking when the other party actually said it himself.


For a Level 3 Civilization, a Level 4 Civilization is like the sky. An existence that they absolutely must not provoke!

"I wonder why Your Excellency is visiting the Kabat Empire at this time?"

Farhale's tone was respectful. Although there was no real evidence that the other party is a Level 4 Civilization, there was nothing to lose in acting cautious.

Even if the other party was just bluffing, at most, they'll just lose some face.

Besides, no one has seen the other side's appearance. It was a one way communication with the humans, the only ones benefiting from seeing Farhale's appearance. Hence, he couldn't induce any pressure to the other side even if he wanted to.

"Today, we are here to hire your Empire to do a job!"

"Your Excellency, please speak!"

"Destroy the Ochs Empire!"

Why would a Level 4 Civilization want a Level 3 Civilization to do that? Can't they just easily do it themselves?


Farhale was a bit confused, what is this situation?

"This one is confused. Why do you want to hire us instead of doing it yourselves?"

"Please, I ask Your Excellency to clarify!"

"It's actually very simple, there is a Level 4 Civilization on your Orion's Arm Branch, therefore, the whole Orion's Arm Branch is considered their sphere of influence. If we make a direct move, it will inevitably cause conflicts. Since this task is a war between native Level 3 Civilizations, we can't just meddle into this!"

"Your Excellency is talking about the Babawi Empire?"

"That's right! Also, there's no need for you to care about how the Ochs Empire provoked us. You just need to exterminate them. Of course, we will also give you a corresponding reward!"


"That's right, I brought 10,000 sets of Energy Shield devices. You can use these to arm your frontline warships and form an advantage! When you have completed your mission, we will give you more rewards, any more questions?"

"No, no more!"

At this moment, Farhale felt surreal, this was 10,000 sets of Energy Shield devices they were talking about ah~!

Although the Babawi Empire also sells this tech, the price is too high.

If they want to buy 10,000 sets, they have to spend at least a hundred years worth of savings of the Kabat Empire.

Now, this Human Federation would give them 10,000 sets for free? Not to mention that this was just the first part. What about after the destruction of the Ochs Empire, what more will they receive?

Regarding the destruction of the Ochs Empire, Farhale didn't care much. After all, the two of them are already in full-scale war. This was a 'bonus,' they can arm warships with 10,000 Energy Shields! 


Is this the so-called 'pie falling from the sky'?!


"Very well, I will send the Energy Shield devices to your frontline later!"

"How dare we accept such an offer? We can transport it ourselves."

"Oh, you'll transport it? Then do you know how long that would take? 10 years? 20 years? Not to look down on you, but even sending messages to your frontline would take you half a year!"


Farhale was a little embarrassed.

However, the other party is right. They were about 30 light years from the frontline. Even by going though the Star Path, it would still take them at least about 15 years to deliver the goods.

In the eyes of a Level 4 Civilization, this was unbearably slow!

"Alright, you arrange a person with weight (aka has status) to follow us to the frontline. From here to your frontline, we only need 20 days!"

"20 days..."

Farhale did some calculation in his mind and was immediately stunned by the results!

Wouldn't that mean they were travelling nearly 600 times the speed of light?!

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