Chapter 75: Intelligence.

Inside the Uranus, Lin Fan was frowning at the virtual screen in front of him, which was displaying all the intelligence dug out from Lancer.

It's no wonder that the President's Office has come up with such a scheme!

Otherwise, the Federation alone wouldn't be able to deal with the Ochs Empire.


According to information, the Ochs Empire has eight Imperial Legions, four Border Legions, an Emperor's Immediate Guard Legion and garrisons in the Star Systems.

The eight Imperial Legions each have 300,000-400,000 Warships. The previous attack on the Federation was by Adam's Third Imperial Legion.

Upon Adam's entry into the solar system, they only have 200,000 Warships, that is because the rest of the Warships were left behind in the garrisons of the several Star Systems. They also lost quite a few on their way.

The four Border Legions, which were the forces dedicated to guarding the borders of the Ochs Empire, each have about 500,000 Warships.

Three of them were stationed in the direction of the Kabat Empire, in the 3 nodes connected by the Star Path.

The remaining one is stationed in the direction of the Iao Federation, on the nodes connected by the Star Path.

In other words, the Ochs Empire borders two other Civilizations. The Kabat Empire's overall strength was similar to the Ochs Empire, while the Iao Federation was a little weaker.

Next is the Emperor's Immediate Guard Legion, with about 200,000 Warships.

Although it has a small number of ships compared to the others, these 200,000 Warships are the most advanced Warships in the Ochs Empire. Every Warship is built with the most advanced technology in the Empire and their combat power is extremely strong!

5,000 of them were even specially bought from the Babawi Civilization and were equipped with an Energy Shield. As for Warp Engines, well they can't even think about getting one. Warp Engines are forbidden equipment of the Babawi Empire.

All in all, the Immediate Guard Legion can completely single out 2 Imperial Legions at the same time.

Finally, the Star Systems' garrison. The number of Warships in each Star System is different. Some places have a few thousand, while some places have 20,000 or 30,000. To summarize, in all the Star Systems combined, there are about 500,000 Warships.

Overall, the total number of Warships the Ochs Empire had was almost 5 million. Now compare that to the Federation's 40,000 Warships, the gap between the two was too big.

The most important thing was that Lin Fan had the Orion's Arm Branch's power distribution map in his hand. And according to the power distribution map, the Ochs Empire was considered a weak group among the Level 3 Civilizations.

If such a force was the weakest, then what about the strongest Level 3 Civilization or even the Level 4 Civilization Babawi Empire? How terrifying were they?

"Alas, humans still have a long road ahead and a long way to go!"

Lin Fan couldn't help but sigh. He continued to look through the information which was about the war between the Ochs Empire and the Kabat Empire.

According to it, this war had been going on for more than forty years!

The Ochs Empire has assembled seven of its Imperial Legions and three Border Legions on the frontline, with a total strength of nearly 4 million Warships.

Of course there is another key detail here, among the Imperial Legions on the frontline, the Fourth Imperial Legion had already withdrawn years ago and was ordered to support Adam in the Solar System. It was expected to arrive more than eight years later.

Of course, this is not among Lin Fan's concerns. A mere 300,000 Warships arriving after 8 years is not a threat to the Federation at all.

Not to mention that the System requires Lin Fan to destroy the Ochs Empire within 10 years. Currently, his remaining time is just over 8 years. Lin Fan does not think that the Fourth Imperial Legion would have the chance to reach Tianyuan IV.

The real threat lies in the 4 million Warships assembled by the Ochs Empire at the frontline. Even if the Federation now has Warp Engines and Energy Shields, they still wouldn't have a chance.

Even if the Federation's four major fleets were all restored, it would only be 80,000 Warships. Can 80,000 Warships face 4 million Warships? What a joke?!

The battle would average on 1 Federation Warship against 50 Ochs Empire Warships. Not to mention beating the Ochs Empire, even surviving is a question! 


There is also the threat of the Emperor's Immediate Guard Legion. The 200,000 Warships, especially the 5,000 Babawi Empire Warships, will also cause significant casualties to the Federation's Fleet.

After all, these 5,000 Warships were already true Level 4 Civilization Warships, except for the lack of Warp Engines.

They got the same Energy Shields as the Federation's Warships, but with stronger weapon systems and faster speeds.

If the two Fleets face head-to-head, the battle power of these 5,000 Warships was comparable to the Federation's 10,000 Snow Leopard Battlecruisers.


Besides, this is only the information provided by the Commander of a small squadron. At such a low level, it is impossible for this Commander to master all the military forces of the Ochs Empire. God knows if the Ochs Empire still has other cards up it's sleeves.  

Therefore, after obtaining the information, the presidency has issued such a task, and even generously sent out 10,000 Energy Shields.

Simply put, the humans are giving the difficult bone for the Kabat Empire to chew on, and at the same time, in order for the Kabat Empire to effectively kill and injure the Fleets of the Ochs Empire, they directly sent out 10,000 Energy Shields to destroy the balance of battle between the two sides!

Likewise, although the Kabat Empire will gain some advantage because of the 10,000 Energy Shields, it was still enivitably that they would have casualties of their own in the process of completely crushing the Ochs Empire's Fleet.

Of course, this was the result that the Federation wants. After all, Lin Zhen does not want to take down the Ochs Empire but immediately have to face an equally powerful Kabat Empire.

After reading all the information, Lin Fan stood up and looked out the porthole window, he shook his head.


"Sigh~, it will take us 49 days to arrive. The current efficiency of the Warp Engine is still too low, we have to ask Old Man Bai to hurry up and research the second generation!"

To truly travel in the galaxy unhindered, they must be at least 5000 times the speed of light!

Lin Fan wondered what it feels like to travel 10,000 times the speed of light.

Well, if the System could talk, it would definitely say this to Lin Fan.

"You think too much, even Level 5 Civilizations can only reach 1000 times the speed of light. If you want to really reach more than 10,000 times the speed of light, you need to at least be a Level 7 Civilization and master Hyperspace Engine."

As the days passed, Lin Fan was not as depressed as he thought at the beginning, he  was rather leisurely.  

Usually, he would train Zhang Zhiwei, Shatiana and Zhang Hu in mock battles, then tease Liang Xue when he had nothing to do, before spending the rest of his time on various training.

Unknowingly 49 days have passed.

On this day, Lin Fan was doing virtual training in his room.

After completing a session, he opened his eyes. Lin Fan found his communicator ringing, seeing that it was Liang Xue, he immediately picked it up.

"Commander, we have 1 hour until we reach the target location!"

"Good, I'll come to the bridge immediately!"

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